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How to kill more than one process at once???

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Hey guys,

does anyone know if there is the possibility to

create 'something' on my desktop, so that I can

kill multiple processes (of which I know the

names) with simply one double-klick? Since I

don't want to kick virus scan and other useful

notebook tools out of my autostart, but from time

to time need to free up to 50MB of Ram to play

some RAM-taking games, I'm really searching for

such thing, 'cause every time it takes quite a

lot time to search in the task manager and klick

them out. Any help appreciated.



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Thought about that, but don't know anything about that. How to do?

(Besides: Living in the same city, another guy aus Deutschland, scheint hier eine große deutsche Community zu sein)



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Hab gestern mal testweise die GERMAN SECTION aufgemacht und den German-all-in-one-testing-thred da rinjeschobn, wa! Lass mal da rüber jehn.

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After you work out a batch file try sticking in another 256 MB of RAM

You guys could post the batch file if it works successfully.

How would you go about writing a batch file like that (or similar) dontknow?


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for XP:

@echo off
echo ich kill euch alle
taskkill /F /IM soffice.exe /T
taskkill /F /IM iexplore.exe /T
taskkill /F /IM thunderbird.exe /T
taskkill /F /IM daemon.exe /T
taskkill /F /IM totalcmd.exe /T

for 2K:

pskill @ http://www.sysinternals.com

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