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TC NVIDIA Optimized Driver v0.3

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Guest citrixcl

Source: TechConnect Magazine Download

"A new set of the NVIDIA Optimized drivers is now available. All NVIDIA cards are supported (RivaTNT till GF6800), based on Forceware 67.02 (support Windows 2000/XP).

TC NVIDIA Optimized Driver v0.3

* Based on Forceware 67.02

* Optimized for Half-Life 2

* new OpenGL/DX tweaks


All NVIDIA cards! - Windows 2000/XP"

Wonder what opengl and dx tweaks they have.

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Wonder what opengl and dx tweaks they have.

Have a look at the inf and compare to Pieter's.

If they really put effort in it (without just copy&pasting settings from other INFs) they did it in the dlls :)

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Here's the INF for it. Looks to me as if they just added stuff in there and nothing else. I could be wrong though. Anyone know more info on these drivers?


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No copy&paste :) , but a load of D3D and Opengl keys :)

I saw some of those before at StarStorm drivers or Omega's.

This is what is interesting:

HKR,, D3D_42935363,  	%REG_BINARY%,58,04,22,57
HKR,, D3D_00762911,          %REG_BINARY%,59,66,82,34
HKR,, D3D_08285629,          %REG_BINARY%,93,62,32,06
HKR,, D3D_10491844,  	%REG_BINARY%,80,80,65,27
HKR,, D3D_16997821,  	%REG_BINARY%,74,72,95,99
HKR,, D3D_18078188,  	%REG_BINARY%,16,49,41,03
HKR,, D3D_19521893,                     %REG_BINARY%,52,19,25,91
HKR,, D3D_20466189,  	%REG_BINARY%,54,91,25,31
HKR,, D3D_22355415,  	%REG_BINARY%,25,12,13,50
HKR,, D3D_23132857,  	%REG_BINARY%,14,76,ed,77
HKR,, D3D_24464826,  	%REG_BINARY%,65,28,81,23
HKR,, D3D_26771978,  	%REG_BINARY%,10,62,61,56
HKR,, D3D_36759435,  	%REG_BINARY%,01,91,82,24
HKR,, D3D_42935363,  	%REG_BINARY%,58,04,22,57
HKR,, D3D_44013233,  	%REG_BINARY%,71,13,53,91
HKR,, D3D_46205529,  	%REG_BINARY%,55,49,20,88
HKR,, D3D_48484658,  	%REG_BINARY%,12,67,25,91
HKR,, D3D_52971801,  	%REG_BINARY%,00,10,3c,3c
HKR,, D3D_54082152,  	%REG_BINARY%,00,10,3c,3c
HKR,, D3D_56255736,  	%REG_BINARY%,00,00,12,01
HKR,, D3D_59954021,  	%REG_BINARY%,00,02,ff,ff
HKR,, D3D_59954023,          %REG_BINARY%,00,02,fe,ff
HKR,, D3D_60461791,  	%REG_BINARY%,47,67,41,08
HKR,, D3D_62225341,  	%REG_BINARY%,98,68,44,92
HKR,, D3D_64907714,  	%REG_BINARY%,28,71,55,83
HKR,, D3D_70835937,  	%REG_BINARY%,00,00,00,00
HKR,, D3D_74095213,  	%REG_BINARY%,ff,ff,ff,ff
HKR,, D3D_88481200,  	%REG_BINARY%,fb,ff,ff,ff
HKR,, D3D_92521178,  	%REG_BINARY%,00,00,02,55
HKR,, D3D_98764205,  	%REG_BINARY%,03,00,00,00
HKR,, D3D_AutoMipMapMethod,  %REG_BINARY%,00,00,00,00
HKR,, D3D_DXVAEnable,  	%REG_BINARY%,04,00,00,00
HKR,, D3D_MipMapLevels,  	%REG_BINARY%,00,00,00,00
HKR,, D3D_QualityEnhancements,  %REG_BINARY%,00,00,00,00
HKR,, D3D_ValidateZMethod,  %REG_BINARY%,00,00,00,00
HKR,, OGL_19723457,  	%REG_BINARY%,77,82,50,87
HKR,, OGL_46574957,  	%REG_BINARY%,00,00,00,00
HKR,, OGL_AnisoQuality,  	%REG_BINARY%,00,00,00,00
HKR,, OGL_BufferRegionExt,  %REG_BINARY%,01,00,00,00
HKR,, OGL_BufferRegionUseVidMem,	%REG_BINARY%,01,00,00,00
HKR,, OGL_CmdBufSizeWords,  %REG_BINARY%,01,00,04,00
HKR,, OGL_DLMemorySpaceEnables,  %REG_BINARY%,03,00,00,00
HKR,, OGL_DLStagingBufferSizeWords,	%REG_BINARY%,01,00,24,00
HKR,, OGL_DefaultSwapInterval,          %REG_DWORD%,1
HKR,, OGL_EnableTripleBuffer,  %REG_BINARY%,01,00,00,00
HKR,, OGL_EnableSingleBackDepthBuffer,  %REG_BINARY%,01,00,00,00
HKR,, OGL_EnableForce16BitZ,  %REG_BINARY%,00,00,00,00
HKR,, OGL_ForceBlit,  	%REG_BINARY%,01,00,00,00
HKR,, OGL_FlippingControl,  %REG_BINARY%,02,00,00,00
HKR,, OGL_FlatPanelScalerQuality,	%REG_BINARY%,00,00,00,00
HKR,, OGL_ForceMultitexture,  %REG_BINARY%,01,00,00,00
HKR,, OGL_MaxFramesAllowed,  %REG_BINARY%,03,00,00,00
HKR,, OGL_PalettedTexInVidMem,  %REG_BINARY%,01,00,00,00
HKR,, OGL_QualityEnhancements,  %REG_BINARY%,00,00,00,00
HKR,, OGL_RenderQualityFlags,  %REG_BINARY%,08,00,00,00
HKR,, OGL_TexClampBehavior,  %REG_BINARY%,00,00,00,00
HKR,, OGL_TexLODBias,  	%REG_BINARY%,f2,ff,ff,ff
HKR,, OGL_TextureDirectLoad,  %REG_BINARY%,01,00,00,00
HKR,, OGL_TargetFlushCount,  %REG_BINARY%,10,00,00,00
HKR,, OGL_TexturePrecache,  %REG_BINARY%,03,00,00,00
HKR,, OGL_TexMemorySpaceEnables,	%REG_BINARY%,03,00,00,00
HKR,, OGL_TexSharpen,  	%REG_BINARY%,01,00,00,00

