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Inspiron5150 speedstep


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Hello Guys!

I know its nothing with graphic problems but maybe someone can help me.

im searching for an intel speedstep driver for my Inspiron5150.

The Dell support site is down so i cant search there :/

Someone got a driver for me? Would be great.

thx a lot!

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Attached below. It's more recent than Dell's, but you'll have to extract it to an empty folder and use the "Have Disk" method of installation.


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- Use the Device Manager to update the processor driver, but don't let it "install from a list or specificied location." Instead use the "Let me choose the driver" option.

- Select the "Have Disk..." option

- Click the "Don't search. I will choose..." button.

- Click the "Have Disk" button and browse for the folder with the new update.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I didnt saied thanks i see :) sorry. THANKS!

Got another problem and dont want to create a new thread:

can i turn off the speedstep eg if i dont use my battery?

Got often the problem that he turns my cpu to 1,59ghz but i would need 2,8ghz :/

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Just use the "Desktop" or the "Always On" power profile in the Control Panel. Both of those will keep your CPU running at full speed all the time.

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hehe, im bad as hell :)

some days ago ive written to you a pm which gives me the answer :)

thanks for helping my brain to remember.

I should give everyone here a beer for my dumbness :(

EDIT: ahhhh, it doesnt work :/ desktop and "allways on" set the speed to 1,59ghz :/

got your cpu driver lsudlow. any other idea? :P (btw: i restarted, so that cant be the problem.) speedstep is turned of @bios.

EDIT2: got new informations: i installed speedswitch. Set it to max performance. If i tell speedswitch to ask windows for cpu speed he sais 1594. if i leave him calculate the cpu speed realtime he sais 2790mhz (which is max speed). thats strange :/ seems like windows tells me the wrong speed?

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