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AGERE - latest driver/firmware & Client manager


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I've installed both the driver and the 3.30 client manager on a dell with a truemobile 1150. When I run the client manager I get an "incompatible" warning that says the utility is newer than the driver. Any suggestions?


Hi, I've been following this post becouse I need both agere driver and client manager, but links are broken. It seems you got to download them. Please, can you send the client to me? thanks in advance

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I to need to install a driver to support my wireless LAN card. I have a Toshiba 5205-S503 and purchased the optional LAN card. I installed this however have not been able to get it to work. Please give any guidance on where to download this driver.

Please keep explanation simple (dummy proof) Im not a computer guy.

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If i remember correct it doesn't support wpa, so you might want to buy a new mini-pci wlan card.

Actually, it does after upgrading the firmware. I got Toshiba Portege 3500 with a Toshiba Mini-PCI wireless card (802.11b) and successfully made it to work with my WPA-PSK network using the v7.82.0.550 driver and v8.72 firmware (the package that you have posted at the top of this topic).

Upgraded firmware, upgraded driver, and voila - everything successfully connected to my access point. Sure, it's only 802.11b, so "just" 11 Mbps as opposed to 54 Mbps, but it's a lot better than cable ;-).

Thank you very much for the package!

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