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All format DVD burner


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Want a drive that writes to ALL DVD/CD formats than this is the baby for you.

Let me introduce the LG GMA-4080N Website stats


Dimension(WxDxH): 128mm x 129mm x 12.7mm (5.04 inch x 5.0 inch x 0.5 inch)

Buffer Size: 2MB with Buffer Underrun Prevention Technology

Interface: ATAPI/E-IDE, 50pin Connector

Weight: 180g

Write Speed (DVD-R) : 2xCLV, 4x ZCLV, 8x ZCLV

Write Speed (DVD-RW) : 1xCLV, 2xCLV, 4xZCLV 

Write Speed (DVD-RAM) : 2x, 3x (Ver.2.1)

Write Speed (DVD+R) : 2.4x, 4x ZCLV, 8x ZCLV

Write Speed (DVD+R DL) : 2.4x CLV

Write Speed (DVD+RW) : 2.4x, 4x ZCLV

Write Speed (CD-R) : 10x,16xZCLV, 24x ZCLV

Write Speed (CD-RW) : 4x, 10x, 16x ZCLV

(High Speed: 10x, Ultra Speed: 16x)

Read Speed (DVD-R/RW/ROM) : 8x / 6x / 8x max

Read Speed (DVD-RAM (Ver.1.0/2.1)) : 3x / 2x 

Read Speed (DVD-Video(CSS Compliant Disc)) : 4x max. (Single/Dual layer)

DVD+R/+R DL/+RW : 8x / 4x / 6xmax.

CD-R/RW/ROM : 24x / 24x / 24x max

CD-DA (DAE) : 20x max

Sustained Transfer rate : CD-ROM 3,600 kB/s ( 24x ). Max, DVD-ROM 11.08 Mbytes/s ( 8x) Max

Burst Transfer rate : Ultra DMA Mode2, DMA MW Mode2, PIO Mode 4

Support CD-TEXT read/write

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Wow, thats pretty nice, does anybody know if I can replace the drive in my laptop?

I have been thinking of getting a multiformat DVD burner and plugging it up externally to my laptop, but an internal one would be sweet.

Dell said that I could not replace the optical drive once installed at the factory, but seeing as how there are instructions on how to replace it, it looks to be very easy to replace. (and that means that Dell was lying....)

It even has speeds that are up to par with my expensive 24x burner...

And fast rewrite speeds.....

Also, if anybody wants a really fast CD-Burning solution, you can use desktop DVD burners at up to 52X speed over USB 2.0, and with firewire probably even faster....

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This should fit into any lappy that has at least a CD player that looks the same.

Some Dells might struggle as they have this weird lump on one of their expansion bays.

It the standard 12.7mm high drive.

The laptop would need to be able to run the drive @ UDMA Mode 2 for it to burn/read at full speed.

You can't beat the conveniance of it being build in.

FYI, USB2.0 = 480Mbps, Firewire 400Mbps.

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Since I do not think you have used one, you would not know, but atleast with Hard disk drives, if you use one in a USB2.0 enclosure and benchmark it, then use it in a 1394a(400mbps firewire) enclosure and benchmark it, the firewire is much faster.

It has to do with the way they work, even though USB2.0 supossedly has a 480mbps speed, firewire usually beats it.

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YEAH because Firewire is like "SideBandAdressed-USB2.0". It uses less CPU cycles than USB2.0 and performs better in practice when transferring files. Theoritically it's faster, but praticse test shows that it beats USB2.0. Also the data stream is always constant in opposite to USB. My external HD is in an enclosure that supports USB2.0 and Firewire, i used both and tested them and can confirm those tests i read before buying it. I can only recommend FireWire for HDs and burners. Also it depends on the chip that is used in those external enclosures. The Oxford chip really is has a great performance, but is also more expensive than the standard chips build in cheap enclosures.

The already buyable successor FireWire 800 is still very expensive, but a step in the right direction.

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Firewire 800 cards for desktop PCs are not that expensive anymore I think, so if you have a PC with that, and get your hands on a firewire 800 enclosure, you should be able to access a 7,200 RPM desktop IDE HDD at full speed through it, or close to full speed.

Speaking of firewire 800 enclosures....


This one looks pretty nice.


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I stand corrected, I 've only ever used a CD-burner with Firewire.

I'm USB2.0 virgin even though all my devices are USB2.0 capable.

I would only ever consider getting a giant external HD as I would prefer to have the data on the laptop, and a fast booting laptop is a happy user.

I don't like all those cables sticking out of it, everything should be built in.

Power cord should be the only cable that I trip over, or junior plays with contstant "NO's"

But anyway, I see the Qosmio G15 has a Multiburner with it.

But why oh why did Toshiba put in a 60GB and a 40GB hard drive with it ?

Both 5400RPM, what a waste, just place a 100GB 5400RPM drive in and your done.

They must have masde too many of both and are putting them in to get rid of them.

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