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NV17 | DEV_ID 0174 | v4.17.00.75.A3


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important things we have to say

Caution: We try to make these files as safe as possible, but they might not be official and might not be specifically designed for your hardware (for example different memory value pre-sets).

Use at your own risk.

The nViSiON team takes NO responsibility for ANY failure/malfunction/burning of components due to OverClocking, BadFlashing, Flashing at all nor do we support Flashing & OverClocking.

It's just for backup and archive reasons plus it has an informational purpose and shall not animate or encourage to flash your card.

If you decide to flash your card (despite our warnings), be informed that you will loose your warranty if's still valid.

Use it with care, know what you do, we don't take any responsibility for anything that might happen regarding your or your laptops health.

  • Before you consider flashing your mobile GPU you need to have ready to use the following:
  • The original BIOS backed up.
  • a working and plugged in Power AC Adapter
  • a PCI capable Docking station ready to use in case this BIOS is not designed for your mobile GPU and you can't see the Boot Screen.
  • a PCI Video card that will actually override the laptops one (modern cards might not do that, you need to test that BEFORE).
  • an external monitor.
  • Absolutely no fear of what might happen or money growing on trees where a replacement laptop is not a problem.

We (and also NVIDIA) can't & will not support you if something goes wrong! It's your own responsibility.

Be warned.


notes on every VIDEO BIOS version, Fixes & enhancements description, more detailed specifications for this and all other mobile GPUs can be found HERE.

Downloads will link to an official site, if any. Otherwise, it will link to the appropiate post in this thread from somebody who attached his VIDEO BIOS.

I still pay attention to the system bios as i think that sometimes the Videobios is included *somehow* in the Systembios (for example in my case Toshiba 5202, 460 go). I try to figure out a schemata and that'S only possible if everybody post as much details as possible :)

  • Abreviations:
  • SDEVSVEN/REV= Sub Device ID + Sub Vendor ID / Revision
  • VRAM= VideoRam size in MB
  • VBIOSOEM = OEM revision of VideoBIOS
  • resolution = native resolution of the LCD screen
  • size = size in inch of the LCD screen
  • LCD_HWID = Hardware ID of the LCD
  • VBIOSdate = VideoBIOS date (format: DD-MMM-YY)
  • SBIOSdate = SystemBIOS date (format: DD-MMM-YY)
  • MEM = default Memory Clock of the GPU in MHz
  • CORE = default Core Clock of the GPU in MHz
  • SBIOSversion = SystemBIOS version

v4.17.00.75.A3 / NV17 ???

v4. / NV17 ???

  • actual BIOS name: ???
    actual BIOS filesize: 65.536 bytes (?)
  • ControlBlockVersion: v5.20
  • ???

member ............ | SDEVSVEN/REV | VRAM | VBIOSOEM | VBIOSdate | ~~~~~~~~~ | MEM | CORE|

Laptop model ...... | .resolution. | size | LCD_HWID | Display internal name | ~~~ | ~~~ |

Laptop SBIOSdate .. | SBIOSdate misc ............... | SBIOSver. | ~~~~~~~~~ | ~~~ | ~~~ |



Arla .............. | FF001179/A3. | 32MB | REV ???  | 02-JAN-03 | ~~~~~~~~~ | ??? | ??? |

TS Sat. 1955-S805 . | ..????x???.. | ??,?"| TOS????  | TS int. ????x???? Pnl | ~~~ | ~~~ |

23-JUL-03 ......... | TOSCPL-6040000 PhoenixBIOS 4.0 | v1.00     | ~~~~~~~~~ | ~~~ | ~~~ |

                    | Release 6.0 Ver 1.00PARTTBL    |                                    |


v4.17.00.55.C2 / ???
Devylman | original BIOS @ DELL Inspiron 8200
SUBSYS: 00D41028 (64MB)
system BIOS: A11/27d,07-JAN-2004
Bill | original BIOS @ DELL Inspiron 8200
SUBSYS: ???????? (32MB)
system BIOS: A11
released 2003-MAY-29 by DELL for Inspiron 8200 and Latitude C840
actual BIOS name: new32.exe (32MB) / new64.exe (64MB)
actual BIOS filesize: 219.704 bytes (32MB) / 219.700 bytes (64MB)
ControlBlockVersion: v?.??
VBIOS flash update error: mismatch in 256 byte page mode programming generated when upgrading the Video BIOS on some GeForce4 440 Go cards.

