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TOSHiBA Assist / Console Icon modifications

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I already posted some information and screenshots int the RemoteX or HERE thread, but i thought it would be time for an own thread.

Make sure you download and install the latest Toshiba Console version from the Toshiba Support Download website. It's model independant, so everbody with any Toshiba laptop who has the 'Toshiba In Touch special button' can use it.

2 versions are available



both are version 3.04.00 the latest one i know of. With every new release Toshiba adds more paths to tools. But you will be one step ahead with the reg i attached.

Pls. feel free to add more modifications here.

To begin just download the ZIP file.

It includes 2 icons: SubLCD and Specs.ico (Copy them to the Toshiba Controls directory in C:\Program Files (or Programme)\Toshiba\Toshiba Controls )

and one Registry file you need to merge to the registry (rightclick).

Also you can add and change paths to your own tools and Toshiba Laptop specific applications, though i recommend avoid using the first three sections or at least don't change the default settings there. All tools/application from Toshiba are already included so far, so no need to alter things in there (in most cases).

The additional section (just scroll down the reg file) is good for customization definitely.




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Thanks to 'hazart' it's now known that Toshiba Console is replaced by Toshiba Assist, which looks a bit more modern. To use Toshiba Assist you would have to download it & install it, which results in loosing all your icons as they are overwritten by the Toshiba Assist ones.

So here's the deal:

Overwrite the old TinTouch.exe (in C:\Program Files\Toshiba\Toshiba Console) with the one attached, namely the new TinTouch.exe from Toshiba Assist v1.02.05 and that's it.

If you're unsure make a backup of the old TinTouch.exe or rename it to something else.




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