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GeForce FX Go5600: Why isn't it faster in Games!?

Guest Nanook

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Hi all!

I have an Acer Aspire 1700 laptop with a 128MB GeForce FX Go5600 (using the latest modded INFs from here). I specially both this laptop because I knew I wanted to play games on it as well. This was one of the best cards on the market when I bought it (for laptops at least).

Anyhow, which ever newer game I try to play, the graphics are crap. It's lagging

at 800x600, all settings at minimum in many games, including MoH: Pacific Assault, Men of Valor, Far Cry, and Call of Duty. I get around 15 FPS in CoD, and maybe 3-4 in MOH:PA.

Is this really supposed to be this bad? Is there something wrong with my card specifically (I doubt it)? Are laptop videocard that much worse than the same card for desktops? Or do the game companies seriously think that all gamers nowadays have a 2048MB GeForce SFX 99000?

I don't want to overclock the computer, but I DO want to be able to play MoH:PA on my laptop. I know laptops aren't "made" for playing games, but with a card like mine, I was kind of expecting a little more. What kind of card can you buy right now, that FOR SURE can play Half-Life 2, MoH:PA, FarCry, and the likes at maximum settings without ANY graphic glitches?? Or are you suppposed to play these games with "Game Boy graphics"? :)



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I got the Farcry demo to run nice on my laptop (specs in sig)

What drivers have you tried?

Did you set the games up right?

You should try the 67.50 driver with Pieters mod INF.

Since I have never played the other games, what FPS do you get in Farcry?

There is a way to get it to show.

Are you sure you don't have any heat issues or power saving modes on?


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No mate, I have all the power settings on "maximum perfomance".

I get around 15 FPS MAX(!) in FarCry...

Like I said, I have no idea why it is like this. Right now, I'm using the 70.41 ForceWare (with Pietrs modded .inf).

I don't dare to overclock the machine, but I shouldn't really have to.

I don't think I have a heat issue neither, as the fan is not really working so hard; it just doesn't want to do it any faster.

It would be nice to hear if any other people with the same gfx-card have the same issues, or if they can run all the games without any problems.

My specs are:

P4 3.06 GHz, GeForce FX Go5600 (128MB), 512MB RAM, 120GB HD.

I guess there is nothing I can do, but if someone has the same specs on a laptop, and can run these games smoothly, I will be amazed...


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Try some 66.xx or some 67.xx (67.50 only as of right now)

I am on the 67.50 and get good speed in other games, I got good speed in Farcry with pretty much every driver I ever tried it with.

What clock speeds are set for it?

Do the fans kick in high gear frequently?

Have you contacted your laptop manufacturer?

If you just bought it you could maybe send it back?

Maybe its overheating?

Wonder what other people think about it.

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I did quite a bit of testing with Far Cry and I found that 56.77 gave good results on my 5650.

I spent awhile messing with the settings which I use:

Machine Spec: Medium

Texture Quality: Medium

Texture Filter Quality:Trilinear

Anisotropic Filtering Level: 1

Particle Count: Medium

Special Effects Quality: Medium

Environment Quality: High

Shadow Quality: Low

Water Quality:Medium (Important to get the Far Cry look!)

Lighting Quality: LOW (Very important - any higher and you will run super slow)

Also 1Gb system memory makes a difference



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Hmm, I will try these older drivers. But I thought that the newer drivers are always better, kind'a like upgrades for games, thats why I've been coming here, downloading the newest all the time - maybe that is a mistake? :S

I will try the drivers you gúys told me about, and with the Far Cry settings above.

Hopefully it'll work.

But isn't the easiest way to compare just to rund one of these 3D Mark tools?

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kind'a like upgrades for games, thats why I've been coming here, downloading the newest all the time
It's not a mistake. It's true, especially for FarCry there were so many bugfixes in those newer driver, i can't recommend going back to some 5x.xx driver.

Play on a lower resolution, disable "shadow" settings in the game and turn off all those background programs you may have running (Virus, GAIM, MSN, trillian, AIM, ICQ, Office, Indexing Service etc.)

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Ok, so I tried the settings in FarCry, and you were right: putting the lightning to low helps a LOT (but of course, it doesn't look just as good).

I got it to run smoother than before, but it's still not an impressive FPS rate (maybe 25 in non-combat, 18 in combat).

And I tried to lower ALL settings to minimum in Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault, including 640x480 resolution :) , but it doesn't help - still lagging like hell.

Probably this is not a driver issue, nor an issue of overheating - I just think my laptop graphic card can't really perform any better.

