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Dell Inspiron 5160 no longer made ?


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I can't see this on the Dell website any more.

The 5160 wasn't very long lived.

A whole heap of updated Latitudes and a i6000 and of course the M70

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You're right, it was short-lived, and there's nothing in the current Dell lineup that looks like a direct replacement for it. Maybe they're about to introduce some new models?

It looks like you might be thinking of upgrading that 9550? If so, and since you mentioned mid-range machines, I'd look for a machine with the Go 6200 now. (The Go 6800 machines will all be high-end lappys.) Neither Dell nor Gateway has one at the moment, but hopefully soon...


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I'm not particulary looking for a middle of the road machine my self, it's just we had queries on the exact same machine if it was a good buy or not (and it wasn't) in the last few days.

Most folk who'll buy a lappie for the first time and go with a nVidia GPU will buy in the middle of the range, we would assume that folk buy a g6800 would have some knowledge.

If we can stear them a way from certain lemons then all the better.

Yeah, I'm just weighing up options.

I see that Dell are right in to the X300 and X600 as entry level performance Lappies.

HP/Compaq/Sony are the same, nVidia have missed the boat a little with their go6200/6600 as ATI have beaten them with the first wave.

I'd are say their could be 5150 replacement (5170) with a go6200 in the next few weeks or so.

As this is also the supposed release of the faster go6800 (g6800 ultra ?), there is no new PCI-ID for this, so must assume a BIOS tweak will be made to just up the clocks.

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Dell laptops are nice Pieter, mine is still chugging along, I can run just about any game or whatever on it even though its over 2 years old.

Make sure you get a Hitachi 7K60 (or 2), or go SATA RAID 0 with 2x80 GB HDD or something.

I even have a server hosted on this thing, and it runs fine...

Plus I can do video editing, and my laptop has lots of nice features, like infrared, wifi, firewire, ect, and what I don't have I can pretty much upgrade too, like USB 2.0.

I haven't even needed to clean it!

If/When they release an Inspiron XPS with MXM, you should get that, you also have more options with that one then with other ones, like what software comes with it, or if you want Dell to install the stuff for you or not.

You could get 1 SATA HDD, tell Dell not to install the OS or software on the PC, then buy the second HDD cheaper from somewhere else, and experience the joy of installing Windows on a RAID 0. You said your self that Dell overcharges on things, and trust me they do, my second 40 GB HDD did and still does cost $299 from them I think, and I bought a replacement HDD for around $70ish that was better, that does not include the special Dell modular bay thing, but you can buy that from then for only $50 if you know the part number.

They are basically charging over 2 times as much as what you should be paying for it.

Of course, prices on 40 GB HDD have gone down over the last 2 years, but Dell still charges to much for those kind of extras.

Also, Falcon Northwest could get you a custom painted lapop.



I can imagine a nice Laptopvideo2go officially painted laptop or something.....

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I used to have a Dell, a lattitude C800 was a nice machine.

It came with an ATI M6 I think, 1400x1050 screen.

But my Gateway was nicer it also came with Firewire, CD burner, 512MB of RAM.

Came with then largest LCD screen available 15.7", battery would last for 4 hours.

One of the handiest features it had was the scroll keys on the touch pad, still not seen very often these days.

It was a great machine when I fisrt bought it and is getting a little tired now for my needs.

Very frustrating looking for tweaks that the GF2go doesn't support.

I had even thought about adding a 5x00 series PCI card to the system but I have a feeling I would need an external monitor to see anything.

Oh well the search continous

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About the touchpad thing you mentioned, what do you mean?

Was there an actuall scroll button?

With mine and the touchpad drivers, I can set it to where when I move up and down on the right side of the touchpad, it scrolls like a scroll bar, and the same things goes for the bottem, except it goes left and right, is that what yours does?

I never used the features much because I have always used wireless mice with programable buttons for my laptop, and the touchpad doesn't really stand up to a Logitech MX700 or MX 1000.

Also, if you were wondering, last time I checked you could get every single Dell Inspiron with a DVD burner, even though you might not make much use of it....

You really have to get a Dell Ultrasharp UXGA or WUXGA screen on your laptop.

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I have a double button between the left and right mouse buttons.

They are controlled by the touchpad driver. the are very handy and work like a scroll wheel on a mouse (but not autoscrolling)

I find the rubbing the sides of the touchpad too finneky and really like the buttons.

"C" on the piccy below, not a very good picky but you get the idea.


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I get it, I have seen those a few times before, does your laptop have one of those sticks/nubs in the center of the keyboard?

If you get a new laptop and plan on playing any games on it at all, you need to go get an MX1000, it has left and right scrolling, and more buttons that an MX500, 700 or 900.

And it has a good battery indicator.

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Play games?, who has time to play games.

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