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Installing new Hitachi 7k60 HD


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I just got the new 7k60 hitachi drive to speed my i8200 up. My CDrom drive is dead but Id like to install it anyway instead of waiting until I can get ahold of a new CD drive. I have done previous installations by sharing a friend's CD drive across the network but never on an unformatted disk.

I found a network boot disk that seems like it will work:


Has anyone ever done this or have an idea on how to use this boot disk to do it?

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I've not done it with a boot disk, but there is a far easier way. Use Norton Ghost's "clone" option, or Casper XP (which does the same thing), to turn your new drive into an exact copy of your old. (Exact, except it has all that nice extra space.) I've heard there is a shareware or freeware cloning tool around too, but I've never used it.

You'll need the software and an external drive enclosure for your new drive to perform the cloning operation. Once it's done, you just replace your old drive with your new one and boot and go. No reinstallation of anything.

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I just downloaded this free program yesterday

http://www.lexundesigns.com/LexunFreeware/index.htm (the free lexun backup solution download)

It seems that it might be a good solution, it comes with guides and stuff. (just read the help files)

I am going through the program right now and it looks promising, I will hopefully get to try this thing out later today on my friends PC if his HDD will still run.

I will probably also put this up on my server if it is good.

EDit: replaced download with site page of newest version.

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