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VERY bad performance @ FX Go5600 and/or Toshiba P10


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Hi :P

Snipe, i want to know (and all of us in this section of the forum) Exaclty and all the detail of the version of your video bios,the bios of your toshiba,os,etc.....

i try the 77.70, same problem..... 14 Fps under HL2..... in 1280x800

and on Go5100.... Perfect ! (I had a P10-123 before)

i want to understand why your the only one to have no prob with Go5600 on this computer :)

Perhaps all people here miss something you have :)

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I always had problems with my as well. But now theyre gone, but 77.70 is the only version which works. Before I had 44.89 and I updated with update driver function from windows / display properties, not with the installer. I used the original infs coming with the 77.70, no modded.

My system bios is version 1.9 and my video bios !

I know, its strange, but it works. I pressed overwrite sometimes during the update when windows told me that my version of files I already have are newer. And I got a error message that no control panel could be created... but I have :) and powermizer works as well!



Toshiba Satellite p10-554

GeForce FX go 5600 64MB 77.70

Hitachi TS-7K60

2x512 MB Kingston Dual-Channel DDR-400

winxp pro sp2

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Hi All :P

@ snipe, Really ? :( I Will Test It As You Wrote ASAP, But Are You Sure So You Have Completely Installed Drivers v77.70? (nVidia Kernel Driver Files As nv4_disp.dll & nv4_mini.sys

Are Most Important & All Improvements In Each New nVidia Driver Version Are Based Mainly On These Two Files (For Us Also Since v60.xx, When nVidia Completely ReBuilds / Optimize Their Drivers For Their New Chips, Problems With 3D Rendering Speed))

- snipe Please, Post Your System Configuration Because We Must Know Details To Compare Our Configurations With Yours = You Should Use Very Good "CPU-Z" Utility:


Note: Just Download, Unpack & Run, Then Go To "About" Tab & Click On "HTML Report" (It Generates Small But, Important Report About Your System Config), Save As Dialog Will Be Appear - So Save It, Then Open Report In Browser, At The End Copy It All & Past It All Here For Us, Thanx :(

Well, I Will Tell To All You Some About My Experiences With This Problem:

- I Have Also Notebook Toshiba P10-554 (PSP10E) With nVidia GeForce Go5600 64MB GPU & Off Course I Have Same Problem As Others...

- nVidia VideoBIOS (You Are Hit The Point = Good Idea DoZe :) ) Is Integral Part Of Toshiba OEM Phoenix SystemBIOS So Its Impossible Directly Flash Another VideoBIOS With nVidia Flashing Utilities :P

- Its Mainly Due Toshiba SystemBIOS "Speciality": When You Power On This Notebook - SystemBIOS Is Completely Decompressed Into MainMemory, But Next Step Is Checking Installed nVidia GPUs (In PSP10E Models SystemBIOS Are Integrated 3 VideoBIOSes, Because TOSHIBA Corp. Uses One MainBoard & SystemBIOS For More Models From P10 / P15 / P20.. Family) & Based On Detection Is Used One Of Integrated (Go5100 Or Go5250/5500 Or Go5600) nVidia VideoBIOSes For Booting...

(Same System Is Used In Models PSP13E / PSP16E = There Are ATI Mobility (9100 & 9600) GPUs VideoBIOSes Integrated In SystemBIOS But They Havent Problems As Models PSP10E With nVidia Go5600) :)

- Unfortunately, I Think So Another Toshiba P10-xxx VideoBIOS Version Is NOT Probably (At 99.9%) Glue To This Problem, Because:

SystemBIOS v1.10 (Initial Version) & v1.20 Uses VideoBIOS Version

SystemBIOS v1.40 Uses VideoBIOS Version

SystemBIOS v1.50 & v1.90 (At The Time Newest) Uses VideoBIOS Version


I Was Tried Downgrade / Flash-Back SystemBIOSes From Version 1.90 Thru All Versions To "Back To Basics" Version 1.10 & Install / Test Frequently All Known nVidia Drivers Higher Than v56.87, BUT :) Same "FPS Down" Problem In Games...

