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laptop displays :)

Guest Geir

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Hi. :)

Does anyone know which laptop display has the lowest response/latency?

(I'm talking laptop lcd-monitor here, not display adapter!!!!)

I'm a gamer who's addicted to the 120Hz feel of the good old crt monitors,

but I'm currently laying in bed with my dads laptop on top of me, and it feels

gooooooood.. :)

I want a laptop with the ability to play frapsgames without the motiontrailing

effect that you get when you use the mouse to navigate the view on lcd-

screens.... :P

Thanks! =)

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LCD trailing effect was ended when they invented the TFT LCD panel, the old DTN I think that is what their called were terrible for trailing.

I didn't buy a laptop that didn't have a TFT screen, I can't stand the mouse pointer catching up 5min after the mouse has moved.

Action games were impossible.

A nice Eurocom or Voodoo PC go6800 based lapatop with 17" WUXGA screen would be nice.

You can Frap away to your hearts content.

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Incredible! I've posted this question in 6 different forums and this is the fastest and best response, and not to mention ONLY, reply that actually enlightens me. :)

Thank you very, very, very much!

I'm gonna get me a laptop! :)

Merry X-mas..sooner or later :P

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Dell laptops with Ultrasharp UXGAs look really, really nice.

No blurring in games what so ever.

I can woop serious booty in UT2004 because of the fast responce time....

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My Toshiba 15" 1600x1200 looks just great in almost any game, but good luck fining a laptop monitor with a refresh rate over 60Hz. The highest rate for flat screens that I've heard of is 75 Hz, and that wasn't in a laptop.

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:) Mine is the brightest & sharpest!! No need for FontSmoothing Settings in XP or ClearType tweaking tools. Also best viewing angles :P

Toshiba Personal Theatre 15.0? high resolution UXGA 1600x1200 active-matrix display. :)

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with this new lappy dell gave me the new uxga for the 8600c which is a sxga on the old ons but i talked to them and there going to give me a uxga 1920x1200, which looks alot better for movies and other stuff excel word browsing, the dell uxga screen is one of the best ive seen

btw dell uses samsung, sharp and i think toshiba (some of the 9100's ahve the toshibas my friend being one of them)

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