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Mobility X700 vs. Go 6600

Guest Johnny Law

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Guest Johnny Law

I was thinking of getting a laptop with either the go6600 or mobility X700 was wondering if someone could give me a comparison of the two in terms of 3d performance and also if there is any difference in 2d image quality and video playback?


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The go6600 is a little dissapointing from the benchmarks that I have seen.

nVidia have slowed the Core and Memory clocks down, in anticipation of a go6600 Ultra.

Another thing is the X700 comes with 256MB DDR3 Memory, where as the go6600 comes with only 128MB DDR1 or 2 (not exactly sure).

I would have to say (even though it pains me) the X700 is a better buy at the moment.

This will change once the go6600 Ultra is available, this will probably come with 256MB RAM.

2D performance will be the same, as this isn't really accelerated.

Another option is the go6400 (go6200 Ultra) with 256MB of RAM, not as fast but will have long battery life (Chembook are going to release one very soon)

This might make for a very good alround machine, reasonable performance and good battery life.

My 2c worth, the Sager 4880 is a very good X700 based laptop, the Asus Z71v is a very good go6600 based laptop.

Both canbe found here http://www.discountlaptops.com/

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Guest Johnny Law

Hey, thanks! That sager was actually the one i was looking at hehheh. So text and things don't look different regardless of the graphics card?

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The text shouldn't look too different as this is mostly up to Windows and the LCD Panel.

So different GPU's should look the same on the same LCD panel, but the same GPU will look different on different GPU's (confused ?)

The battle with nVidia and ATI is in 3D, where it's a seesaw battle, led a the moment by nVdia's go6800 Ultra, but ATI have the X800XT coming out with 16 pipes, this may take the crown.

Happy hunting :)

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Guest Kain

Mobility Radeon X700 Rulz....

It gets about 6500 in 3DMark 2k3, 2500 in 2k5, Far Cry is playable at 1024x684 4XAA 6AF and Doom III rulz @1024x768 at +60fps.

Check www.pctorque.com and choose the Sager 4880

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