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Best value for $$ laptop, the search is on.


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Something a little different, what do you guys think to be the best all round laptop ?

A good thread for those looking to buy a laptop and need advise.

Doesn't need to be the fastest biggest just a good all round performer.

Is going to play any game out there but might not get the speed crown.

Think about RAM, Optical drive(s), HD speed/size, screen size/resolution etc etc.

A thin/light laptop will never be as fast as a desktop replacement but a hell of alot easier to carry around and use on a plane.

If you see or have something reply back here with link/details and a price.

Your thoughts on what you consider fits the bill as best bang for buck.

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I like Dell as well, but they can have their quirky little problems.

How's your place going James ?

I havn't been round for a while, got the looking for new laptop thing going on.

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Right first place of interest for those wanting to upgrade.

I found this place http://www.computergeeks.com/

They have a good selection of refurbished machines, quite reasonble priced.

And am considering this my self, the machine is not new but savings are good for a good specced machine.

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