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"performance" vs. "regular" INF

Guest Warren

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i also had a question as to the difference between Pieters regular INF and his performance one. what are the main differences?

i know i speak for everyone when i say i really appreciate the fast response times and knowledgable answers from you guys. Thanks!

//edit: corrected Pieter's name and the topic title :)

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Pieter's mobile INF modified for v67.42 | modded especially for Laptops, but has also Desktop card support

Pieter's mobile INF modified for v67.42 | Performance optimized

Pieter's No Tweaks INF modified for v67.42 | Original INF, nothing was changed, just added support for all Laptop and Desktop cards

To determine the exact difference between the "performance" and "mobile" one, you need to look in the INF and compare to get all the details.

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Regular INF has ALL the Tweaks, like all Diplay properties pages enabled etc etc.

There are no performance/Quality tweaks added, so this can be set with the slider in the properties. (ie default)

This is what I specialise in, and work most of the time on.

Performance INF has all the above and a whole heap of D3D/OGL enhancements.

This should make any D3D/OGL games run better, it's a combination of both Quality and Performance.

I have taken Omega's, Starstorm, and Valence Studios settings and added some of my own and combined them into what you see.

I don't specialise in this, and add this to have a one stop shop for laptop owners.

The Tweakless INF is as it says, it's the original INF and to it I only add the support for Mobile GPU's.

This INF is not ideal for laptops as it doesn't have some important settings (ie lid closure).

But should work OK for most.

67.02 has a special INF that I made for Diashi for his Extreme G modded Drivers.

He has since incorporated it into his INFs :) .

I hope this explains it a little better.

I will work on rearranging the way the INFs are displayed on the website to be a little clearer on what they do.


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