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OT: What file extension are you?

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Which File Extension are You?


"You are .inf You are informative. When you are gone you make life very difficult for others."

That is me, I think its funny seeing how I use a lot of modded INFs and have done some simple INF modding myself.

I don't think I make life difficult for others when I'm not around, although a lot of people depend on me to help them fix their PCs and stuff, maybe they would have problems if I wasn't there to help them.

Edit: The quiz is not that long so give it a go everyone, they also have other quizes there, like which 401K spammer you would be and what OS you would be, ect.


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:P :( :)

The last days im a .ROM building up the VideoBIOS section :) Any INFormation about .ROM guys?

:( Bill

edit i made the test:



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I saw a thread posted about this on the UT2004 forums and took the quiz and when I said I was an INF I knew I had to post it here lol.

This is the thread is anybody was wondering what people there were.



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:( :) That thread is a CLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAASSIC :) :(

I have to go to bved really :P :P

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You want to see funny threads?

I should start a thread with links to funny sites and threads, if you look on those forums you will see some funny stuff, like just today this guy was asking for help and GAVE OUT HIS CD KEY FOR THE GAME.

That was the dumbest thing I have seen in a while, plus there were all the classic "give us teh demo images threads", plus the photoshop threads were they photoshopped pics of the programers.

Then there are the trolls, one called Horka Thane was really, really, really, funny, he thought he was the best player and had all these followers that "worshipped him" lol.

Also, the mods are funny, this one mod gave somebody warning points for beating him in UT2004, and they like to slack off and make up photoshop threads.

Then there is the whole story about the bagle and Willhaven, and the bagle themed matrix parady.

I really need to post it, *looks for link*.

Finally found it.


You have to see this, even if you are on dial up it is worth it.

Those pics were originaly made for a thread but then the guy compiled them on his site.

If you don't think that is funny I don't know what else you will find funny.

If you want to know of any funny threads and stuff just ask I have seen a lot of funny stuff.


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