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important things we have to say

Caution: We try to make these files as safe as possible, but they might not be official and might not be specifically designed for your hardware.

Use at your own risk.

The nViSiON team takes NO responsibility for ANY failure/malfunction/burning of components due to OverClocking, BadFlashing, Flashing at all nor do we support Flashing & OverClocking.

It's just for backup and archive reasons plus it has an informational purpose and shall not animate or encourage to flash your card.

Use it with care, know what you do, we don't take any responsibility for anything that might happen regarding your or your laptops health.

  • Before you consider flashing your mobile GPU you need to have ready to use the following:
  • The original BIOS backed up.
  • a working and plugged in Power AC Adapter
  • a PCI capable Docking station ready to use in case this BIOS is not designed for your mobile GPU and you can't see the Boot Screen.
  • a PCI Video card that will actually override the laptops one (modern cards might not do that, you need to test that BEFORE).
  • an external monitor.
  • Absolutely no fear of what might happen or money growing on trees where a replacement laptop is not a problem.

We (and also NVIDIA) can't & will not support you if something goes wrong! It's your own responsibility.

Be warned.


notes on every VIDEO BIOS version, Fixes & enhancements description, more detailed specifications for this and all other mobile GPUs can be found HERE.

Downloads will link to an official site, if any. Otherwise, it will link to the appropiate post in this thread from somebody who attached his VIDEO BIOS.


  • v4. / ???
  • Jeroen / original BIOS @ MEDION 41300
    SUBSYS: ???????? (64MB)
    system BIOS version: v1.00 | PTLTD - 6040000 Phoenix NoteBIOS 4.0 Release 6.0 Ver 1.00PARTTBL
    system BIOS date: 05-JUL-2004
    VideoBIOS date: 14-APR-2004
    resolution: 1024x768
  • actual BIOS name: ???
    actual BIOS filesize: ???
  • ControlBlockVersion: v?.??
  • ???

  • v4. / ???
  • SpecialKey / original BIOS @ Advent 7036
  • Ecion / original BIOS @ Advent 7036
    SUBSYS: ???????? (64MB)
    system BIOS version: v1.00 | PTLTD - 6040000 Phoenix NoteBIOS 4.0 Release 6.0 Ver 1.00PARTTBL
    system BIOS date: 03-OC-2003
    VideoBIOS date: 25-SEP-2003
    resolution: ????x????
  • actual BIOS name: ???
    actual BIOS filesize: ???
  • ControlBlockVersion: v?.??
  • ???

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Hello, Recieved your PM. :)

I think this is what you want.

SystemBiosDate = 10/03/03

SystemBiosVersion = PTLTD - 6040000 Phoenix NoteBIOS 4.0 Release 6.0 Ver 1.00PARTTBL

VideoBiosDate = 09/25/03

VideoBiosVersion = Version Version Version Version

dunno why the last one is repeated four times.

hope i helped. :)

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btw do you have a link to your Laptop'S manufacturer/seller page?

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sorry cant seem to find their site, i thought it was adventcomputers.co.uk but that doesnt seem to be working.

but I know they use www.pcservicecall.co.uk for all their help and support. That site also lists the specs for each of the advent (and other brands) computers.

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  • 3 weeks later...

This is the version I have, i already posted it in annother topic (tv-out problem)

I've got a MEDION MD 41300 notebook

the drivers are downloadable at MEDION's homepage

If you ever need something just mail me or send me a PM




PTLTD - 6040000

Phoenix NoteBIOS 4.0 Release 6.0


VideoBiosDate = 04/14/04








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maby this can help you out with something, i don't know for sure

but when I flashed my bios to a newer version, my GPU BIOS version also changed (to a newer version)


here is the bios file, maby you can do something with it, I don't know

let me know if I should do some testing or something!!


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That's indeed an interesting finding, which again confirms my speculation that sometimes the VideoBIOS is included in the SystemBIOS. We were able to confirm this assumption by finding out that most Toshiba's have it this way, until now. Medion, too!

