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Benchmark results for NVIDIA GeForce 6200 (AJH)


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Benchmarks for Geforce Go 6200 128mb (32mb) 300/300 Core/Mem

No Overclock/Tweaks























Recommed Driver so far :

The 80`s provide good performance, choose the one which gives u the least problems!

Beware of 84.66! It gave me the Blue Screen of Death upon Windows start.


3DMark0X: All Default Benchmarks & Settings

UT2004: High Quality; 1024x768; AS-Convoy; AVG Fps

Doom3: Medium Quality; 640x480; Timedemo1; AVG Fps

:) Greetings :)

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AJH, can you run the NERD tool and attach the logfile for some serious TurboCache analysation? :)

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Cheers for the scores AJH, I've added the 80.40 scores to the perf table on the website

Quite respectable scores, especially for 2k5

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:) i see you have added UT and Doom

Let the scores rain wuhuuu

Thanks for keeping us up2date :)

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Guest chelfen


I ran 3dmark05/ 3DMark03 on my Vaio FS315H with Geforce Go 6400. I updated the Drivwer to version 77.72. No overclocking (Displayed are 110/332 MHz)

3DMark05: 1020


Do you know what effect overclocking should have on the performance?

I played around with it, increased it to 400/700 but absolutely no effect on the scores. Would I need another driver for that? is there a risk to destroy the chip?

BR Christian

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I ran 3dmark05/ 3DMark03 on my Vaio FS315H with Geforce Go 6400. I updated the Drivwer to version 77.72. No overclocking (Displayed are 110/332 MHz)

And you are sure you didn't overclock 2D :) (that 110...)

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I have a sony VGN-FS295VP with a go 6200 TC

I just dld the 81.95 drivers and got a mark of 830 on 3dmark05

I then dld the 80.40 and tried it on 3dmark03 and got 2130

both significantly lower than what you got

Also, with the 80.40 drivers, cs:source crashes every time I try to play it, so will have to change them.

Any idea why mine is so much lower?

I reformatted my system 3 days ago and defragmented today.



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Hi Rowzer!

I wouldn`t recommend 80.40. It mighty be one of the faster drivers out their but was also the first (if i remember correct) of the 80`s Driver series. It wasn`t very bugfree and gave me glitches in war3.

Talking about your Scores, i could think of two reasons:

1. I have 1Gb of Ram instead of the 512 stock.

2. Vaios come loaded with crap! Seriously, theire are so many Programmes that start automaticly... They really turn your NB into a snail. For example: Vaio Launcher, Yahoo Massanger, Vaio Update...

Just uninstall what you dont need, or at least prevent it form autostart using msconfig.


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in 3DMark05 ... in which test you have that result?

and the quality...filtering...graphs...and demo? default setting?

Edited by FS315M
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I have installed the 80' ....and the score in 3Dmark05 IS 945. It's bad?

These are detail...please help :)