  • older versions / ???
  • released 2003-APR-16 by DELL for Inspiron 8200 and Latitude C840
  • actual BIOS name: nv3255c1.exe (32MB) / nv6455c2.exe (64MB)
    actual BIOS filesize: 203.428 (32MB) / 203.424 bytes (64MB)
  • ControlBlockVersion: v?.??
  • Unable to switch display to Dell 3100MP projector on GeForce4 440 graphic card.
    Display does not come back after hot inserting a password protected second hard drive.

v4.17.00.55.B2 / ???
released 2003-JAN-08 by DELL for Inspiron 8200 and Latitude C840
actual BIOS name: nv3255b1.exe (32MB) / nv6455b2.exe (64MB)
actual BIOS filesize: 199.568
ControlBlockVersion: v?.??
Intermittent vertical jitter on certain panel.
Unable to switch display using Fn + F8 hotkey to Dell 3100MP projector.

  • v4.17.00.41.C7 | NV17 ???
  • MSUStevo | original BIOS @ TOSHiBA Satellite 5105-S607
    SUBSYS: 00011179 (32MB)
    system BIOS version: v?.?? | ???
    system BIOS date: ???
    VideoBIOS date: ???
    resolution: 1600x1200 (15")

member ............ | SDEVSVEN/REV | VRAM | VBIOSOEM | VBIOSdate | ~~~~~~~~~ | MEM | CORE|

Laptop model ...... | .resolution. | size | LCD_HWID | Display internal name | ~~~ | ~~~ |

Laptop SBIOSdate .. | SBIOSdate misc ............... | SBIOSver. | ~~~~~~~~~ | ~~~ | ~~~ |



ministeve ......... | 00011179/A2. | 32MB | REV 199  | ??-???-02 | ~~~~~~~~~ | ??? | ??? |

TS Sat. Pro 6100 .. | ..1024x768.. | ??,?"| TOS????  | TS int. ????x???? Pnl | ~~~ | ~~~ |

??-???-02 ......... | ?????????????????????????????? | v?.??     | ~~~~~~~~~ | ~~~ | ~~~ |


Tenstrum .......... | ????????/??. | 16MB | REV ???  | ??-???-03 | ~~~~~~~~~ | ??? | ??? |

TS Sat. 2415-???? . | ..????x????. | ??,?"| TOS????  | TS int. ????x???? Pnl | ~~~ | ~~~~|

??-???-02 ......... | ?????????????????????????????? | v?.??     | ~~~~~~~~~ | ~~~ | ~~~ |


atreides .......... | 00011179/??. | 32MB | REV ???  | 03-JUN-02 | ~~~~~~~~~ | ??? | ??? |

TS Sat. 2410-404 .. | ..1024x768.. | ??,?"| TOS5082  | TS int 1024x768 Panel | ~~~ | ~~~ |

09-JAN-03 ......... | TOSHIB - 970814 v1.40          | v1.40     | ~~~~~~~~~ | ~~~ | ~~~ |


tunnelblick ....... | 00011179/A3. | 32MB | REV ???  | ??-???-02 | ~~~~~~~~~ | ??? | ??? |

TS Sat. 2410-404 .. | ..1024x768.. | ??,?"| TOS5082  | TS int 1024x768 Panel | ~~~ | ~~~ |

