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How To effective notebook cooling methods?


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If it gets too hot on the desk then raise it 5mm (put something under rubber feet) to improve the airflow.

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These are pretty effective too! They exaust hot air out from your PCI Card Slot. And as the Graphics Card on my Area 51 M7700 sits directly below the PCI Card slot, it's very useful !!


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For anybody who has an older laptop, here's one possibility. My Toshiba Satellite P25 is a monster "desktop replacement" notebook (17" wide-screen, weighs 10 lbs) and I couldn't remember a time when it didn't run uncomfortably warmly. But last night, it started shutting down repeatedly, just abruptly turning off, even when I wasn't running anything besides Windows XP itself. It was sitting on a glass table in a cool room. I noticed that the area between the three fans on the bottom and the vents on the back felt quite hot. My solution was to turn my computer upside down, remove the cover over the fans, remove the cover from each fan, and carefully wipe out the dust with damp Q-tips. The radiator fins were clogged with dust! Now it runs cooler by about 40 degrees (estimated by touch). It hasn't run this cool in years. Something to consider if your laptop has been around for awhile, especially a Toshiba Satellite.

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