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Anybody with experience modding nvapps.xml?


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*UPDATE* now there's an tool with which you can edit and save profiles for each game:



I don't know if you already knew it, but for me modding and tweaking the settings in nvApps.xml is new. Question is, how to determine the right values for each and every game?

Game profiles again (ParaKnowYa)
Monday 18th of October 2004 01:21:27 AM

While we're at it, I'm not sure concerning the desktop graphics cards but the current 66.81 Forceware drivers tend to flicker in certain D3D applications here on my GeForce FX 5600 Go.

I fixed Warcraft III (for example) by adding the following to Nvidia's game profiles file - nvapps.xml - which can be found in the windows/system32 folder:

source: http://www.paraknowya.de/

scroll down a while :)

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If anybody knows anything about that this may very well fix graphics bugs for me and lots of others if we can figure it out, with the current drivers I am on (67.50) in UT2004 the power nodes in ONS flash black and on some drivers it flashes white, and in certain N64 games the ground is all black with this and other 66.xx drivers (with older drivers it never used to do that).

If I have time I will look into that.


Edit: UPDATE: I messed with the settings for UT2004 and other stuff and never noticed any difference in the games graphics. :)

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Did somebody notice that in HKLM\NV....etc there is a setting called NvCplXMLFileChecksum? I wonder if GURU's drivers :) install correct (using a messed up nvapps.xml file) with that setting enabled and more important if any modification to the XML file is psossible without screwing up?

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