- Last One Thing Which Is Still Here Is Try To "Patch" For Example SystemBIOS v1.90 With nVidia Go5600 VideoBIOS Version From Other Company / Vendor / Toshiba Model, It Remains To Be Seen, But I Still Search Another Way For Correct This "FPS Performance Down" Problem...

Hope This Helps Us To Find Out Any Good Solution



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Here we go:

CPU-Z Report


CPU-Z version 1.30.


Number of CPUs 2 (1 Physical)


Name Intel Pentium 4

Code Name Northwood

Specification Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 2.80GHz

Family / Model / Stepping F 2 9

Extended Family / Model 0 0

Brand ID 9

Package mPGA-478

Core Stepping D1

Technology 0.13 µ

Supported Instructions Sets MMX, SSE, SSE2

CPU Clock Speed 2792.9 MHz

Clock multiplier x 14.0

Front Side Bus Frequency 199.5 MHz

Bus Speed 798.0 MHz

L1 Data Cache 8 KBytes, 4-way set associative, 64 Bytes line size

L1 Trace Cache 12 Kµops, 8-way set associative

L2 Cache 512 KBytes, 8-way set associative, 64 Bytes line size

L2 Speed 2792.9 MHz (Full)

L2 Location On Chip

L2 Data Prefetch Logic yes

L2 Bus Width 256 bits


CPU Name Intel Pentium 4 (logical unit)

Mainboard and chipset

Motherboard manufacturer TOSHIBA

Motherboard model DAL00, Null


BIOS revision V1.90

BIOS release date 08/10/2004

Chipset Intel i865P/PE/G/i848P rev. A2

Southbridge Intel 82801EB (ICH5) rev. 02

FSB Select 800 MHz

Performance Mode disabled

Graphic Interface AGP

AGP Status enabled, rev. 3.0

AGP Data Transfer Rate 8x

AGP Max Rate 8x

AGP Side Band Addressing supported, enabled

AGP Aperture Size 256 MBytes



DRAM Size 1024 MBytes

DRAM Frequency 199.5 MHz


CAS# Latency 3.0 clocks

RAS# to CAS# 3 clocks

RAS# Precharge 3 clocks

Cycle Time (TRAS) 8 clocks

# of memory modules 2

Module 0 Kingston DDR-SDRAM PC3200 - 512 MBytes

Module 1 Kingston DDR-SDRAM PC3200 - 512 MBytes


Windows version Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)

DirectX version 9.0c

and here sth. about graphic from everest:

[ NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5600 ]

Video Adapter Eigenschaften:

Gerätebeschreibung NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5600

Adapterserie GeForce FX Go5600

BIOS Version Version

Chiptyp GeForce FX Go5600

DAC Typ Integrated RAMDAC

Installierter Treiber nv4_disp ( - nVIDIA ForceWare 77.70)

Speichergröße 64 MB

Video Adapter Hersteller:

Firmenname NVIDIA Corporation

Produktinformation http://www.nvidia.com/view.asp?PAGE=products

Treiberdownload http://www.nvidia.com/drivers

[ NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5600 ]

Video Adapter Eigenschaften:

Gerätebeschreibung NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5600

Adapterserie GeForce FX Go5600

BIOS Version Version

Chiptyp GeForce FX Go5600

DAC Typ Integrated RAMDAC

Installierter Treiber nv4_disp ( - nVIDIA ForceWare 77.70)

Speichergröße 64 MB

Video Adapter Hersteller:

Firmenname NVIDIA Corporation

Produktinformation http://www.nvidia.com/view.asp?PAGE=products

Treiberdownload http://www.nvidia.com/drivers

--------[ PCI / AGP Video ]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

nVIDIA GeForce FX Go5600 Grafikkarte

nVIDIA GeForce FX Go5600 3D-Beschleuniger

--------[ Grafikprozessor (GPU) ]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

[ AGP 8x: nVIDIA GeForce FX Go5600 (Toshiba) ]

Grafikprozessor Eigenschaften:

Grafikkarte nVIDIA GeForce FX Go5600 (Toshiba)

GPU Codename NV31M

PCI-Geräte 10DE / 031A

Transistoren 75 Mio.

