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  • 02-DEC-2004: added 67.03


  • v67.02
  • desktop driver for 2K.XP, filedate 15-NOV-2004, released 15-NOV-2004
  • MultiLanguage, Setup is included
  • no WHQL certification
  • Thanks to Bullet for this pointer :)
  • released by nZONE / nVIDIA
    • Release Highlights:
    • Added new Performance and Quality option called ?Negative LOD bias? to allow more user control
    • Unified Compiler optimizations
    • Compatibility fixes (Please view the release notes for a full list of fixes)
    • Added support for SLI?
    • Added support for using HDTV over DVI connectors
    • Added support for 512 MB frame buffer GPUs
    • Added support for advanced DVI timing on all GeForce 6 series GPUs
    • Added support to recognize and display monitor name in all control panels
    • Added support for TV/HDTV setup in the nView Display Setup Wizard
    • Updated Gridlines for easier grid setup and management
    • Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0c and OpenGL® 1.5 support

  • v67.03
  • desktop driver for 2K.XP, filedate 30-NOV-2004, released 02-DEC-2004
  • MultiLanguage, Setup is included
  • no WHQL certification
  • Thanks to JRd1st for the info :)
  • released by nZONE / nVIDIA
    • Release Highlights:
    • The issues that some users have reported seeing when using the GeForce 6600 GT AGP are due to a driver bug which causes 3D corruption when this GPU is used with certain motherboards, most notably SIS motherboards. The fix is included in this release.


As with every released driver, version 67.02 and 67.03 of the Release 65 driver has open issues and enhancement requests associated with it. What follows is a list of issues that are either not fixed or not implemented in this version. Some problems listed may not have been thoroughly investigated and, in fact, may not be NVIDIA issues. Others will have workaround solutions. (copy&pasted from the official release notes v67.02 and official release notes v67.03)

  • v67.02
  • GeForce 6600/6800 128MB: 3D Mark 2003 demo mode results in an out of memory error at 1600x1200x32 with 4x antialiasing enabled.
    This is not a bug. The problem occurs because there is not enough memory to run 3D Mark03 in this mode with a 128MB board.
  • Single display modes such as TV only, DFP/LCD only or CRT only provide the best performance and quality from Windows Media Center Edition.
    Dual display modes such Dualview and nView Clone and Span modes are not recommended.
  • When using the trial version of WinDVD 6 from InterVideo.com, you may experience TV or DVD playback problems in Windows Media Center if you change resolutions during video playback. This is most often seen when switching from windowed to full screen mode.
    This problem does not occur with the latest full OEM versions of WinDVD or with other Windows Media Center qualified DVD decoders.
  • GeForce 6800: Code Creatures Benchmark shows screen corruption at 1600x1200x32 with 8x antialiasing enabled.
    A fix for this will be included in the next driver release.
  • GeForce 6600: Artifacts appear in the intro videos and during game play in Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness at 1600x1200 and with 4x antialiasing enabled.
    A fix for this will be included in the next driver release.
  • GeForce 6600: Minor flickering in Return of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory when antialiasing is enabled at high resolutions.
    A fix for this will be included in the next driver release.
  • GeForce4 Ti/GeForce 6800: Command and Conquer: Generals has corruption when both antialiasing is enabled in the NVIDIA control panel and in-game image quality is set to "High".
    A fix for this will be included in the next driver release.
  • GeForce 6800: Aspect ratio is incorrect when movie transitions from 4:3 to 16:9 playback using PowerDVD5 Trail (download from the Cyberlink Web site).
    This is an application issue. The problem does not occur with other DVD players.
  • If you perform a clean driver installation (no previous NVIDIA drivers installed), you must reboot your computer. If you do not reboot, the predefined application profiles will not be activated and you may experience application stability problems.
  • GeForce2, GeForce4 MX, Windows XP: City of Heroes crashes to the desktop intermittently.
    This is not an NVIDIA bug.
  • Windows XP/2000: Clone mode may be set for the GeForce FX 5600 although only one display is connected.
    This setting causes a drop in the performance of 3D applications. The workaround is to use the NVIDIA control panel to reset the system to standard mode from clone mode.
  • Windows XP, GeForce FX 5950 Ultra: Homeworld2 antialiased performance is slow.
    This is not an NVIDIA bug, but is a known issue with the application. A game patch 1.1 is available at ftp://ftp.sierra.com/pub/sierra/homeworld...te_en_10_11.exe .
  • Windows ME: CodeCult benchmark does not run properly.
    This is not an NVIDIA bug.
  • GeForce FX, Windows ME: Gunmetal Demo intro movie does not display properly.
    This is not an NVIDIA bug.