09-JAN-03 ......... | TOSHIB - 970814 v1.40          | v1.40     | ~~~~~~~~~ | ~~~ | ~~~ |


M4LFUNCT10N ....... | 00011179/??. | 16MB | REV ???  | 03-JUN-02 | ~~~~~~~~~ | ??? | ??? |

TS Sat. 1415-S173 . | ..????x???.. | ??,?"| TOS????  | TS int. ????x???? Pnl | ~~~ | ~~~ |

28-NOV-02 ......... | TOSHIB - 970814 v1.30          | v1.30     | ~~~~~~~~~ | ~~~ | ~~~ |


Poirotzs .......... | 00011179/A3. | 32MB | REV ???  | 03-JUN-02 | ~~~~~~~~~ | ??? | ??? |

TS Sat. 2410-303 .. | ..1024x768.. | ??,?"| TOS????  | TS int. ????x???? Pnl | ~~~ | ~~~ |

09-JAN-03 ......... | ?????????????????????????????? | v1.40     | ~~~~~~~~~ | ~~~ | ~~~ |


GameWell .......... | 00011179/??. | 16MB | REV ???  | 03-JUN-02 | ~~~~~~~~~ | ??? | ??? |

TS Sat. 1410-??? .. | ..1024x768.. | 14,0"| TOS????  | TS int. ????x???? Pnl | ~~~ | ~~~ |

09-JAN-03 ......... | TOSHIB - 970814 v1.40          | v1.40     | ~~~~~~~~~ | ~~~ | ~~~ |


RDK ............... | ????????/??. | 32MB | REV ???  | ??-???-?? | ~~~~~~~~~ | ??? | ??? |

TS Sat. 2410-404 .. | ..1024x768.. | ??,?"| TOS5082  | TS int 1024x768 Panel | ~~~ | ~~~ |

??-???-?? ......... | ?????????????????????????????? | v?.??     | ~~~~~~~~~ | ~~~ | ~~~ |


  • v4.17.00.41.C5 | NV17 ???
  • gavinelias | original BIOS @ TOSHiBA Satellite 5101-S501
    SUBSYS: 00011179 (??MB)
    system BIOS version: v1.10
    system BIOS date: 2002-04-08
    VideoBIOS date: ???
    resolution: 1280x1024 SXGA (??")

  • v4.17.00.26.A6 | NV17 Mobile VGA BIOS / TOSHiBA Video BIOS v1.50
  • Ritchie22 | original BIOS @ TOSHiBA Satellite 5100-S201 (EURO model)
    SUBSYS: 00011179 REVA3 (32MB)
    system BIOS version: v1.90
    system BIOS date: TOSHIB - 20020408 (24-DEC-2004)
    VideoBIOS date: 03-JUN-2002
    resolution: ????x???? SXGA (??")
    ControlBlockVersion: v5.20

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  • 3 weeks later...

I have the 64 MB GeForce 440 go with the v. ( I think it is C2) BIOS from Dell here.


Since you already have this BIOS uploaded I guess your job here is done for now....

I am using the A11 BIOS from Dell for my laptop.


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SystemBiosDate: 07/23/03

SystemBiosVersion: TOSCPL - 6040000 PhoenixBIOS 4.0 Release 6.0 Ver 1.00PARTTBL

VideoBiosDate: 01/02/03 :)

VideoBiosVersion: Version (repeated 4 times?)

From Devcon, DEV_0174 (so GEForce 440 32MB)


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Well Here is my VideoBio, but i dont know why i have that date in Systembiosdate,

I have the originall dell drivers and bios (from the dell web site)

nevermind, if some one with that info can help to take out a better drivers for our graphic, (stupit :) nvidia not support ur graphics)





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Devylman, can you also post your DEVice ID. I would think it is 0179, but i want to be sure 100%. Use the devcon.exe posted here http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index.php?showtopic=756

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Hi, sorry im a "realy n00b" in this area can u pls explainme how to use devcon.exe and i post or better i edit my old post with all the info.

Txs again and sorry :)

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His device ID should be a 0174 like mine.