Fertigungstechnologie 0.13u

Bustyp AGP 8x

Speichergröße 64 MB

GPU Takt 270 MHz

RAMDAC Takt 400 MHz

Pixel Pipelines 4

Textureinheiten (TMU) / Pipeline 1

Vertex Shaders 3 (v2.0)

Pixel Shaders 1 (v2.0)

DirectX Hardwareunterstützung DirectX v9.0

Pixel Fillrate 1080 MPixel/s

Texel Fillrate 1080 MTexel/s


Bustyp DDR

Busbreite 128 Bit

Tatsächlicher Takt 324 MHz (DDR)

Effektiver Takt 648 MHz

Bandbreite 10.1 GB/s


Firmenname NVIDIA Corporation

Produktinformation http://www.nvidia.com/view.asp?PAGE=products

Treiberdownload http://www.nvidia.com/drivers

nVIDIA Registers:

nv-000000 031A00A1

nv-100000 00000000

nv-100200 030F0005

nv-10020C 04000000

nv-101000 8160E095

nv-680500 00010401

nv-680504 00000401

nv-680570 80000501

nv-680574 80000601

nv-68057C 80000902

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snipe, You Are Fast = Thanx :)

- I See Quite Differences, But Please Run Once Again "CPU-Z", Go To "About" Tab & Click On "Registers Dump.txt"

(It Provides System Hardware / Devices / Memory / Chipset Report With Actual Hardware Registers Values) & Post It All Here For Us, Thanx Again :)

- I Need Try To Compare Your Full "Register Dump.txt" From Your Machine With Mine.

If Dump Is Too Big For Posting, Please Mail Me It At:




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Hi. I'm just new here and I saw this topic about FX5600Go suckings so bad with new drivers. I really must say that you guys are right, I'm using modded Omega 1.6693 (based on ForceWare 66.93), & performance pretty much sucks... I got only 338 3DMarks in 3DMark05 with default settings. I didn't tried the older 3DMark03, but I suppose the result won't be something to be happy about. I never actually tried benchmarking with old default from-the-box drivers, but those are so old that I don't even want to bother... So is there any solution to this 5600Go's performance loss with "new" drivers? I really love your forum here, it has so much nice info & stuff. Too bad I didn't know about this sooner... Thanks!!!

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Hej Dumax, I just sent you the mail with the dump.txt...

By the way, has anyone a suggestion how to enable the "performance mode" for the memory modules? It always says "disabled" in CPU-Z!

And: How is it possible to run 3dmark05? I cant, cause it always says not enough memory. Logical since it says that you need at least 128megs of memory on your graphics card in the system requirements...



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Hey Thanx snipe, :)

- Performance Mode aka. "PAT" (Performance Acceleration Technology), Is Unique Memory Transfer Mode Of Intel i875 Chipset, But Some Experts From ASUS, ABIT Laboratories Found & Activate This Feature Also For i865PE Chipset :P & Adds Support For This Into Their BIOS (Called As "TURBO" Feature) / Mainboards

- Both i875 & i865 Chipsets Are Identical At Hardware Level, But Intel Ensure So i875 Only Is Ready For This Mode Because Of Better Cooling Design, Which Is Important Against Overheat Chipset, In Case Of Use PAT Mode

(But For Example Toshiba P10 Models Uses Perfect Chipset Active Cooling System, So No Fear) :(

- In Fact, PAT Improve Timing Of Memory Transfers & Its Efficiency, So We Can Feel Benefits From Higher Memory Troughput = Better Computer Performance

- Partially You Can Enable This Feature Also With Lower Speed Memory Modules As Is 266 / 333 MHz (PC 2700), But Full Potential Of This Mode Gives You Only Dual Channel 400MHz (PC 3200) Memory Modules / Configuration...

- To Enable This Feature On Notebooks With Chipset i865PE, Directly From Windows & Some Other Memory "Tuning" Options That Usually Arent Even Available In Notebooks BIOS, You May Use Nice Utility "i865/i875/i848 Tweaker" - > You Can Download It Here:


- This Utility Gives You Also Ability To Change / Overclock Memory Modules Timing Parameters As Is CAS Latency (CL) / RAS To CAS Delay / Ras Precharge, etc..