Significant issues resolved in driver version 67.02 and 67.03 (copy&pasted from the official release notes v67.02 and official release notes v67.03)


  • Added new Performance and Quality option?Negative LOD bias.
    This control lets the user manually set negative LOD bias to ?clamp? for applications that automatically enable anisotropic filtering.
    Applications sometimes use negative LOD bias to sharpen texture filtering.
    This sharpens the stationary image but introduces aliasing when the scene is in motion. Because anisotropic filtering provides texture sharpening without unwanted aliasing, it is desirable to clamp LOD bias when anisotropic filtering is enabled.
    When the user enables anisotropic filtering through the control panel, the control is automatically set to ?Clamp?.
  • GeForce FX 5950 Ultra: Operating system failure with the game Flat Out.
  • GeForce FX 5950 Ultra, Windows XP: Shadows in the game Angel of Darkness render incorrectly in a room with two light sources.
  • GeForce 6600, Windows XP Media Center: HDTV 1080i display corruption occurs when underscan mode is enabled.
  • GeForce FX 5200, Windows XP: Character model shading in the game Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness is rendered red instead of gray
  • GeForce 6 series, Windows XP Media Center 2005: Live TV audio stutters when viewed in Clone mode using the NVTV Tuner card.
  • GeForce 6800, Windows XP: Video smears once you toggle WMP10 to fullscreen mode while playing a WMV HD clip.


  • GeForce 6600 GT AGP: Fixed a 3D corruption problem that appears when this card is used with certain motherboards, such as SIS motherboards.

:: OPINION [*by LSudlow]

This is quite a speedy release, squeaking out the fastest 3DBench03 score since the 53.xx series. 3DMark01 and 3dMark05 scores are fast too. Quite a few game bugs have been fixed, and a new Level Of Detail (LOD) switch has been added to the Performance page of the nVidia Control Panel. This switch solves, or greatly reduces, the texture shimmering problem many of us have seen in games with recent drivers.

I know many people are satisified with the brand new, and very high quaility, official driver (66.93), but if you aren't afraid of beta drivers, or are seeing bugs in some of your games, don't hesitate to give 67.03 a run.

:: BENCHMARKS [*by LSudlow]

driver performance comparison charts for some GPUs

for GF2 Go: HERE from Pieter (v16.20 - v61.77)

for FX Go5200: HERE from Larry (v5x.xx - current)

for FX Go5700: HERE from Sky-Dexter (v65.73 - current)

:: DOWNLOAD & x-click-but21.gif

This and all other drivers available at LaptopVideo2Go are 7-zipped and come as a self-extracting archive for your convenience. We take care that your download time/traffic is minimized by compressing the driver in an optimized way. The method we had developed first is a service that you'll only find here proper working.

filesize 14.044.282 bytes | MultiLanguage

filesize 14.056.505 bytes | MultiLanguage

Pieter's mobile INF modified for v67.02 | modded especially for Laptops, but has also Desktop card support

Pieter's mobile INF modified for v67.03 | modded especially for Laptops, but has also Desktop card support

Pieter's mobile INF modified for v67.02 | Performance optimized

Pieter's mobile INF modified for v67.03 | Performance optimized

Pieter's No Tweaks INF modified for v67.02 | Original INF, which now recognizes all Laptop and Desktop cards; nothing else was changed!

Pieter's No Tweaks INF modified for v67.03 | Original INF, which now recognizes all Laptop and Desktop cards; nothing else was changed!

Larry's DELL 5150/5160 optimized INF

Teraphy's Toshiba "BlackBar PHP Fixer" | choose from all drivers and get your customized Anti-BlackBar-INF

Teraphy's "PHP INF enhancement" page | enhance your INF by choosing from a variety of settings (incl. Toshiba Blackbar fix) for all Laptops

nVLiTE page | choose the language to keep and rip out the rest; delete SETUP and other unneeded files to make the driver as small as possible


v67.02: see attached INF

v67.03: see attached INF HERE

//corrected links

Original_v67.02_INF.zip ( 6.97k ) Number of downloads: 45

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Sometime this week I will test this driver, if it fixes these bugs I am having in some games I will throw a party and all you guys will be invited lol.

There will be free beer too, even if I can't drink any yet.......... :)



Disclamer: *the above comment was not really serious, please do not show up at my house asking for beer*

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Uh.............................guys, this driver is like broken for me.

When I installed it Windows would not boot :)

and I had to do a hard reset and use safe mode to do a system restore.

Out of all the other drivers I have tried:

42.58; 44.03; 44.68; 53.03; 53.06; 56.54; 56.56; 56.64; 56.68; 56.72; 56.77;
60.72; 60.80; 61.11; 61.12; 61.21; 61.72; 61.76; 61.77; 61.80; 62.10; 65.73;
65.90; 66.10; 66.12; 66.29; 66.31; 66.32; 66.51; 66.77; 66.81; 66.93; 67.50

All of those worked and Windows booted up just fine.

I would stay away from these drivers if you are a GeForce 4 go user.

In no way is that list up above totaly accurate, that is just from my memory and I never kept a list up, although I should have.

I posted this new post to get everybodys attention, as this driver screwed my laptop up for like 5 whole minutes.

Someone can delete my previous post in this thread if they want....


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Bill, when you get a chance, could you download a new copy of this driver and try it again? Almost everyone is having good luck with it, so I'm guessing something didn't copy correctly during your download or your installation.