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Hi, sorry im a "realy n00b" in this area can u pls explainme how to use devcon.exe and i post or better i edit my old post with all the info.

Txs again and sorry :)

You need to download the tool i attached HERE and put the tool in c:\

open a CMD window (WIN+R | enter CMD | hit enter) and then type:

cd\ (enter)

devcon listclass display (enter)

It gives you a result like this:



DEV=DEVICE ID=0150=GeForce 2 GTS


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  • 2 months later...

OK. Here are my system vitals:

SystemBiosDate 01/07/04
SystemBiosVersion DELL   - 27d40107 Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version 1.10 A13
VideoBiosDate 02/24/03
VideoBiosVersion Version (repeated 3 times?)


I'll pass on the video bios file and X-Bios screens on to Pieter, as I have no web space.

@teraphy: hope this helps!




Edited by mobilenvidia
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despite the fact that i don't know what you have agrreed with them, my suggestion is: mail it to Teraphy or attach it here, as Pieter's Spam filter is VERY aggressive for obvious reasons :)

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No it's alright, Doug's emails don't get trashed with the oodles of junk I get.

His a special customer from way back :)

Doug you should be able to attach files in the forums ?

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  • 2 weeks later...
Guest goobers

Hello guys,

i have this little (maybye big) problem. I upgraded in my dell latitude c800 ati m4 32MB video to nvidia ge force4 440 go 64MB. Problem is: I don't see on my lcd boot messages (both bios & windows xp) on my lcd shows screen after windows video driver is started (driver from here v70.90 and bios By my mean this problem is about video bios and incorrect detection of lcd. Is here sombody who has this video chip in any notebook with lcd at the same native resolution as i (1400x1050)? If yes i can test flash your video bios in my card.

Thanks for your help.

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This seems to be very risky. So first thing to do is post your complete specs with help of THIS batch and then correct your GPU Info in the member Profile page or other would get confused. Currently you have selected DEV_ID 0179 which seems to be wrong alongside BIOS 55.C2 which seems only to be used by DEV_ID 0174 GF$ 440 GOs.

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Guest goobers

Thanks for your note. You have absolutely right my gpu is realy 0174.

But now after i look around i found here only peoples with native resolution 1400x1050 and toshiba notebooks. And everything look as the toshibas have video bios integrated in system bios. Is this right idea?

Here are my specs (sorry its long and i don´t know how attach file):

Specifications for LaptopVideo2Go


[p 04.02.2005 - 14:35:02]

[Microsoft Windows XP - Service Pack 2]


VideoBiosDate: 02/24/03

VideoBiosVersion: Version \0Version \0Version \0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0

SystemBiosDate: 01/21/04

SystemBiosVersion: DELL - 27d40115\0Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version 1.10 A23\0\0

BIOS details


Bios Version: {"DELL - 27d40115", "Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version 1.10 A23"}

Manufacturer: Dell Computer Corporation

Release Date: 20040121000000.000000+000



SMBIOSMajorVersion: 2

SMBIOSMinorVersion: 3

CPU details


CPU Name: Procesor Intel Pentium III

Manufacturer: GenuineIntel

Number of CPUs: 1

CurrentClockSpeed: 798

FSB: 100

L2CacheSize: 256

L2CacheSpeed: 798

LCD/Monitor details


LCD native Resolution Width : 1400

LCD native Resolution Height: 1050

Caption: Monitor Plug and Play

Description: Monitor Plug and Play

DeviceID: DesktopMonitor1

MonitorManufacturer: (Standardnˇ typy monitor?)

Name: Monitor Plug and Play

PNPDeviceID: "DISPLAY\NVD0300\5&35CD8489&0&00000110&01&00 "



Name: Latitude C800

installed RAM


total size in KB: 261592

DEVCON details:



Name: GeForce4 440 Go

Hardware ID's:





Compatible ID's:








1 matching device(s) found.


Name: Výchozí monitor

Hardware ID's:


Compatible ID's:



Name: Monitor Plug and Play

Hardware ID's:


Compatible ID's:


2 matching device(s) found.

