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HalfLife 2 - a suggestion which driver to use


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Since I have now had the chance to play this game, I have some more stuff to say.

Most of the 66.xx and 67.xx are good drivers to try and the 65.73 might still be driver of choice for some people.

For those of you that want speed you might want the 67.02 driver

It is supposed to be Half Life 2 optimized so I guess if you want to play Half Life 2 it would be a good place to start. lol

You can download the driver here:


and the INF here:

67.02 INF (nv4_disp.inf)

There are also other INFs for the driver on the driver page if you want to use those, but Pieter's INF should work just fine.

Discussion for the driver can be found here:

Topic 6378: Discussion for 67.02

Links to the other INFs are there as well.

Update: The 67.50 driver runs this game fine, on my laptop anyway.

Driver link:


INF link:

67.50 INF (nvcv.inf)

Discussion for the driver can be found here:

Topic 6330: Discussion for 67.50

Links to the other INFs are there as well.

Update: The 71.24 driver runs this game fast according to some people.

Driver: 71.24.exe

INF: 71.24 INF (nv4_disp.inf)

Discussion for the driver can be found here: Topic 6510: Discussion for 71.24

If anybody knows of a driver that is significantly faster at this game then the 67.02 driver or 71.24 driver I would be happy if you posted here about it, I will update the posts/thread as neccesary.

Hope this is usefull.


Update #2: Before you leave this thread, read ®®®'s post. (2nd one down from this one)

Update #3: Zd-guy just recently reported that the 72.30 driver was a good stable driver for anybody out there that is having major issues running CS source with newer drivers, he has a GF FX Go5600 128MB. You know the drill.

72.30: Driver / Pieter's modified INF / Topic

Update #4: There is new update available now for the game, it fixes some more bugs, including a memory bug. I hope this post isn't getting too long....

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Guest Nerdtalker
most of the 66.xx and 67.xx are good drivers to try

I agree 100%, and I use the 67.02 drivers.

HL2 runs better with the 67.02 drivers than with the 44.03 drivers, which I usually end up reverting back to.

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There's an 'Performance' update available for HL2. Get it with Steam.

Changes cocerning HL2 are:

  • Source Engine
    Improved the performance of writing out save games. This will reduce the pause when you pass over an autosave trigger in Half-Life 2, or when you press the quicksave button
  • Improved the performance of writing out the thumbnail image for save games. This will also reduce the pause when passing over an autosave trigger or pressing the quicksave button
  • Increased cache memory usage for machines that have greater than 512MB of physical memory. This will reduce hitching due to cache thrashing.
  • Optimized the sound cache manager, which will reduce hitching as a result of sound cache thrashing
  • Minor optimization to the world renderer and world collision
  • Minor optimization to the way that asynchronous sound files are loaded
  • Optimized the way that sounds were loaded that are trigged by acting sequences
  • Optimization to reduced the number of times model sequences are iterated on per frame
  • Fixed rcon packet bug that was accepting negative packet lengths
  • Fixed rcon server failing on server restart
  • Half-Life 2:
    Weapon script files are preloaded at startup, instead of when they are accessed. This will reduce some hitches while playing Half-Life 2

Here's a link to read it all: http://www.steampowered.com/index.php?area=news

Edit By Bill: Good posting! :)

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Im using the 71.84 driver and I used to use the 67.03. I notices a HUGE increase in speed and quality. I used to get around 30 fps on 800x600 but now i run 55 to 70 fps in 1600x1200. I didnt know my laptop could do it! I have a quadro however and Im using this INF


Got it from Kamika007z

I had some crashiness going on with the 67.03's, but the 67.02's would work great. Since then I have installed the 71.84's and they work well. I have also added some specific quadro functions for our Dell Quadro4 card. You can download them here:



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Great news :)

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Anyone having a problem running this and CS Source using 77.72 or 80.40 dirvers with 5700GO? I get some kind of video fall back error, then tries to goto some default settings or safe mode but doesn't work, and finally states I need Direct x 7 compatible hardware. I installed a 6x.xx dirver, and all is fine again?

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Yes, I got that on my desktop running a GeForce4 MX 400. You need to uninstall and reinstall the drivers.

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Guest zd-guy

Yeah, I got the same error. It actually starts (I think) in the 76 drivers... I tried a lot of drivers before I settled on the 72.30 drivers. I found that my main performance problem was Norton AV. I have to shut it off now when playing CS. Never used to bother the game, but it does now. I have the go 5600 128 and the 72.30 drivers seem to be doing very well on HL2 & CS w/ NAV disabled.

Otherwise, are there any fixes to the 77-80 drivers and the video fallback issue? Thanks

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I use the driver's/inf's of LV2Go for about 2 years (many thx! :) ). I have a GeForce FX Go5700, and the drivers made gaming a lot better on my laptop. I'm a fan of HL2 Counter-Strike:Source, so I need some proper drivers in able 2 play it.

Since the beginning of CS:S I used the 71.89 drivers. I had 2 play with a modified fps script in order 2 play it with a good fps (Very poor quality settings). When I didn't apply the fps script I had like a fps of 30. With fps script I had a fps of 100+.

Then I completly reinstalled my comp, and I thought "Time for some new drivers...", and I started 2 play with the 80.40 drivers. Now I have a fps of 50-100 WITHOUT a fps script, on medium-high quality settings :) . But with the reinstallation of CS:S I got some STEAM errors; the memory bug, a.k.a "No Steam logon". I thought it was a problem of the new drivers and I installled the 77.72 drivers.

