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What laptop brand is the most popular?

Guest Inspiron8100

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Most popular @ the average joe are DELL, HP/COMPAQ and Toshiba (most experience in the Laptop business), people with a lot of money spend it for ALIENWARE and custom made (recently most times CLEVO chassis based) Laptops. Also IBM.

There are interesting and qualitative good DELL (XPS), TOSHIBA and ASUS, ACER models, too.

Worst from my experience concerning quality and support (Updates and Warranty handling) are GERICOM.

In recent time more and more small business came up and sell their "own" Laptop brand made by big OEM (Compal etc.), but branded with the another name.

Consider exceptions everywhere :)

And forgive if i did not mention one of the 25 other brnads.

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SONY is a japanese corporation.

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Guest Guest

From personal experience I would stay way from Dells, I have an inspiron 8200 right now and through the 3 years I have owned it its had a variety of problems from minor to major. It just seems like Dell laptops uses cheaper motherboards/parts, shoddy manufacturing, and imo are the ugliest to look at. I originally bought it because I had good experiences with dell desktops, but it was a mistake to do so. However, if I was the only person with problems with dells it would not be a big deal but unfortunately thats not true. Around my campus a LOT of people bought dells because their cheaper, but almost all of them have some sort of hardware problem or another. People with HP's on the other hand seem to be having relatively fewer problems. I would also suggest taking a look at Acer and Sager. http://www.pctorque.com I have not owned either but generally feedback about them see m to be positive. Finally, Sony's seem pretty solid as well since I rarely hear anyone who bought one complain. They are usually significantly more expensive though. Hope that helps

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Have a look here the 2371v (or Asus Z71v) is what I'm looking at getting.

It is light (6.6lb/3.3kg), fast (upto 2.13Ghz Centrino), and has a go6600 which means good (not screaming) performance and hence very good battery life.

The guys that run the place are veyy friendly and informative, plus have good warrenties.

They also have Sagers

Hope this helps.

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What about Sager and ProStar laptops?

I think those are identically the same laptops, because if you create your own, the price is always the same (with the same stuff,...)

Are they good? They seem to be not too expensive!

I can say one thing: NEVER buy a MEDION laptops, because the support isn't very great, and the quality of the notebook isn't very good:

Everything is made from thin plastic, and if you push for example the keyboard, you can push it some milimetres down etc.

Also the quality of the screen is very low, you need to sit right in front of it to see, if you are a litle bit next to it, you almost can't see anything! (I've seen this on all the last MEDION notebooks that came out here in Belgium!)

I've bought this laptop 1,5 year ago but I didn't know much about laptops, so I thought that this would be a great laptop, but it isn't:(

I'll go for Dell, acer, asus or Dell next time. (or a Prostar or Sager one, if there is good feedback etc. about those ones!)

BTW: nice laptop(s) on that site!

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Yes, if only we knew then what we know now, things would be different.

Where was this site 3 years ago ?

Sager, Prostar, VoodooPC, and a heap of others (se 'offtopic where I started a go6800 link) are Clevo Based machine, they are just rebadged.

I have gone off them as they are too big and clumsy, better off with a Dell XPS2 a little more user firendly.

The machine I'm looking at is a rebadged Asus, but who cares who sells it, if it saves some $$ for the same machine (actually better parts are used by DiscountLaptops, like 533Mhz RAM as others have 400Mhz)) who cares.

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Yes, it's a nice laptop over there (they have some other nice laptops too).

I'm planning to buy one, in july-august 2006 :)

It's a litle time in front, but I really start to hate my laptop :s

Hopelly there is a good laptop at such a good price at that moment! :)


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