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Overclocking your Pentium-M (Centrino)


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Attached is a prog from CPUZ for overclocking the P-M.

Someone has tried it and has this to say:

I have just successfully managed to overclock my Pentium M 1.5Ghz (100x15) to 1.93Ghz (129x15) with the Clockgen for Pentium M Mainboards
The program TXT file says:
ClockGen for ICS952618

Version 1.01

October 2004

Contact  : cpuz@cpuid.com

Web page : http://www.cpuid.com/clockgen.php

ClockGen is a freeware and can be freely distributed.

Concerned hardware


- Asus








- Intel


- Iwill




-file=savefile.ini : Launch ClockGen in ghost mode and apply the

settings stored in the save file.

Save file format


The save file is a common text file, created with a text editor.

It includes :

- a signature : [CG-ICS952618]

- the FSB and the AGP value.

Example of save file :




Use this program with caution, I take no responsiblity of what might happen.


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Great news!

I haven't checked their site for a long time, so i just did and now the bad news: they don't officially support anymore the Toshiba Satellite 5200 series. They just removed the Laptop area?! Though i need to add, that the ICS file they offered for the 5200 series, did not read out the specs coorect on my LAptop but may have do it correct on different Toshiba 5200 models (though no reports reached our forum).

For those who want to try it out: the file is still available on their site, but not visibly. Here's a link http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index....findpost&p=2413

And for backup reasons i just attach it here.


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Does anybody know how I would go about overclocking my P4-M?

I don't want to do it or anything, just was curious how I would go about it, would I need a hacked BIOS?

Edit: Hope this post isn't OT....

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Bill, the problem is not to overclock the P4-M, BUT that they (the cpu-z/clockgen people) offer support for your PLL (the ICS file). As long as you don't know your PLL (it's a chip called ICSxxxxxx or some other manufacturer, that is responsible for setting certain CPU specific settings) and they don't offer it for download, it is not possible to overclock. There are other programs out there (look at their links site) who might be able, but i haben't found any in the 2 years i have this Laptop. They all just fail to read out the correct FSB. It is in the nature of mobile chipsets and mobile CPUs (P4-M), that support for OverClocking is very rare.

I would love to "adjust" the speed of my CPU....

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Considering you say you have had your laptop for about 2 years, and I have had mine for about 2 years....and mine is a northwood @ 1994 MHz and yours is at 1993 according to you... we probably have the same proccessor.

So if you can't figure out how to overclock yours, I could probably not figure out how to overclock mine either, besides, I do not want to anyway.

If you ever find a program that can you should post it.


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The clockgen archives? Both download and extract without errors here.

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