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need help with drivers

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Guest boris2004

hi all long time i was absent. :) . i bought new pc desktop :) with 6800 ultra. and installed new 66.93 driver. when i was on my laptopi had 47.12 and there was option in direct 3d to turn vertical sync always on and games where much better with this. cos in d3d games some bug with graphics can u plese add this option in 66.93 thank. cos in games with d3d while u play if u will come to wall and begin to move mouse fast the wall will blink some how. when i turn d3d vertical sync always on on my lap top it becomes normal. plz if u can modify 66.93 with this option for ge force 6800 ultra. thank very much.

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You should find it on the Performance and Quality Settings page in the nVidia Control Panel.

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