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Is overclocking dangerous?

Guest Nanook

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Hi guys!

I have a GeForce FX Go5600 128MB, and been thinking about trying to overclock my card in the display properties configuration for the card (you can choose auto or manual). Thing is, reading through the forum here, it seems like all GeForce cards can be a little bit improved, but if it IS possible to get more out of the cards, why aren't the cards "overclocked" from the beginning?

Thing is, when I try to choose auto overclocking, a dialogue box appears which basically states that if I choose this option, the manufacturer of the card takes ni responsibility of what might happen, including my card (and the rest of the computer) melting into a soup. :)

In other words: Is it dangerous? How far can you overclock it? Is it always risky (like playing russian roulette.. never know how far you can go..)?? I just wanna know becasue if I *can* get higher FPS from my 1st person shooter games, of course I wanna overclock my card - but I don't wanna by a new laptop doing so!


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I would not recomend it, but if you do, do it in small increments.

Like up it by 5 MHz and then test, up it 5 MHz again and test and so on till you find the right speed, I would sugest using some type of fan control utility as well.

If you see graphics glitches you have overclocked too far, or if it overheats and shuts off you have gone to far.

Some games like DOOM3 don't like overclocking at all I have heard.

You can overclock if you want, but don't come crying to us if your laptop melts or something.


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Bill is right. All laptop manufacturers try to strike a balance between good performance and heat, usually keeping a small safety margin. (Achieving good Battery life is another consideration.) Remember, they want fast performance too, to outdo their competitors.

Your heat safety margin is pretty small, but some people do seem to have good luck with overclocking. I don't do it myself, and don't recommend it.

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If you had a desktop PC with a lot of fans or something or water cooling it would probably be something to consider, but a laptop could overheat really easilly, remember there is not much space in there.

Some people have had a lot of success with overclocking laptops though.

But from what I hear the performance increase won't be very much.

I have never overclocked.

Also, if you do your warrenty is screwed or something, and if your card does break, it would be hard to replace.

Anyway that is just my 2 cents.


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