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Problem with TV-out, new drivers won't work


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Guest mikerocks

Hi, my 7600 GT has the same issue. I bought it because it was advertised as being capable of outputting to composite (yellow RCA). I have an old Radeon 9550 (AGP unfortunately, while my new mobo is PCIE) that came with the adapter to composite, and it fit in this 7600GT. The software refuses to acknowledge that a TV is connected.

It is infuriating, since my TV only has RCA inputs.

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well i would need some help with tv too. im using hp pavilion dv6128eu with geforce go 7200. i have been fighting whole day with that thing. it acually founds tv and all but only thing i get on tv is "trembling" black and white lines going randomly and weird sound -.- i were thinking if i need diffirent drivers. using 86.38 drivers. can somebody help ?^^ and yeah if u dont know to help with that tv. atleast help me find optimal drivers for gaming with geforce go7200 ^^

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