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is the quadro gpu really designed for gaming????


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is the quadro gpu really designed for gaming???? i used a quadro 1000 in my i8600 using the 6573 driver and the 56.82 both with modded inf's and both drivers seem to be about the same.... but the gaming performance in call of duty, medal of honor and il2 stormavick seems to be slower with this graphics card... the 5650 128mg and the 4200 go cards seem to play games much smoother than the quadro.. speaking with my friend who is a computer engineer told me that the quadro gpu is designed for engineering programs and intense 3d design. he said the quadro is not designed for playing games as the processor unit design is much different than the geforce gpu... if you read about the quadro on nvidia's website they dont say anything about gaming with that card but speak only of design programs.. so is the 400 dollars worth it for the quadro when i think the 5650 and 4200 go perform much better.. i wonder why i wasted my money with this card??? steve :)

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I have heard that the 4200 go and the Quardo GO GL 700 perform about the same in games.

The Quardo go gl 700 is the fastest card that you can put in an I8200 right now.

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Quadro cards are just optimized for CAD, Maya-based applications. If you use the program RivaTuner and undo all of the Quadro specific functions, then the card will run faster in games but have lower performance in those architecture-like like applications. It's a tradeoff depending on what you do with your system.


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Guest tentonine

This is definitely not the case with the Quadro4 700 - I turned off the Quadro features and ran several benchmarks. Results were the same as before. The Quadro features are additional to the normal Geforce features - nothing is taken away and so you would not expect the games to run slower. At least, that is the case with the Quadro4 700. If it is possible to use RivaTuner on the FX series (and I believe that it is), that should be the case with you as well. You said that the games seem to run better with the other cards. Are you sure that you are using similar levels of detail? Have you tried running any benchmarks? Did you try all the cards in the same computer or in different computers?

I am surprised by this because, although it may be possible that your Quadro FX 1000 is a bit slower than its geforce equivalent, the Geforce FX 5700 Go, it definitely should not be slower than older and inferior cards like the FX 5650 and 4200.

Finally, have you checked the clock frequencies of your card? It is possible that it is under-clocked by Dell. If that is the case, you could try over-clocking to at least the standard NVIDIA settings (which you should be able to find on the NVIDIA website).

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