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VERY bad performance @ FX Go5600 and/or Toshiba P10


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Regarding what happens if you officially announce that more this now 2 year old problem to Toshiba i would suggest for the german speaking guys in here to go the PRESS way aka write a letter or mail to Computer Magazine c'T ! This thread has ~15000 hits and 150 replies :)

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Sorry, but my english is so bad, i still talk german!

Hallo an alle,

nach dem ich mich durch den ganzen tread gelesen habe , wundere ich mich nicht mehr, das ich nur Probleme habe!

Nach allen schon erwähnten Problemen ( mangelhafte Performenc, kein Viedeo Bild, etc.) habe ich jetzt zwei neue Fenomene:

erstens steht unter den eigenschaften der GPU bei den Treibern immer Treiberdatum 31.07.2003, egal bei welchem Treiber! Ich hatte den 90er drauf--> kein Videobild

dann 70er,60er, dort mein zweites Problem. ich zocke leidenschaftlich gerne ET. was mit dem 90er noch gut möglich war, fällt jetzt flach weil ich ein Doppelbild habe was verschoben ist, man könnte auch sagen das es einen Schatten wirft, dieses aber nur beim Spielen!

Meine Frage:

Ist ein downgrad eigentlich möglich, oder bleiben zuviel Treiber Reste vorhanden?

Ich deinstaliere immer die ganze GaKa und starte im VGA Mod die neue Instalation. Bis dato ohne Erfolg.

Ich würde gerne mal wissen, welcher Treiber aktuell die beste Performenc bietet!

Laut dem Threat sind es 61.77, 56.77 oder 56.87

Was ist Eure aktuelle Erfahrung?


Irgendwie verstehe ich die Welt nicht wirklich. nachdem ich nochmal alle NV Software und Treiber runter geschmissen habe, habe ich den Rechner neu gestartet und es wurde irgend ein treiber instaliert. Nachdem ich per Handeingriff denn 77.77 instalieren wollte, wurde mir gesagt das der älter ist als der aktuelle!?!

Rechner läuft gut und schnell (subjektive) und ich spiele ET in voller auflösung was vorher nicht ging!!

Treiber wird mir unter SiSoftware Sandra als Modell nv4_mini.sys in Version beschrieben!

/Edit 2:

SiSoft. Sand. Ergebnis:

Integer x8 iSSE2 10010 it/s

Floating-Point x4 iSSE2 13837 it/s

Dhrystone ALU 3366 MIPS

Whetstone iSSE2 4072 MFLOPS



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Da sind dann eventuell noch die MS XP built-in Treiber auf Deiner Festplatte.

Nimm mal den DriverCleaner von Patje, wenn Du es nicht alleine schaffst die Files von der HD zu löschen. Das sollte dann der autom. Neuinstallation der Go Karte einen Riegel vorschieben.

Wenns ganz hartnäckig ist (kann ja mal nach 3 Jahren XP Benutzung passieren) im abgesicherten Modus die Phantom Devices entfernen (lkink siehe meine Signatur).

Du brauchst ne saubere Installation der Treiber, sonst wird das nichts.

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Whats the latest on this - I have a Toshiba P10 with Nvidia driver.

Not sure of what simple test to do to see if I have same problemo as all you lot !.

Whos at fault Toshiba or Nvidia ?.

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Hi everyone

This is my first experience with modded infs (and screwing around with graphic card drivers in general), so I'm trying really hard not too be too clueless.

Setup: nVidia FX Go5600 64MB, 2.4 gHz processor, 1 gig ram.

Problem: I'm trying to get World of Warcraft running on my old laptop and getting terrible performance. My 3DMark03 score is a whopping 1300, so it's not game related. I turn down all settings and I'm still getting truly abysmal performance (~2-3 fps) when there are more than 5 moving objects on the screen. WoW is an intense game, but it's not *that* intense when I'm packing 2.4 gHz, 1 gig ram, and 64mb graphics card.