File Name


Width 1024

Height 768

Anti-Aliasing None

Anti-Aliasing Quality 0

Texture Filtering Optimal

Max Anisotropy 4

VS Profile 3_0

PS Profile 3_0

Force Full Precision No

Disable DST No

Disable Post-Processing No

Force Software Vertex Shader No

Color Mipmaps No

Repeat Tests Off

Fixed Framerate Off


3DMark Score 945 3DMarks Game Tests

GT1 - Return To Proxycon 4,3 FPS Game Tests

GT2 - Firefly Forest 3,1 FPS Game Tests

GT3 - Canyon Flight 4,0 FPS Game Tests

CPU Score 3253 CPUMarks CPU Tests

CPU Test 1 1,7 FPS CPU Tests

CPU Test 2 2,8 FPS CPU Tests

Fill Rate - Single-Texturing 703,8 MTexels/s Feature Tests

Fill Rate - Multi-Texturing 1586,0 MTexels/s Feature Tests

Pixel Shader 31,5 FPS Feature Tests

Vertex Shader - Simple 10,7 MVertices/s Feature Tests

Vertex Shader - Complex 11,9 MVertices/s Feature Tests

8 Triangles 1,3 MTriangles/s Batch Size Tests

32 Triangles 4,7 MTriangles/s Batch Size Tests

128 Triangles 13,3 MTriangles/s Batch Size Tests

512 Triangles 24,4 MTriangles/s Batch Size Tests

2048 Triangles 26,8 MTriangles/s Batch Size Tests

32768 Triangles 29,6 MTriangles/s Batch Size Tests

System Info

Version 3,6

CPU Info

Central Processing Unit

Manufacturer Intel

Family Intel® Pentium® M processor 1.73GHz

Architecture 32-bit

Internal Clock 1729 MHz

Internal Clock Maximum 1729 MHz

External Clock 133 MHz

Socket Designation N/A

Type Central


HyperThreadingTechnology N/A

Capabilities MMX, CMov, RDTSC, SSE, SSE2, PAE, NX

Version Intel® Pentium® M processor 1.73GHz

Caches Level Capacity Type Type Details Error Correction Type Associativity

1 32 KB Write Back, Internal Asynchronous, Burst, Pipeline Burst 8-way Set-Associative

2 2048 KB Data, Write Back, External Asynchronous, Burst, Pipeline Burst 8-way Set-Associative

3 0 B Data Asynchronous, Burst, Pipeline Burst 4-way Set-Associative


0x00000002 0x756e6547 0x6c65746e 0x49656e69 0

0x000006d8 0x00000816 0x00000180 0xafe9fbff 1

0x02b3b001 0x000000f0 0x00000000 0x2c04307d 2


0x80000008 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000000 0

0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00100000 1

0x20202020 0x20202020 0x65746e49 0x2952286c 2

0x6e655020 0x6d756974 0x20295228 0x7270204d 3

0x7365636f 0x20726f73 0x33372e31 0x007a4847 4

0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000000 5

0x00000000 0x00000000 0x08006040 0x00000000 6

0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000000 7

0x00002020 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000000 8

DirectX Info

Version 9.0c

Long Version

DirectDraw Info

Version 5.03.2600.2180

Primary Device NVIDIA GeForce Go 6400

Display Devices

Display Device

Description NVIDIA GeForce Go 6400

Manufacturer NVIDIA

Total Local Video Memory 128 MB

Total Local Texture Memory 128 MB

Total AGP Memory 128 MB

Driver File nv4_disp.dll

Driver Version

Driver Details

Driver Date 09/06/2005

Driver WHQL Certified TRUE

Max Texture Width 4096 px

Max Texture Height 4096 px

Max User Clipping Planes 6

Max Active Hardware Lights 8

Max Texture Blending Stages 8

Fixed Function Textures In Single Pass 8

Vertex Shader Version 3

Pixel Shader Version 3

Max Vertex Blend Matrices 0

Max Texture Coordinates 8


Name NVIDIA GeForce Go 6400

Vendor ID 0x10de

Device ID 0x0168

SubSystem ID 0x81ea104d

Revision ID 0x00a1

Texture Formats

32-bit ARGB [8888]

32-bit RGB [888]

16-bit RGB [565]

16-bit RGB [555]

16-bit ARGB [1555]

16-bit ARGB [4444]

8-bit A [8]

8-bit YUV [800]

16-bit AYUV [8800]

FourCC [DXT1]

FourCC [DXT2]

FourCC [DXT3]

FourCC [DXT4]

FourCC [DXT5]

Capabilities AGP Texturing, Hardware Transform and Lighting, Positional Lights, Subpixel Accurate Rasterizing, Stencil Buffers, Range Fog, Table Fog, Vertex Fog, W-Fog, Specular Gouraud Shading, Anisotropic Filtering, Bilinear Filtering, Point Sampling, Trilinear Filtering, Additive Texture Blending, Dot3 Texture Blending, Multiplicative Texture Blending, Subtractive Texture Blending, Environmental Bump Mapping, Environmental Bump Mapping With Luminance, Cube Mapping, Factor Alpha Blending, Vertex Alpha Blending, Texture Alpha Blending, Texture Clamping, Texture Mirroring, Texture Wrapping, Guard Band Support, Mipmap LOD Bias Adjustment, Projected Textures, Volume Textures, Point Primitive Support, Full-Screen Anti-Aliasing, DXT Compressed Textures, Two Sided Stencil Test, Mipmapped Volume Textures, Mipmapped Cube Textures, Texture Border Color, Spherical Mapping, Automatic Mipmap Generation, Hardware Rasterization, Shading, Transform and Lighting, Scissor Test, Legacy Depth Bias