So You Can Try It To Find Ideal / Better Memory Timing For You System & Activate Full Potential Of Your Computer (Between CPU <-> Chipset <-> Memory)

- If You Run "CPU-Z" Diagnostic Utility, You Can Find "Memory" Tab & In It Actual Memory Timings Of Installed Memory Modules In Your Computer (Also PAT Status)

- For Example You Have Memory Module With "From Factory" Default Timing: 3-3-3-8 (CL-tRCD-tRP-tRAS Min), You Can Try Change It To 2.5-3-3-8, Cose Lower Cas Latency (CL) Gives You Better Speed Of Memory Transfers & Click On "Apply" Button To Test / Apply New Setting...

(If Your Computer Freeze After Your Changes, It Comes To This, That You Selected Value Is Too Agressive For Your Memory)...

- At The End, You Dont Need After Each One Windows Starts / Restarts Set Your Own Values In Tweaker, Just Follow These Steps:

1. Create For Example Folder "Tw865" In "Program Files" Folder

2. Copy Here All Content From Tw865.zip Archive -> Run Tweaker From "Tw865" Folder, Set / Apply Your Best Values -> Click On "Save" Button...

3. Create In Startup Folder New ShortCut Called For Example Tweaker -> Select ShortCut "Properties" -> Copy Full String:

"C:\Program Files\Tw865\Tw865.exe" -file=tw865.txt

4. Paste It Into Column "Target" -> Click "OK"

P.S. - 3D Mark 2005 Requires Minimal 128MB Of VideoRAM, Because Uses Too Large Textures, Not Enough 64MB VideoRAM :)



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Yeah thats why I wondered how cignal could run a test with mark05, I didnt look at his specs... he has 5600go with 128megs, didnt know that there is sth like this out a there =)

I will test the memory utility now, think my kingston ram will do 2.5 cl at 400 fine. Ill try that now.

Have you found a solution for your graphic cards problem?


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Hi folks... I'm new here and am having the same problem. I haven't benchmarked the various drivers but with the Toshiba-supplied 44.85, games run reasonably smooth, and anything I've tried from this site slows it down to a crawl. I can tell by starting up a quick race in NFS:Underground. In 44.85 it's quick and smooth. In anything else I've tried, it is choppy as all hell (looks like maybe 1-2 FPS).

I've got a Canadian Toshiba Satellite PSP10C-07610 with a P4 3.06 HT 800FSB, upgraded ram from 2 sticks of 256 Samsung PC2700 to two sticks of 512 Samsung PC2700. Video is GeForce Go 5600, 64MB, video BIOS v4.31.20.56.A6.

I'm also very curious what the heck is going on, and hopeful for an eventual solution.

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This thread has been a ray of hope for my otherwise doomed notebook! I don't have the Toshiba P10, but I have an Inspiron 8500 that I switched video cards on in favor of a QuadroFX Go 700 (also NV31).. Before I could notice how abysmally it performed, the person I swapped with left town. I went for months thinking I now had a completely flaccid 3D card in my once groovy laptop. I tried so many things to get it to get out of this 5 fps rut in just about every program. After reading this post, I switched to the 56.77 drivers and BAM it's like I bought a whole new computer.

Thanks guys, esp. those who really took time to provide insight and help.


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After reading again this thread with the great post of Doze, Dumax, and initiator PColis and others who helped out here (and are AFFECTED) i feel strange as 'proud' Toshiba owner to tell you guys that it obviously is a hardware issue, that somebody is responsible for that and 'Toshiba doesn't care for their customers'.

It should be made public to a major news site like CNET od ZDNET. I mean you guys had paid ALOT of money and the GPU is just not usable for recent games, though it has the capabilities! There must be major bug/error/issue in either the drivers or VideoBIOS.