I read Bill's FAQ, downloaded 84.21 with Pieter's modded inf and installed the driver. This brought some relief, but didn't seem to last. My score went up to 1500 on 3DMark03. And then I noticed the sticky at the top going through alllllll the issues that people seem to have with the Go5600 (mostly appears to be Toshiba OEM). I read through and I didn't see any resolution to the matter. I did see the Go5600 specified in Pieter's inf file which was nice.

Is there a downranked driver that was found to work on the Go5600 for Sony, or am I just saddled with a really crappy video card? (the most recent driver from Sony's site is 4.4.xx) What actions can I take to help try and test this? Is it worth trying the 56.77 that some people got working, or was that Toshiba only?

Thanks for your time


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i have the same problem with the geforce 5600 go into the Toshiba P10-554. I have tested some driver rev. but i don't have any success.

I'am currently use the official Toshiba driver 44.85 and this works. With offer i have very bad performance or grafik errors.

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Hi :P

To Guest :

IT's NOT nVidia fault, but it's really TOSHIBA FAULT , because they USE a CRAPPY VIDEO BIOS VERSION!

(but Toshiba bios engineer seems to "ignore" this..... :rofl: )

For my part, i think they don't change the video bios version because a new release

of video bios version COST a licence to use it,i think it's the only reason from Toshiba to stay with

this old crappy version.

(Toshiba, please, if i say some crap, PLEASE explain me WHY you can change it!)

The only system to obtain a "decent" video speed :

Is to use an old driver. (who have some probs with recent game,etc....)


To modify the Bios, to CHANGE the VIDEO BIOS VERSION.

For the latest information about this looooooooooonnnggg storie :

i wrote 2 mail to the only man i know who can modify the toshiba bios:

this man do some fanstastic work on some bios (see wim's bios forum)

he have a site too : www.biosdiy.net


From: sunbirds

To: DoZe2

Posted: Thu May 25, 2006 5:20 am

Subject: Re: Toshiba P10 V2.00

I will check the post message,if I can I will do it for you

From: sunbirds

To: DoZe2

Posted: Thu Aug 31, 2006 3:02 pm

Subject: Re: Toshiba P10 V2.00 with updated video Bios.

if I have time I will check it.


Unfortunetely, no response from Sunbirds the moment :P

Of course,i can't blame it, it's Toshiba work :)

But i hope.... yes i hope, because it' the latest chance to obtain a WORKING VIDEO :)

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Hi.I use P10-554 and got performance problems with 44.85 driver getting 1600 max. 3dmark03 points,but with latest bios 2.0 and 56.65 driver Win XP Pro with Sp2 where DX9c is comming from SP2,and overclocking 235Mhz/600Mhz best result was 2229.Now i will try upgrade processor to Prescott 3Ghz and see how it will runs then.

hi.i got same model of P10.Best driver like for me is 56.65 which gives me 2345 3dmarks03.Geforce is overclocked to 250/615Mhz and got only one setting for 2d and 3d.Riva Tuner is good to monitor clocks in real time.

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Guest The.Bartez

As i see still, there is no resolution for this problem.

I have some info that might be helpfull.

I also own p10 with go5600 but i didn't have low performance problem before. It happened two days. I updated laptop bios to 2.00. It was the first update since i bought this lap (about 3-4 years ago).

Unfortunately after sucessfull update i deleted bios backup. To be more unlucky after that i filled disk with data (many times) and can't recover deleted file.

Maybe if we try some of older bios, we will be able to 'fix' performance issue.

If you want to i can give you more specific hardware details.

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I ve got some news that might help or might make things worse :)

I ve got a Go 5700 card and I ve had problems updating the drivers. I ve tried 60s 70s 80s and 90s drivers and each time I got a screen with colourful lines and nothing more. Take a look at this thread i ve posted:


After reading through this thread about the toshiba problem, I decided to try the 56.77 drivers (last known working) myself and, what a surprise, they did work on my laptop too. There's not much of a difference in performance, since its a minor step from 53.51 which i used until now, but these are the first drivers that I could install without any problem.

I hope this points to some direction

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Problem is that most users need the more recent generation of drivers (80s or 90s range) because of compatibility issues with applications or games :)

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