What a shame... :S

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i have got a acerapsire 1700 with p4 2.6 and a geforce 5600 go!

i can play farcry with 1280*1024 and i ve got 30 fps

doom 3 1280*1024 30 fps

call of duty all detail high 1280*1024 80 fps

so i use 66.32 drivers !

try it!

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Woot!? That sounds like a dream!! What is it that makes my computer so slow???

Ok, so I will try to install the drivers you have, and quit ANY kind of background program - but if it doens't work then, I have no idea what to do... :S

By the way: did you get the same FPS with other drivers as well? Or is it only the 66.32 driver that does the magic? And are you running anything in the background? antivirus software, software firewall, etc.. ?

It is good to hear though, that you have the exact same computer (more or less), and you can play it with such high FPS, because that means I SHOULD be able to, as well!

Could you please check the exact settings you have in the display properties?

So that I know its not something there I have to change.

Thx mate!

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Ok, so I did as I said:

Installed the 66.32 drivers, closed all other running applets, and played the game on 800x600 (!), with all graphics on medium (except lightning = low).

No change! I probably get 25-30 FPS when standing in a narrow corridor, with no monsters, and looking at the ground :) , but as soon as I go outside, or some enemies are seen, the FPS drops to between 5-15, mostly unplayable.

Maybe there is a way to make my fan spin faster? Is there any program that u can use to control the fan-speed on Acer computers? A friend of mine can, but he has a Dell laptop...

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I dont know how to control fans on your PC, but Farcry did run faster for me then it did for you and my laptop is slower......

You should contact Acer maybe?

I would send it back or something.

Are you sure you have windows set up to give more resources for programs running up front instead of in the backround?

Also you do run them fullscreen right?

For some people that makes a difference, also, what about the priority setting of the game?

For some people setting it to high makes a big difference aswell.

Do NOT set anything to realtime though, you might cause your laptop to lock up.


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Don't really wanna send it back, cause I already did that once (the computer was shutting down automatically because it became to warm), and it took like 5 weeks until I got it back (Acer is apparently VERY bad with its support - heard this from many others as well). Anyways, the only thing they did was to clean it. The stange thing is that when I got it back, it was working again. Maybe is is like static or something, with high affinity for dust :) . So this could obviouslybe an issue.

Anyways, when I'm downloading the modded Inf's, I use the "normal" ones (upper), not the "performance" ones, but I guess this is not an issue neither?

By the way, how do I set priority for different executable files? Maybe I will try this as a last resort, but if it doesn't work, all there's left is to buy a desktop with a killer GeForce card... :)

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In the task manager go to the proccess thread and switch it to high and close all other programs and run the game full screen.

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Wow. That did actually do quite a bit of difference - now at least FarCry is playable, but nothing more (still don't know how to shos FPS, but I'm guessing around 25). Anyways, MoH: Pacific Assault did also improve a bit, but is totally unplayable as soon as an enemy shows up.

Anyways, thanx for the help guys!


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It's true, especially for FarCry there were so many bugfixes in those newer driver, i can't recommend going back to some 5x.xx driver.

I disagree for Far Cry - these were the drivers of the time and work fast and with a quality image for it - later drivers certainly make a massive difference in other games such as Doom3 which doubles in speed but fundamentally the new drivers are dealing with new cards and features which are not supported by these cards

Just try 56.77 in Far Cry

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Amoklebia - we have the exact same computer (only difference being that you have twice the RAM I have). Do these games run smoothly for you? (MoH:PA, FarCry, DOOM3)? Do you think the RAM has that much to say? Shouldn't 512 be more than enough for any game?? I mean, most people don't have 1024 MB RAM...

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Guest Amoklebia

:) far cry: 1024x768, aa=off, all settings=high, except lighting=low

~25-30 frames

doom3: 1024x768, all settings=medium

~10-25 frames

:) MoH:PA: 800x600, all settings=minimum

~10-20 frames (did you notice that there is a patch available since the last weekend?)

btw: i get my frames with FRAPS :P (1.9D version)

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Same problem here, all newer modded drivers score 5 times lower in 3DMark then the nVidia laptop official one (56.77).

The same in HL2 or Doom3.

Did someone notice the same problem ?

Can anyone help up out there ?

Patrick Colis

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all newer modded drivers score 5 times lower in 3DMark
which 3DMark version?
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Hi guys,

got the same prob with white pixles.

But it seems they appear only when oc.

And I think it is a cooling problem, because it comes only after a few minutes. So keep on trying to solve the problem, I´ll do so.

cU all

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