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  • 3 months later...
Guest Ritchie22

Hi, i have a Problem with my Toshi Satellite 5100-201.

i have the porblem with artifacts on the display when i load the 16-bit drivers. even on old dos-games and when i am starting the laptop. on windows xp i have no probs with artifacts, only the speed is to low because the drivers won't be installed correctly. the drivers in windows can't identify the values of RAM, DAC-Typ and BIOS information and with some tools i found out that there is something with the pci header and it sounds like the vga-bios values are not set or not correct. even with the newest nvflush.exe "-i" could create a backup. it creates only 0 bytes and with "-c" identifiying the EEPROM it comes to this result:

EEPROM ID (90,90) : Unknown

My BIOS seems to be very old and with nvflash (5.13) i couldn't create a backup.

ERROR Message:

Image Size: 0 bytes

Version: Unavailable (Invalid)

~CRC32: 00000000

Subsystem Vendor ID: FFFF

Subsystem ID: FFFF

With the Updates from Dell (new32.exe) it didn't work.

What can I do to make it possible to flash my EEPROM? I think it could work with a blank BIOS of (without NVIDIA VGA BIOS Upgrade Utility) and nvflush with forcing mode (romstrap j).

Can anybody give me a hint where i could find the right BIOS for my Toshiba?

thanks for any help



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Pls. edit the above post and attach the log file.

Pls. try out the new version and attach the file. The log posted above shows that there is no card installed/recognized which you also wrote in the mail. It might be defect and needs to be send in to Toshiba service :)

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Guest Ritchie22

i edited my post above with the logfile of the new version and the bios.rom. the error logfile ist empty.

i looked into the bios.rom with x-bios and there were under GPU only values of 100MHz and under RAM 400MHz. is this normal?

with powerstrip i get other values. GPU:220 and RAM: 317MHz

should i edit the bios.rom with the values from powerstrip and reflash my geforce?


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The card is recognized by Windows, there's no driver currently installed (!?), and remnants of an old driver 28.xx are present.

I would recommend a DriverCleaner and use this guide to get rid of any and all wrong driver installations. Before you consider flashing or anythingelse, pls. install a driver!

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Guest Ritchie22

i followed your guide and used the reg-file to see the phantom devices, then i installed all nvidia drivers, i controlled my hardware-profile (only one), i rebooted in save-mode and removed all phantom-devices and all nv*.* files.

After reboot, i downloaded the 57.82 drivers and installed them.

The next reboot show me the screen: 640-480.jpg

Then i controlled the driver, it show me this: Driver 5782.jpg

and when i moved to 1024x768 the lines disappear, but there is no possibilty to start directx games.



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Indeed you have an unusual VBIOS version. I haven't listed it yet (haven't updated for a while :) ).

It seems to me that your 440Go card is now installed, but something went wrong with the LCD installation or recognition. It's recommended to install every driver like described here:

http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/pages/instructions.htm (Pay attention to pictures 9-12)


http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index.php?showtopic=33 (Pay attention to pictures 2, 3 and 4).

After the installation you should wait(!) a short moment to let the system automatically find the Default LCD monitor. It will get installed automatically.

If not and it asks you for a driver, just tell it to automatically search for a driver. It will find it and install it correctly.

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Guest Ritchie22

hi, i've tried 3 or 4 more drivers with the ways you show, but everytime the same result. i opened the laptop and first i pressed with some strengh on the cover under the keyboard during 16-bit drivers and i saw that the vertikal lines disappear. i removed the gf440go and tried to find anything that could be missing on the board, but it seems to be complete. removing the card and installing it again on the mainboard, didn't change anything.

i made a photo of this board to look for graphic cards with the same form factor.

can somebody help me to find notebook models with the same form factor graphic cards? it doesn't matter if it's ati or nvidia. perhaps i will find a cheap non functional notebook with a compatible graphic card in ebay and change it.


thanks for any help.


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