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Serious problem with screen!!!


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I'm having a serious problem with my laptop screen (and sometimes my analog (TFT) screen)

When I am busy on my pc at one moment, my screen becomes black and than become a lot of different colours (see attachement) or see movie (link below)

I have this problem since a few days after the TV-out problem was fixed:

TV-out problem

I've tried a lot of things like installing the latest drivers (71.24 (before i was using 71.20)) or reinstalling my original drivers (47.13 that came with my notebook)

If I'm having this problem on my external (TFT) screen, the problem is fixed by putting it off and on again and everything is normal again!

I've tried to do that with my laptop to (disconnecting the screen) but it didn't help.

Does anybody know what this problem could be ?? I't very irritating because i always need to use my analog screen to see anything!

Thanks in advance

PS: this is where the movie is located:



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Have a look in the INF and look for this

HKR,, MapOSD3ToNV,                   %REG_DWORD%,    3

Change the 3 to a 2.

Reinstall driver see if this makes a change.

Or try this, look for these lines

;if upon reboot after install you have a black screen remove the ';' from line below and reinstall driver.
;HKR,, ModesetBlankDelay,            %REG_DWORD%,    1

Remove the ';' from in front of HKR,, bla bla

Reinstall and keep fingers crossed.

Hope this helps.

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Nope, that doesn't work :)

first i edited the firs thing you said, didn't work

than the second thing you said, didn't work neither

and than I tried both and that also didn't work

I've tried to boot my pc without my harddisk, maby it was something on my harddisk who braught that problem, but it didn't work neither:(

So I think it is a problem with my videocard (Geforce FX Go5350) because I had it on both my screens...

Hopely anybody knows what to do!!

I think there is still guarantee on my pc, so if nobody can help me I bring it to there, but as I heard from friends who also had a MEDION and had problems, it could take 2 to 3 months before you get your pc back :)

thanks in advace!


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I've tried some other stuff because I was searching the forum for propably solutions:


I've reflashed my BIOS but it didn't help (it was mentionned in the post above, becuase he hadn't got a BIOS logo or something lik i have)

I'm taking a backup now and I am installing my old desktop because tomorrow i'm going to bring my laptop in the guarantee center (Luckely for me the centre for my country is about 5km away from my home so I don't need to send it or something :) )

Hopely they fix it (and I haven't got to pay anything) because there stands that I have 36 months of guarantee, and my laptop is only 8 months old...

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i'm going to bring my laptop in the guarantee center
*GOING* :) that saves you money defenitelty, but make sure you get rid of our drivers and use the original ones from MEDION :)
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yes, i was going to do that for sure, otherwise they propably could take away the guarantie because of those drivers. I'm going to clean my pc (software, mp3s,...) because you never know (they may not watch, but they can watch...)

I'm happy the guarantee center is so close to my home, it's about 5min. away form here!

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My laptop is at the service center now! They will keep it minimum 2 weeks or more :)

They think it is the hardware that isn't working right.

But today I had the same problem on my desktop (the one i am using now because my laptop is in repair).

I think this is a problem with the modified infs from Pieter's site OR the problem is in the five lines that you told me that I had with the TV-out problem:

HKR,, DisableTVOutBIOS, %REG_DWORD%, 1
HKR,, "TV Out", %REG_DWORD%, 2
HKR,, DevicesConnected, %REG_DWORD%, 1
HKR,, ModesetBlankDelay, %REG_DWORD%, 150
HKR,, D3D_22355415, %REG_DWORD%, 0x75006102

could it be possible it is in here??

Because I hadn't got the problem before!

Oh, also: I always get the problem if I am using nView for Clone Mode or DualVieuw or something!

I am getting this on my desktop to because I forgot to delete those five lines in my inf (my desktop has a GeForce 4 ti 4400, so I used the same driver, 71.24)

I am going to reinstall the 71.24 driver, but without those five lines, and I will see or I am getting still this problem!

Hopely you guys can help me with those five lines like before!!



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The five lines came directly from your original inf so they shouldn't be the problem on the laptop. I agree with your repair shop that it looks like a failed TV chip. Let us know what they say when they send it back to you.

Definitely do NOT use those five lines on your desktop machine. They pertain to the hardware in your laptop and will almost certainly not work on your desktop machine. Use Pieter's standard inf for you desktop.

Also, if you are getting the exact same symptoms on the same TV from both your laptop and your desktop, you should investigate the possiblity of the TV's input going bad or being set incorrectly.

Good luck!

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The problem is solved now on my desktop because I just reinstalled the 71.24 driver with the performance inf from pieter's site without the five lines (wich i had forgot to remove the first time).

First I though the problem was with my tv, because it is a cheap one (watson or something) But I've tried on my parents TV (wich is a phillips) and there I was getting the same problem (tv-out that didn't work with the drivers from here). So I was quite sure it was a problem with the drivers (wich you solved :) )

I will see wath they say when I go back for my pc (I am going to pick it up so it is quite easy to ask it (I haven't got to call or something).

I hate it that MEDION doesn't update their drivers for their notebooks, because the old drivers is quite slow and doesn't support some games etc. and the other (modded) drivers aren't working good with the TV-out on my laptop!

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Okay... Good luck with the laptop!


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I got a phone call earlier today, they said my laptop was repaired.

They have replaced my motherboard, so now I have a fresh and new laptop again (almost fresh, new mobo an graphics card etc. and it is cleaned :) )

Tomorow in the morning I am going to get it and I will see/ask what the problem was!

I am going to install the drivers with pieter's modded inf again, but I'm not going to add those five lines you gave me, because I think they give a conflict with something else in the INF because I never had it before I used that five lines with a modded inf or when I used the old, original drivers.

I will reinstall my other drivers if I want to connect it on my television. (I don't do that so often, I think maximum once a week or something!)

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Okay... Sounds like a plan. Good luck!


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  • 2 weeks later...

I've been reading through this thread and am anxious as to know what happened... is it all well? Let us know! :)

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I got my laptop back (since a little 2 weeks now) and they said they have replaced the motherboard, but nothing more (it was a dumb woman who gave my laptop back to me, not somebody who knows anything about it because she even didn't know the meaning of "maen board replaced")

I got it back and I've went back testing and the problem is solved now! I don't know what the problem was (I think the videocard or the TV-Out or something was damaged).

You can find the fix on this link. (It was a problem with the TV-out with the new drivers from Pieter's site). The fix is also added to Therapy's enhancer page.

But I think it only works for MEDION MD41300 laptop users (I don't know for sure, I can't test on any other notebook) But I wouldn't recomend it to add those lines if it doesn't work for you because you can damage your videocard by this way. (I had that problem too on my desktop because I forgat to remove those lines in the inf)


If I have other problem or something you can read it there (or for other fixes)

BTW: I will post every fixed inf for the MD41300 I made on the drivers page!

I'm using the 71.50 drivers with my fixed inf and it works great!! (see signature to download)

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