With the 77.72 drivers I got the same errors as yazooo. So i stepped back 2 the 80.40 drivers, wich are in my opinion the best graphic drivers 2 use for HL2 now. (The memory bug is NOT a faillure of the drivers, but a bug in a new STEAM update!).

So now the 77.76 drivers are out, I'm going 2 test them and hope the problem of yazooo and many others are fixed.

I bring out a report of the 77.76 drivers and HL2 CS:S out later 2day...

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Nice to know that Neato, BTW that sig of yours is pretty sweat. :)

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Well I tested the 77.76 drivers, and I have some good news:


I got still no sign of the STEAM memory bug. (It's doesn't happen that much...)

The 77.66 has the same performance as the 80.40 driver, or maybe better. On maps like de_inferno (Very detailed/graphic map), I got a fps of 60-90.

And since the 77.66 is an official nVIDIA driver, I would recomment it as the best HL2 CS:S driver so far.

Made that sig in my "old times", especially for this forum. :(

BTW, good idea...Let's make a new one! :P

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Nice to here about that driver.

I myself am in the process of making a new system specs sig, and possbily a new avater aswell, I'll eventually post them for all to see.

In the meatime we are trying to get these forum/server bugs worked out, has the forum been going doing for you too?

I got an error page a few min ago when I tried to access the forum.

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Yeah I got some SQL errors 2, but it's been fixed now, I think...

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Guest grant

i have a gforce4 488 go on my medion 2.6GHz lappy with 512 ram..

with 71.84 ( was the best driver 4 me so far) on CSS i used to avaerage 40-70 fps with a max of 100 at times

this 77.76 driver with modded inf is NOW the best so far.. fps went to max over 160.. and averageing 80-105 .that was on 800x600

i now run 1024 x 768 all the time and get average of 50 -70 with a max of 100

it also got rid of a few whites line on the top and edges of building..


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The STEAM HL2 CS:S memory bug has been fixed with the latest STEAM update. :)

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CS:S still runs like garbage though at times. It starts off great, then the FPS drop significantly again.

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Speaking of CS Source, n4v1n went to great lengths to find some nice CS:S performance tweaks.

Hi, I have a go6600 on my Toshiba G25. When I first played cs:s I got around 60 fps, which droped dramatically (10-20) when there was a lot of gunfire and smoke grenades. I scowered the internet for all the cvar commands that would give me better performance but very minimal quality loss b/c I wanted the game to look as good as possible.

For those of You who dont know how to implement these commands, you have to go into:

C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\*account name*\counter-strike source\cstrike\cfg and create a notepad document called autoexec.cfg (u need the .cfg there). In the document u put all of the commands.

These Are the commands:

cl_c4dynamiclight "1"

fog_enable "0"

cl_cmdrate "45"

cl_updaterate "45"

cl_rate "9000"

cl_show_bloodspray "1"

violence_agibs "1"

violence_hgibs "1"

violence_hblood "1"

violence_ablood "1"

cl_downloadfilter nosounds

fps_max "300"

cl_ejectbrass "0"

cl_showfps "2"

rate "20000"

cl_ragdoll_fade_time "4"

dsp_slow_cpu "1"

sv_forcepreload "1"

cl_forcepreload "1"

r_fastzreject "1"

Copy and Paste these exactly how you see them into the autoexec.cfg

After using these commands, I get 70-90 fps smoothed (smoothed which basically means good looking fps not raw which goes to around 200fps). 50-60fps with a lot of gunfire and smoke grenades, and 120-140 fps looking at a wall!

cl_cmdrate "45" --- These command have to do with your internet connection I have a cable connection

cl_updaterate "45"--- 6mbps, but you may have to lower these numbers if your connection is slower

cl_rate "9000" ---- You don't need to raise these numbers b/c these are pretty much max. Too much

rate "20000"----- and your ping sucks

These aren't commands which are specific to the go6600, they will work for other cards as well. And If you need more performance and less quality, just tweak the settings to your liking or google cs:s tweaks.

Im using the 81.95 drivers also, but this is not a big necessity.

Oh Yeah, and can someone give me any instructions on how to overclock my beast?

Original thread is here.

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If you need to squeeze out a little bit more not very noticable performance you can go to the steam menu of "My Games" and right click on CS:S and going to launch options and adding

C:\Program files\Steam\steam.exe -applaunch 240 -heapsize 512000 <---- 512MB, (dont add this)

this is the amount of ram which will be pre loaded so that the game will load up a bit faster. A rule of thumb for this tweak to to not put more than half the physical amount of ram of you machine. It all goes in kilobytes of course. applaunch 240 refers to counterstrike source (there are other sets of numbers for other steam games).

If your card slows up because of directx9.0 you can change the DX level to possibly improve performance for a quality loss.

There is also the other command:

mat_dxlevel "90(for a directx9.0 card) 80(8.0) and 70(7.0)"

Just copy and past this command along with a SINGLE directx level (there are others such as 8.1 which "81" and so on) in the quotes into the autoexec.cfg file in your cfg directory (shown here in my other post)

*My previous post contains all the major tweaks to give performance and good eye candy. Of course you could go hardcore and find every comand out there and set everything to minimal and run it on 640x480, but it will definately look terrible.*

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hi all,I am a newbie

I have 73.40 which is newer, does it means that it will run nicer than these drivers?

Many thanks

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