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67.42 run FARCRY really good


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being a long time since last modded driver try

just had install 67.42 on my FX5650 , and get 2630 with 3D3

and FARCRY run a lot better with it

thanks for your support...


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(Thnaks for linking us :) at the DELL froums)

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You guys think I should add a Farcry thread in the gaming section like I did with HL2 and Doom3?


Also, ®®®, should we make a subsection of the gaming forum for those threads?

Because there are a lot of games I can think of adding, and having like 20 pinned topics does not sound like a good idea.


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If somebody comes up with MAME Pacman v3.45 and driver v69.89 works great we would not sticky it :)

I mean there are NOT this much games we need to sticky in the games section, or do we? Let's stick with the problem makers or *really* popular ones like FarCry, HL , DOOM and UT.

PacificAssault Part iV or Vietnam Warrior 10 we would not sticky

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