I remember there was this big sew with ABIT in the USA as some board series in 1999 were produced and sold with bad/minor quality parts and got defective after a year of use (i was also affected :) , nevertheless i still like ABIT performance boards). People wanted their money back, which now after 6 years finally happened. I think at least a public announcement can produce some pressure to either NVIDAI or TOSHiBA.

What do you think?

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And it feels like I'm stucked with 71.89 just because of that VMR thingy of newer drivers. Playing with different settings, I either get diagonal line, no video, choppy video or something like that. Once I find something working for MPC for example I realize they don't work on other media players (Crystal Player) or ratDVD files (WMP10). With 71.89 video works on everything like a charm.

Do you think that's a hardware problem with GFFXGo5600 as well?

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Hey would this help pinpointing the problem?

I guess that pixel shader and vertex shader results are low. The rest was pretty fast on the screen but shader stuff was very very slow.

I used PC Mark 05 for the test.


3D - Fill Rate Multi-Texturing 592,5 MTexels/s

3D - Polygon Throughput Multiple Lights 3,1 MTriangles/s

3D - Pixel Shader 3,1 FPS

3D - Vertex Shader 5,0 MVertices/s

Card capabilities (using EVEREST):

Pixel Fillrate: 1004MPixel/s

Texel Fillrate: 1004MTexel/s

Pixel Shader: 1(v2.0)

Vertex Shaders: 3(v2.0)

I don't know if these two are related but I thought that it might be helpful to put here.

Another weird thing that I noticed is that if I run my games on my external HDD they run much faster. Can this be an overheating problem?


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Hi :)

About "what do you think" of ®®®

i say YES !

Need perhaps to create a special homepage to make a petition, with the serial of each P10 who have the 5600 Problem.

Best regards, Doze.

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Guest snipe122

Maybe your external HDD is much faster than the fu***** stuff they build usually into laptops, especially medion :) or you mean its more fluendly? I think you speak of loading etc...

And when you have not so much memory (512 MB) it will be faster to play BF2 faster on two disks, cause BF2 is on one and the pagefile on another disk!

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Hey, whorebo here, Im for the petition too.

I still have 5 months bloody warranty on my notebook and Im so bloody angry its insane!!!

I think we should put pressure on them!!!!!

Has anything happened in this direction yet (anything been started yet)?

Keep us posted!!

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Maybe your external HDD is much faster than the fu***** stuff they build usually into laptops, especially medion :) or you mean its more fluendly? I think you speak of loading etc...

No I mean the gameplay is faster.

I know that my external drive is faster indeed but you have to see the difference between the two! Internal HDD can keep the speed up for only 5 minutes and then the game gives 2 FPS for the next 10 minutes. But from external HDD it never evet gets that slow.

It's like upgrading the whole computer you know.

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Guest Whorebo

Alright, this is the situation: Nearly every single Toshiba P10 user seems to have problems, at least the ones who are around here.

I definately think we have to collect signatures and request a refund from Toshiba.

I have now had my P10 break for the 2nd time in 20 mnths. That is shocking!

These notebooks are just totally flawed. Perhaps someone who is good with these things, or has experience, could start a petition at www.petitiononline.com or something similar?

And then everyone who has the problem with the graphics card and wants a refund signs with serial number. Then when we get a few signatures someone makes Toshiba aware of it and hopefully we get somewhere!

Its not like notebooks are cheap... I know I cant just go and buy another one if the one I have is crap...

But we have to get this on the road somehow. id make the petition but I have no experience with this and would be a bit puzzled as to what to write...

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Guest Richard

Hi Guys

I have the same problem ... very bad performance with most drivers.

At the moment im using 56.77 with the following points:

3dmark 05: 2123

3dmark 01: 8561

I tried the 77.70 driver but all i got was 650 points in 3dmark05 :)

Soo, if anybody finds a solution, he will be my personal hero :)



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I was working and trying the whole day to fix that problem.

All i could find out is that you can use the Fx5700go Driver as well.

There is a officiel Toshiba Driver Version 56.82 for the P20 which is working for me.

I tried as well to use the 5700 Driver from 8.85 but as aspected it didnt work ;-)

Overclocking Info

Running @

Memory: 615

Core: 240

So long ..

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