VGA Memory Clock 13 MHz

VGA Core Clock 199 MHz

DirectShow Info

Version 6.05.2600.2180

Registered DirectShow Filters

.RAM file Parser

AC3 Parser Filter


ACELP.net Sipro Lab Audio Decoder

ACM Wrapper

ASF ACM Handler

ASF DIB Handler


ASF ICM Handler

ASF JPEG Handler

ASF URL Handler

ASF embedded stuff Handler

ASX file Parser

ASX v.2 file Parser

AVI Decompressor

AVI Draw

AVI Splitter

AVI/WAV File Source

BDA Slip De-Framer

Color Space Converter

DV Muxer

DV Splitter

DV Video Decoder


Default DirectSound Device

Default MidiOut Device

DivX Decoder Filter

DivX Demux

DivX Subtitle Decoder

File Source (Async.)

File Source (Netshow URL)

File Source (URL)

File stream renderer

Indeo audio software

Indeo video 4.4 Decompression Filter

Indeo video 5.10 Decompression Filter

InterVideo Audio Decoder

InterVideo Video Decoder

Internal Script Command Renderer

Line 21 Decoder

Line 21 Decoder 2

MIDI Parser

MJPEG Decompressor

MPEG Audio Decoder

MPEG Layer-3 Decoder

MPEG Video Decoder

MPEG-2 Demultiplexer

MPEG-2 Splitter

MPEG-I Stream Splitter

Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Decompressor

Microsoft Screen Video Decompressor

Multi-file Parser

NSC file Parser

Nero DVD Decoder

Nero DVD Navigator

Nero Digital Audio Decoder

Nero Digital Parser

Nero ES Video Reader

Nero QuickTime Audio Decoder

Nero QuickTime Video Decoder

Nero Splitter

Nero Video Decoder



OpenMG Async. File Source

OpenMG Audio Decrypt Splitter

OpenMG OmgSource Filter

Overlay Mixer2

QT Decompressor

QuickTime Movie Parser

SAMI (CC) Parser

SONY DV Video Decoder

Sony Audio CD Source Filter

Sony MP4 File Source

Sony MPEG2 TS Splitter Ex

Sony MPEG4 AAC Decoder

Sony MPEG4 Video Decoder

VBI Surface Allocator

VGA 16 Color Ditherer

VP6 Decompressor

Video Port Manager

Video Renderer

WM ASF Reader

WM ASF Writer

WST Decoder

Wave Parser

Waves L1-Ultramaximizer+

Waves RBass

Waves S1-Shuffler

Windows Media Audio Decoder

Windows Media Multiplexer

Windows Media Update Filter

Windows Media Video Decoder

Windows Media source filter

XML Playlist

XviD MPEG-4 Video Decoder

DirectSound Info

Version 5.3.2600.2180

Speaker Configuration Stereo

Speaker Geometry Wide

Primary Device Realtek HD Audio output

Sound Devices

Sound Device

Description Realtek HD Audio output

Manufacturer Realtek

Driver File RtkHDAud.sys

Driver Version

Driver Date 09/12/2005

Driver WHQL Certified TRUE

Max Supported 3D Hardware Sounds 33


Name Realtek High Definition Audio

Vendor ID 0x0000

Device ID 0x0000

SubSystem ID 0x00000000

Revision ID 0x0000

Capabilities Continuous Rate, Primary Buffer with 16-bit Samples, Primary Buffers with 8-bit Samples, Monophonic Primary Buffers, Stereo Primary Buffers, Hardware-mixed Secondary Buffers with 16-bit Samples, Hardware-mixed Secondary Buffers with 8-bit Samples, Hardware-mixed Monophonic Secondary Buffers, Hardware-mixed Stereo Secondary Buffers

HD Audio Support TRUE

EAX Support

Memory Info

Total Physical Memory 510 MB

Free Physical Memory 272 MB

Total Pagefile Memory 1245 MB

Free Pagefile Memory 981 MB

Memory Arrays

Memory Array

Max Module Capacity 0 B



Supported Error DC

Supported Speeds

Supported Types

Supported Voltages

Memory Slots Installed Enabled Size Form Factor Frequency Slot Manufacturer Type Type Details Enabled Size Total Bit Width Data Bit Width