You could try to use nvflash and backup your VideoBios , but it will not work i would guess :) . Also try out X-BIOS Editor and try to readout your VBIOS, should also not work :)


Which VBIOS version is it now after the update?

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I have seen it when I got back my laptop (my laptop was in repair some weeks ago) and before it was in repair i had flashed my bios to a newer version.

When I got it back, I sew the videobios was older thant the one that I had before (when I added my first post here) I didn't know anymore how I flashed the bios (becaus it didn't work with a floppy (because my laptop hasn't got a floppy drive) or with my usb-stick or something. At the site of medion they said you needed to use the support cd that came with it (start up form there and thant flash the bios) but it didn't work neither.

I foun a program that was called winflash wich could flash the BIOS when you were working in wondows. After some searching I found that this program also is used with some acer laptops... (I also found that my medion laptop is from the same company who puts together the laptop (sorry, don't know the right work as I'm dutch speaking..) as acer...

If I have the time I will search a litle bit on the acer site if there is a laptop that is comparable with mine (same videocard) maby they have also some newer drivers and/or BIOS-versions!!

OK, i will test to make some backups with those programs next week (because friday I'm going to a lanparty with some friends...)

I will let it know here if I found something, or somthing works/didn't work...



oh BTW the answer to your question: I am still on the same GPU BIOS version as I had before it went in repair... (that's why I'm thinking the BIOS has something to do with the GPU BIOS)

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I hadn't got the time yet to try a video bios back-up but I found another laptop with an GeForce FX5350 Go Card (The first other one)

It seems to be the same as I have but from another brand (Advent)

I have been searching for about more than a half an hour and I still couldn't find the homepage of ADVENT (or the page with drivers for that laptop)

Maby anybody knows??

I want to have it to see if there are other video drivers/BIOS-versions on the site!


Here you can see a review of it.

If there is somebody who has it, please wach wich BIOS-version you have (of the GPU) and could you please post wich Video-drivers are supplied with the laptop? (propably 47.13)

Oh, also, if you are planning to buy a laptop, I shouldn't buy that one, because I have it and I'm not very pleased with it!

Everything is so weak on it, and I had soo many problems with that screen !!! My laptop is in repair again now, because of that stupid backlight suddenly falls out when I'm working on battery!!

I could say one thing about that laptop: It's a problem laptop!!! If I knew in advance I would never bought it!!

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We have i think ONE member with an advent Laptop. I asked him the same: Where is the Advent homepage, but he said they were out of business or something. Try searching in the forum to find this guy. There is no driver/support page i could find :)

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I have a Acer computer that had a Geforce Go 5700. The 5700 VGA card burned up, so I sent the laptop to repair.

They replaced my Geforce 5700 with a older GeForce Go 5300, updated my motherboard BIOS and replaced my AMD Athlon64 3000+ with a AMD Athlon64 3400+.

With this new VGA card I experience hard lockups during OpenGL/DirectX rendering. And during normal desktop operation I can see some strange colored pixels everywhere. More detailed information about this can be viewed here: http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index....showtopic=12701.

After reading some of your posts about VGA BIOS, I had an idea.

Some of you said that the VGA BIOS could be integrated on the system BIOS on some Acer laptops.

So.. My laptop is supposed to have a 5700 card, not the 5300 one.

So.. Is it possible that my laptop would have a Geforce Go 5700 VGA BIOS integrated in the system BIOS and is actually operating with a Geforce Go 5300 VGA card??

That would explain these strange pixels all over the desktop and the VGA system lockup during gaming (all games, even the simpler ones)..

Or.. Is this a dumb ideia? : \

If someone interested, I could give my current BIOS ROM.

My VGA BIOS information is:

Model: GeForce FX Go53xx

Video BIOS:

Card Type: AGP

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I found how to fix this problem. I reduced vga memory clock speed from 552Mhz to 540Mhz!

Is there anyone having a similar vga card that could tell me the card speeds? I think the default gpu and mem speeds

specified in the VGA BIOS are wrong!


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