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can anyone tell me if i should give this driver a try? I am currently running 67.02 but from his website and his INF loaded. (not the performance INF, just the regular). Any opinions are greatly appreciated, thanks.

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The INF of the TC optimized driver does not support NV mobile GPUs means you cannot use it if you have a Laptop with nvidia Go card.

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I have an nvidia geforce4 440 go in a dell inspiron. I loaded TC.03 with 67.02 and it works fine for me, so thats odd. is there a noticable performance difference between the two "different" drivers?

also thanks for replying and helping me

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Did you "load" it or did you installed it succesfully?

I just had a qucik look at the TC inf and it does NOT support mobile nv gpus.

Pls. check the existance of file version 67.02 in the nvidia control panel.

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TC's INF looks like a copy of Omega's 61.77 with some other stuff.

There are so many 'Modders' now, everybody is doing it.

They don't even bother to tidy up the INF.

I have a feeling they all just copy and paste (I admit most of my tweaks are copied, although I have some of my own)

But I'm not actively promoting my Perfromance INFs just happy to add support for Laptops as I have just done with ValanceStudios Extreme G.

I'll stick with what I know best , the hidden tweaks.

Quite funny to now see my efforts copied around the world.

Speaking of which Guru3D left some of the header in the 67.42 driver/INF they copied from here.