I understand if you don't want to risk it, though. Thanks!

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I have a feeling if I redownload it and uninstall my newer driver (67.50) first then install it, it should work, after that if I don't like the driver I will then install the 67.20 driver afterwords and if I still don't like that I will system restore back to the 67.50 driver so I don't have to reinstall it and I will keep my current settings.

It should run though, just a borked installation probably.


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  • 2 weeks later...

These 67.02's work really well for me. HL2 runs pretty smoothly and averything seems stable.

I have a question - usually after I install a new driver set, when I restart into Windows my resolution needs to be set because it comes up at 800x600 whereas I like mine at 1280x1040. But with your modded .inf file that doesn't happen, I restart into the resolution I had with my previous driver set. How do you do that?

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"UseBestResoltion"=1 or Comment out ( :) the 800x600 line in the INF

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The standard drivers default to 800x600, I remove this setting and add the switch (above) to set the resolution to max when installing.

I find this quite useful as I do many installs and not having to continually change it to the max resolution is quite handy.

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Guest Bleeder

Just wanted to mention that these drivers are not stable when alt-tabbing in and out of games. I will get a blue screen most of the time. I have tried this on a fresh reinstall of Windows XP with Service Pack 2.

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No problems here.

I would guess there is something wrong with your hardware. Could that be?

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Can somebody attach the Original v67.03 INF?

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Surely! :)

Original v67.03 INF

nv4_disp.inf ( 40.92k ) Number of downloads: 63

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Yes, you're right.

Pieter, can we try to repack? Thanks!


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Uploading new version, error at my end, CPU is not keeping up.

I now have down/uploading sorted, I'm now in desperate need of a CPU upgrade.

The poor old 1.06Ghz PIII-M is just not coping well with all this multitasking.

Here is my procedure, find driver, download it, (2minutes for a 25MB file)

Uncompress then run the secret LV2go compresser over it, this takes about 10 min.

While this is chugging away, I start to update the website and modify the INF.

Save updated website files and INF files.

Now upload driver (10min for 13MB) then upload website updates.

Zip around to the forum and anounce to the masses.

All this is done in half an hour, it has to be as this is all the time I have in the mornings before work.

While all this is happening the CPU's FPU must make an error, I will in the future uncompress file again and check for errors before uploading.

Not ideal to have a broken file from the beginning.

Apologies for inconveniance.

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Not a problem, your work is always appreciated :) just thought I would drop a note to let you know. I ended up installing it before it was updated with the fixed file by extracting the files out of the installer i got from nzone. I recently got a BSOD, which has never occured on my laptop before, after having updated to 67.03. I can't be certain that the video driver caused it as I've been testing out new software (BitComet), but the error code given (0x000000c5) seems to be one for a driver paging outside of memory. Has anyone encountered any problems?

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Just to update on my suspicion, it seems quite probable that the drivers caused the BSOD. I just had a session where the only thing I ran was Vampire Bloodlines (source engine game) and it crapped out, after restarting the game I got a BSOD. I cleaned my drivers out and reinstalled 6742, hopefully this fixes things.

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Is there any way these drivers could cause my video card to burn out?

Because my 440 Go 64mb just did.

Im going to go get a new one for 100 bucks right now.

Im just trying to decide if I should re-install 67.02 again, because the drivers worked really well for HL2 while it lasted.

BTW, I didnt overclock.


Inspiron 8200

P4 1.6 - 512 ram


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Guest lcaamano

Well, I just got my third BSOD BAD_POOL_HEADER. The only ones I've ever seen on this i8200 laptop since I got it a few years ago.

Nvidia 440 Go 32MB

67.02 w/Performance tweaks.

I'm now looking for some other driver version to install. Too bad because Half Life 2 was running pretty nicely.

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(I am the same person as Brett above)

I am in the same situation as you! using these performance tweak drivers.

We should definately find a different driver to settle on.

HL2 was working great and I am so near the end of the game, but I have to go buy a new card now before i can try again.

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Guest lcaamano

I'm running 6742/performance now. Let's see how it works. Bill also has a 440go on an i8200 and he seems to be running 67.50.

That BSOD scared the beejeezus out of me because the system was set for a full memory dump, which took several minutes to complete, and then on reboot, explorer was pegged at 100% CPU processing the dump for a looong time. :)

I now changed it to no dump of any kind and the two other BSODs were faster :)

If you don't hear from me is because I haven't gotten anymore of those.

Thanks to all for this website. Otherwise, I'd be still be running 42.28 drivers.

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Try disabling the SBA (SideBandAdressing) line in the INF (use a ; in front of the line to "REM"(ark) it out. Otherwise just use the normal mobile INF. No need to go back to stoneage drivers (42.xx)

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Considering one of you guys said the driver fried your card, and you got BSODs, and it originally did not run on mine, and the graphics in UT2004 were almost completely messed up, I would recommend against using the 67.02 driver on a I8200 with a GF 440 Go.

The 67.50 runs fine for me, you guys that have I8200s should try it.


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