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ACER BIOS Update instructions


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Hello guys,

I have an Acer extensa 5420-5687. I cant download BIOS update for my laptop bacause in the FTP section the link is dead. \The section Notebooks doesnt exsist. From the official site I cant obtain it bacause the customer support cant recognise my serial number.

Please help guys. Can somebody send me the 1.17 bios update with instructions.


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hi all, i have an ACER EXTENZA 5420-5687 need to be update the BIOS to v1.16, I downloaded the files from ftp://ftp.work.acer-euro.com/notebook/extensa_5420/bios/v1.17.zip but when i type (PHLASH16.EXE POM117.ROM) in the DOS command, it says couldn't open files. can someone walk me through here???? thanks!!


Hi, friend

Can you send me the bios file v.1.17 because I cannot download it via FTP. It doesn't exist any more.

Please help.

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Hi guys!

I have an old aspire 7720z ick70. I tried to update my bios from 1.14 to 1.45 and while the flashing the device stops suddenly. I wait for a couple of hours and nothing works (tochpad, keyboard, power button...) so I get the battery out and get it on again. Now nothing works (power button, power leds...nothing).

Searching by forums I have found that there is a key-treak to wake up the notebook and re-flash the bios with a usb pendrive, but I can´t found the treak for my device.

Could somebody help me, please?

Thanks in advance.

P.S.: sorry about my english...I think is not so good.

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(Acer Aspire 5515) I was checking outthis BIOS updage instructions and cant seem to figure out what files to place on the flash drive or what to rename them. My situation currently is that I get the black screen of death and I cant update in Windows 7 Ultimate which I currently have installed.

It would be amazing if you can help me for I have been at this for days.

The files in the bios zip folder are:

CK MS-DOS Application

Flash32 Application

KAW6100 Windows Batch File

KAW6100.ROM ROM File

KAW6100.WPH WPH File

phlash16 Application

readme Text Document(contains no instructions)

Thanx in advance for anyone who can help!

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is necessary use WinPhlash at update to last Acer BIOS (5920G) 5920G_MXM_V3.WPH to prevent any errors?




Thanks ;-)

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