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TWO bug report?


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first so thx for all your done

i used a toshiba laptop satellite 2410 with blank side problem

when i try this INF


i found a bug

Performance & Quality Settings,the two bottom was infatuated

when choose dis ,the interface dispear enable

please check


when used with the new 75.90.the inf can not work regular

i post 2 pic for it



ps,71.81 work excellent

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Pieter is working on a solution for your problem. We aren't sure why 75.90 works on some machines and not on others.

There are two changes with the Performance and Quality page. You now view the advanced settings by a pull down menu instead of a check box. (Not a good change.) And the old OGL and Advanced 3D pages are removed completely. Now, when you disable the Application Profile page, the Performance and Quality page disappears entirely.

I hope I understood your questions correctly. Let me know if I didn't.

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sorry for my poor english

i mean that

when i chose disable

it says

HKLM,"SOFTWARE\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\NVTweak", NvCplEnableAppProfilePage, %REG_DWORD%, 0x0

i got


th pic for [EN]

btw,75.90 also can not work with toshiba 3000(geforce2 go)

thanks for all your work :) :) :P

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The behaviour you're seeing is normal. When you disable the App Profile Page, it normally enables the old NVidia settings page that you see in your jpg.

Unfortunately, as far as I know, it doesn't work with 75.90. I think that old page has been removed from 75.90.

To solve your installation problem, try removing all the other inf files from the driver set. Make sure ours is the only one there. If that doesn't work, let us know how it fails. Do you get any error messages?


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Delete all INF that have 4 letters ie nvxx.inf, keep the modded nv4_disp.inf.

Now install driver again.

I am re uploading 75.90 again with all the OEM INFs compressed.

The OEM INFs are causing all sorts of problems no matter where they are.

So you could reload this if the above your not sure on.

And welcome back, I remember seeing you here a long long time ago.

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thanks laptopvideo2go & Pieter,you did it,

it worked,

75.90 work well with toshiba 2410(geforce 420go)

you are the best man :)

I am very satisfied with my choice

I have been using the driver that you made all the time

Because you are the only credible one

and it was truly that old page was removed,

the only working option was

HKLM,"SOFTWARE\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\NVTweak", NvCplEnableAppProfilePage, %REG_DWORD%, 1

i noticed that whatever i chose enable or disable

i got

HKLM,"SOFTWARE\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\NVTweak", NvCplEnableAppProfilePage, %REG_DWORD%, 1

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