Here is what I use in my INFs, it does look a lot neater in the INF:

;Performance settings
HKR,, 00000002RMColorSaturationBoost,%REG_BINARY%,   0b,00,00,00
HKR,, DesktopManager,       %REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, DXVAEnable,                    %REG_DWORD%,    4
HKR,, Enable256Burst,                %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, Enable3Dnow,                   %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, EnableAGPFW,                   %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, EnableAGPSBA,                  %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, EnableALiAGP,       %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, EnableIrongateSBA,      %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, EnableMMX,                     %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, EnableSSE,                     %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, EnableSSE2,                    %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, EnableVia4x,       %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, NvCplEnableHardwarePage,      %REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, Override1400x1050,             %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, QuickTweak,       %REG_DWORD%,    32
HKR,, UseAliCompat,       %REG_BINARY%,   01,00,00,00
HKR,, UseAMDCompat,       %REG_BINARY%,   01,00,00,00
HKR,, UseCompressedModeFormat,      %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, UseIntelCompat,       %REG_BINARY%,   01,00,00,00
HKR,, UseMicronCompat,       %REG_BINARY%,   01,00,00,00
HKR,, UseNvidiaCompat,       %REG_BINARY%,   01,00,00,00
HKR,, UseRccCompat,       %REG_BINARY%,   01,00,00,00
HKR,, UseViaCompat,       %REG_BINARY%,   01,00,00,00
HKR,, VideoBusMasterMode,      %REG_BINARY%,   00,00,00,00

HKR,, D3d_00762911,       %REG_BINARY%,   59,66,82,34
HKR,, D3d_08285629,       %REG_BINARY%,   93,62,32,06
HKR,, D3d_10491844,       %REG_BINARY%,   80,80,65,27
HKR,, D3D_16997821,       %REG_BINARY%,   74,72,95,99
HKR,, D3d_18078188,       %REG_BINARY%,   95,82,37,28
HKR,, D3D_19521893,                  %REG_BINARY%,   52,19,25,91
HKR,, D3d_20466189,       %REG_BINARY%,   54,91,25,31
HKR,, D3d_22355415,       %REG_BINARY%,   02,61,00,75
HKR,, D3D_23132857,       %REG_BINARY%,   14,76,ed,77
HKR,, D3d_24464826,       %REG_BINARY%,   65,28,81,23
HKR,, D3d_26771978,       %REG_BINARY%,   10,62,61,56
HKR,, D3D_35173345,                  %REG_BINARY,    61,24,38,47
HKR,, D3d_36759435,       %REG_BINARY%,   01,91,82,24
HKR,, D3D_42935363,       %REG_BINARY%,   12,57,10,02
HKR,, D3d_44013233,       %REG_BINARY%,   71,13,53,91
HKR,, D3d_46205529,       %REG_BINARY%,   55,49,20,88
HKR,, D3d_48484658,       %REG_BINARY%,   12,67,25,91
HKR,, D3d_52971801,       %REG_BINARY%,   00,10,3c,3c
HKR,, D3d_54082152,       %REG_BINARY%,   00,10,3c,3c
HKR,, D3d_56255736,       %REG_BINARY%,   00,00,12,01
HKR,, D3d_60461791,       %REG_BINARY%,   47,67,41,08
HKR,, D3D_62225341,       %REG_BINARY%,   98,68,44,92
HKR,, D3D_64907714,       %REG_BINARY%,   28,71,55,83
HKR,, D3d_70835937,       %REG_BINARY%,   00,00,00,01
HKR,, D3d_74095213,       %REG_BINARY%,   00,00,00,01
HKR,, D3d_88481200,       %REG_BINARY%,   00,00,00,00
HKR,, D3d_92521178,       %REG_BINARY%,   00,00,02,55
HKR,, D3D_98141181,       %REG_BINARY%,   08,ff,ff,ff
HKR,, D3d_98764205,       %REG_BINARY%,   03,00,00,00
HKR,, D3d_AutoMipMapMethod,      %REG_BINARY%,   00,00,00,00
HKR,, D3D_DefaultSwapInterval,       %REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, D3d_DXVAEnable,       %REG_BINARY%,   04,00,00,00
HKR,, D3d_MipMapLevels,       %REG_BINARY%,   00,00,00,00
HKR,, D3D_QualityEnhancements,      %REG_BINARY%,   00,00,00,00
HKR,, D3d_ValidateZMethod,      %REG_BINARY%,   00,00,00,00
HKR,, D3DOGL_74095213,       %REG_BINARY%,   01,00,00,00

