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SledgeHammer DVD available

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I had this dream long ago that one day hopefully there will a digitally remastered DVD of the SledgeHammer series available. Today i found this site http://www.sledgehammeronline.com . Immediately in the first moment i saw the pictures of David Rasche holding his baby, the .44 Magnum i couldn't stop laughing about this guy. Pls. take you time and have a look at all the pictures from the all the different episodes here: http://www.sledgehammeronline.com/episodes.htm

The second pic says all. The sticker at his car: I like violence.

A classic. A triple classic. Cult!

For those who are also interested you can buy a DVD (available since APRIL 2004!, man i have to wakeup!) from the first season at Amazon.com or DVDempire. The links are also on this site. Also there is an Online Petition for the 2nd season :)

:) Just can't stop laughing :P


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I have never seen that (not old enough I guess....) but it looks very funny.

Mabye I can find some episodes on the net...

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:P To get a picture of how Sledge behaves and acts, here's what the author himself thinks why Sledge should get President:

After careful consideration, as well as careful analysis of the current political climate... Inspector Sledge Hammer has decided to run for President of the United States. (As opposed to merely running for President of the NRA.)

I've conferred directly with Inspector Hammer who has expressed his desire for me to convey to you what he stands for in this crucial election year:


10. Sledge intends to build all new weapons of mass destruction, then hide them so we'll finally be able to find them.

9. Sledge Hammer proposes having the U.S. military invade all major American cities... enabling us to provide our own people with humanitarian aid afterward

8. Require camouflage, paratrooping and hand to hand combat training for all public schools... including kindergarten.

7. To curb jobs lost to overseas manufacturers, move the entire state of Michigan to China.

6. Conserve gasoline by making all NASCAR races run on foot.

5. The stop the rise in unemployment, encourage jobless citizens to become criminals and turn themselves in.

4. To promote better driving habits, make parking violations punishable by the death penalty.

3. Cut all taxes while raises prices on literally everything else.

2. To promote loyalty, require all newborn babies immediately learn the pledge of allegiance.

1. Heavily promote condom use amongst liberals, because there's already far too many of them

:) :( :)

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I think we need to add this smilie:


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Ahhh Sledge, he was da man, brings back good memories.

I always liked the episode where he ended up with the mormons (or Amish) can't remember.

A man who had a name and slept with his gun.

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at 31-DEC the DVD arrived or should i say the 4 DVDs plus a "confidential Report" about him like in a PC game box

:) i'm just watching the 6th episode where he's in a school and battles with 80's gang kids. Hilarious.

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Here are some pics from the 6th episode: http://www.sledgehammeronline.com/episode6.htm

Pay attention to the second one the sun protection kit behind his car front glass :)

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