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cPax v1.000 | Synaptics cPad Enhancement tool


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Seems 'a little bit' faster. No idea if it will work on 2k or 2k3 but if Synaptics drivers work fine, no reason for it not to work.

Why don't you record start time of batch and compare the time after starting?

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Good idea, i will try this out just to make sure, though i know it is faster. At least in my imagination :) No, there is one less wmci call (for CPU speed) now and generally the OS detection part is greatly improved (added complete 2k3 detection), with the help of hazart. 2k is also fine. And i saved some lines/code.

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Here you go. What changed?

enhanced OS details readout section:

- added 2K3, though it's probably not this important for the cPax installation, but the OS readout was a basic thing i always wanted to enhance for quite some time and then use in all other .BAT i made.

fixed the behaviour that XPhome was not able to taskkill any current cPax process, so it must be done manually like in 2K (the installer opens up automatically TaskManger window).

sn0wl i remember that you suggested to include an additional tool which would be a bit exaggaretaed in my opinion for just one single task. The TaskManager opens up and the User needs to kill cPax.exe, easy! If there were like ten calls for for taskkill.exe and getting rid of some processes then it would make sense, but it's really only one. I like the idea of having the installer and stuff as small as possible, no additionals needed :)

I cleaned up and made some cosmetic changes to the code and removed unnecessary remarks.

What a description for such a script, sorry :)

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Thumbs up, Rene :P I like to keep everything in one place and small too but you sometimes have to do the opposide. Why doesn't the batch download the taskkill application from net (exaggareted, anyone? :) ) if it's XPhome?

New installer will be used in v1.5. Oh and lets announce here that cPax v1.5 is coming up :)

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I already have the proper code lying around here for a download of missing files in batch, but i dare not to use it for such an installation quest. The download of taskkill for example would be a thing of seconds.

But imagine those users, who are not happy with an unknown batch file installer, opening up an internet connection to an unknown host and download unknown files ... :)

The thing is, if 2K and XPHome would have reg.exe/wmci.exe/taskkill in system32 as default (for OS/Hardware readout), batch life concerning the compatibilty of 2k, xphome and xppro would be easier. But as this isn't the truth (though you can download reg.exe from a MS ResourceKit or i even uploaded it a while back to LV2Go), i stick with the complicated, but most compatible way.

I suggest MS should deploy all those important missing files to XPHome and 2K with WindowsUpdate.

I heard cPax v1.5 is on it's way :)

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Hey i got it :)

cPax nLightener

This word does not exist, but is now created by me and copyrighted :P The tool which enlightens (correct spelling) the Synaptics cPad. :(

Or another suggestion:

cPax nLightenment

Enlightenment is when someone has a (positive?) vision of something and often wants this vision to be realized by himself. More common would be the historical era, where people made their mind about the sense and goal of life.

Anyways we at the nViSiON forum provide anyone with modified INFs for Nvidia drivers. Further usefull tools are NVTweak, PHP INF Enhancer, NVLiTE, nLite, ntregopt, nHancer, NVDiRT, NVEDID, NVBIOS, NVAIO and last but not least cPax n.... :)

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cPad nhancer. :) Not name but slogan :P

Noticed the title of 1.5 GUI? :)

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Of course :) and i also noticed your signature :P

Enlighten me!, what will be the new name :) ?

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clearPackstereme - cPad nlighter and nhancer.


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Uninstallation is easy done manually

1. Kill the running cpax process

2. delete the cPax folder in c:\%PROGRAMFILES%\Toshiba, but watch your wallpapaer folder

3. delete the cPax entry in the StartMEnu StartUp folder

No files are copied anywhere else :)

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So far no problems at all with 1.5b1. It looks and works great, and the little applications are back too!

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Yeah, I can say 1.5b1 is good so far but there are some bugs I've noticed. Will be fixed when I have some spare time. Thanks and please tell me any other comments if you have.

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