HKR,, OGL_19723457,       %REG_BINARY%,   00,00,00,00
HKR,, Ogl_46574957,       %REG_BINARY%,   00,00,00,00
HKR,, Ogl_AnisoQuality,       %REG_BINARY%,   00,00,00,00
HKR,, Ogl_BufferRegionExt,      %REG_BINARY%,   01,00,00,00
HKR,, Ogl_BufferRegionUseVidMem,     %REG_BINARY%,   01,00,00,00
HKR,, Ogl_CmdBufMinWords,      %REG_BINARY%,   80,09,00,00
HKR,, Ogl_CmdBufSizeWords,      %REG_BINARY%,   01,00,04,00
HKR,, Ogl_DefaultLogAniso,      %REG_BINARY%,   00,00,00,00
HKR,, Ogl_DefaultSwapInterval,      %REG_BINARY%,   00,00,00,00
HKR,, Ogl_DLMemorySpaceEnables,      %REG_BINARY%,   03,00,00,00
HKR,, Ogl_DLStagingBufferSizeWords,  %REG_BINARY%,   01,00,24,00
HKR,, Ogl_EnableForce16BitZ,         %REG_BINARY%,   00,00,00,00
HKR,, OGL_EnableSingleBackDepthBuffer,%REG_DWORD%,   00,00,00,01
HKR,, Ogl_EnableTripleBuffer,      %REG_BINARY%,   01,00,00,00
HKR,, Ogl_FlatPanelScalerQuality,    %REG_BINARY%,   00,00,00,00
HKR,, Ogl_FlippingControl,      %REG_BINARY%,   02,00,00,00
HKR,, OGL_ForceBlit,       %REG_BINARY%,   00,00,00,00
HKR,, OGL_ForceGeForce,       %REG_BINARY%,   00,00,00,00
HKR,, Ogl_ForceGenericCPU,      %REG_BINARY%,   00,00,00,00
HKR,, Ogl_ForceMultitexture,      %REG_BINARY%,   01,00,00,00
HKR,, Ogl_FSAAMode,       %REG_BINARY%,   00,00,00,00
HKR,, Ogl_MaxFramesAllowed,      %REG_BINARY%,   03,00,00,00
HKR,, Ogl_MaxNVAccel,       %REG_BINARY%,   00,00,00,00
HKR,, Ogl_MaxPCITexHeapSize,      %REG_BINARY%,   00,00,00,01
HKR,, Ogl_NV15Alines,       %REG_BINARY%,   02,00,00,00
HKR,, Ogl_NVEmulate,                 %REG_BINARY%,   28,00,00,00
HKR,, Ogl_PalettedTexInVidMem,      %REG_BINARY%,   01,00,00,00
HKR,, OGL_QualityEnhancements,      %REG_BINARY%,   00,00,00,20
HKR,, Ogl_RenderQualityFlags,      %REG_BINARY%,   08,00,00,00
HKR,, Ogl_S3TCQuality,       %REG_BINARY%,   01,00,00,00
HKR,, Ogl_TargetFlushCount,      %REG_BINARY%,   10,00,00,00
HKR,, Ogl_TexClampBehavior,      %REG_BINARY%,   03,00,00,00
HKR,, Ogl_TexLODBias,       %REG_BINARY%,   00,00,00,00
HKR,, Ogl_TexMemorySpaceEnables,     %REG_BINARY%,   03,00,00,00
HKR,, Ogl_TexSharpen,       %REG_BINARY%,   01,00,00,00
HKR,, Ogl_TextureDirectLoad,      %REG_BINARY%,   01,00,00,00
HKR,, Ogl_TexturePrecache,      %REG_BINARY%,   01,00,00,00

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yeah i definately have 67.02 loaded. I didnt update the driver from the control panel, i just used the exe setup this time around. But yeah, ive been using the driver for halflife2 since last night and ive noticed no problems at all. I have pretty much the same laptop as Bill if that helps at all. I am 100% positive i am running that driver, any other way to check?

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Goto display properties and look for this page : properties.jpg

It should say 67.02 (piccy says 61.77).

Chances are your not running 67.02 as setup.exe won't install if it cant find your GPU in the INF.

You'll need the modded INF before setup.exe will work.

But have a look and see.

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I am about to install the driver on my laptop again, AFTER I uninstall the 67.50 driver first.

If it works this time I want Pieter to put on his instructions site that you should always uninstall a driver if you plan to install an older one in place of it, otherwise just install a newer driver on top of the old one.

Edit: The driver works. :)

Although there is no desktop manager....

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