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This is an old shoe (bad translation i know), but it's soo usefull after you familiarized with it and have used it a few times. You don't want to miss it anymore, believe me :)

The Purpose:

is to enhance the search capabilities of Internet Explorer, which i still use, shame on me :P regarding all the hype about FireFox and security issues with IE, but be assured that i had my (good) experience with Opera some years ago (still miss the mouse gestures in IE).

The Features:

  • search (the below listed) sites without first typing in the adress in the Adress Bar of IE. Without this IE .REG enhancement usually a 2-Step-procedure is needed to search something:
    1. Enter the Http adress in IE or use of Bookmarks/Favorites & Hit enter (surf to the site)
    2. Enter the search term & Hit Enter
  • Now only 1 step is necessary:
    1. Enter the search term in the IE Adress Bar & Hit Enter
  • You can easily add more sites if you regularly visit certain ones and need to search these regularly

The Usage:

  • Open up an IE window.
  • Enter for example
    ggl alzheimer
    and hit enter.
    You directly surf to the google site already showing the results for alzheimer.
  • The abbreviations you need to type in the IE Adress Bar are red:
    - AV : Altavista.com
    - DICT : dictionary.reference.com, a free Dictionary
    - EBAY : ebay.com
    - FM : FileMirrors.com
    - GGL : Google.com
    - GGLS : let Google.com search one specified site
    - MAPS : maps.google.com, Google's great, fast-loading map site for the US
    - KB : Microsoft KnowledgeBase articles
    - LEO : dict.leo.org, a free and in my eyes the best translation page for English<->German or other way around.
    - LEOF : dict.leo.org, French<->German/German<->French
    - LV2GO : LaptopVideo2Go.com
    - MS : Microsoft.com
    - THES : thesaurus.reference.com, which is a free Thesaurus
    - WIKI : wikipedia.org, a free Lexicon
    - WIKIDE : german Wikipedia


Altavista Search for Alzheimer

av alzheimer

FileMirrors Search for TweakUI

fm tweakui

Google Search for US elections

ggl us elections

Microsoft KnowledgeBase Search for Knowledge Base article 314834 (requires that you know the article number)

kb 314834

Let LEO translate the English word require to German

leo require

Let LEO translate the German word Sonnenuntergang to English

leo sonnenuntergang

Let LEO translate the German word Sonnenuntergang to French

leof sonnenuntergang

Let LEO translate the French word voucher to German

leof voucher

Show street zoomable maps of NewYork with Google

maps new york

Hope you understand the usage. It's that simple and fast.

Enhancement i made:

As i'm generally bad at searching things on certain websites (which also applies to this forum) by using the build in search function, i enhanced the reg file to search with google ONLY WITHIN one declared site (you need to use GGLS and enter the name of the site plus the domain, see the following example):

ggls microsoft.com bootvis

So for all our visitors i made a special google LaptopVideo2Go.com in-site search available:

Google Search ONLY AT LaptopVideo2Go for Linux

lv2go linux

Google Search ONLY AT LaptopVideo2Go for NVLITE

lv2go nvlite

If you are convinced by the features just download & merge the attached .REG file and enjoy the new comfort :)



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Very nice feature! Thanks.

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Teraphy as i know searching at the microsoft site is your "morbid enemy" :) (which also apllies to me) you could add the following to the .REG file:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchUrl\MS]

@="http://www.google.com/search?q=site:microsoft.com %s"

The usage would then be:

open up IE, type in

ms bootvis
and enjoy the microsoft only results. Plus you have the google feature of "cached" pages, which i use very often.
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Hi i added an easy EBAY search function. Noter that if you have 2 or 3 words to search you need to add a DASH between the words:

ebay mech-commander

or just single word:

ebay thunderforce
Also i added an easy WIKIPEDIA.com (free encyclopedia) search function:
wiki cathode ray tube
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  • 4 months later...

I updated the file, so now it's possible to search maps.google.com for street maps in the US and i added a Thesaurus and Dictionary :)

Hope you like the features.

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  • 1 year later...

- Fixed LEO French<->German translation link

- cosmetics

Btw this enhancement also works with IE7 :)

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