512 MB SODIMM 400 MHz SODIMM1 <unknown> Fast-paged 512 MB 32 b 0 b

0 B 0 Hz 0 B 0 b 0 b

Motherboard Info

Supported Slot Types ISA, PCI, PCI Express




BIOS Vendor Phoenix Technologies LTD

BIOS Version Sony - 20050710

BIOS Release Date 07/10/2005

BIOS Properties Plug and Play, Flash, AGP

Card Slots

Card Slot

Order 0

Designation PCCARD1


Characteristics 5.0V, PME Signal, Hot-Plugs

Data Bus Width 32 b

Details Available, Long

Device Class


Driver File

Driver Version

Driver Date



Vendor ID 0x0000

Device ID 0x0000

SubSystem ID 0x00000000

Revision ID 0x0000


System Devices Manufacturer Name Vendor ID Device ID SubSystem ID Revision ID

Intel Intel® 82801 PCI Bridge - 2448 0x8086 0x2448 0x00000000 0x00d3

Intel Mobile Intel® 915GM/PM/GMS/910GML Express Processor to DRAM Controller - 2590 0x8086 0x2590 0x00000000 0x0003

Intel Mobile Intel® 915GM/PM Express PCI Express Root Port - 2591 0x8086 0x2591 0x00000000 0x0003

Intel Intel® 82801FBM LPC Interface Controller - 2641 0x8086 0x2641 0x00000000 0x0003

Microsoft Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio 0x8086 0x2668 0x81bb104d 0x0003

Intel Intel® 82801FB/FBM SMBus Controller - 266A 0x8086 0x266a 0x81b9104d 0x0003




Available Rate 0x00000000

Selected Rate 0x00000000

Aperture Size 0 B

Sideband Addressing



Hex 0x00000000

Fast Write



Hex 0x00000000

USB Devices Description Driver Date Driver Version Device Class

Hub principale USB 01/07/2001 5.1.2600.2180 Universal Serial Bus Controller

Hub principale USB 01/07/2001 5.1.2600.2180 Universal Serial Bus Controller

Hub principale USB 01/07/2001 5.1.2600.2180 Universal Serial Bus Controller

Hub principale USB 01/07/2001 5.1.2600.2180 Universal Serial Bus Controller

Hub principale USB 01/07/2001 5.1.2600.2180 Universal Serial Bus Controller

FinePix Digital Camera 020815 24/05/2002 Universal Serial Bus Controller

Periferica USB Human Interface 01/07/2001 5.1.2600.2180 Human Interface Device

FireWire Devices

FireWire Device

Description 1394 Net Adapter

Driver Date 01/07/2001

Driver Version 5.1.2535.0

Device Class Network Adapter

Monitor Info

Monitors Name Manufacturer Max Width Max Height

Schermo predefinito (Schermi standard) 0 px 0 px

Schermo predefinito (Schermi standard) 0 px 0 px

Monitor Plug and Play (Schermi standard) 1600 px 1200 px

Power Supply Info



Name 8

Chemistry Lithium-ion

Design Capacity 53 Ah

Design Voltage 4295 KV

Operating System Info

Operating System Microsoft Windows XP

Version 5.1.2600

Service Pack Service Pack 2

Windows Environment 32-bit


Hardware Support TRUE

Applications Protected TRUE

Drivers Protected TRUE

User Option On for essential Windows programs and services only

Locale IT

Desktop Width 1280 px

Desktop Height 800 px

Desktop BPP 32 b

Applications 3DMark05 - Professional Edition

Processes Name PID Memory Usage

Idle 0 28 KB

System 4 188 KB

smss.exe 904 160 KB

csrss.exe 956 2464 KB

winlogon.exe 984 3944 KB

services.exe 1064 1944 KB

lsass.exe 1080 1432 KB

svchost.exe 1228 2068 KB

svchost.exe 1316 1724 KB

svchost.exe 1356 11 MB

EvtEng.exe 1424 1240 KB

S24EvMon.exe 1472 516 KB

svchost.exe 1600 1304 KB

spoolsv.exe 1932 1516 KB

svchost.exe 176 1228 KB

svchost.exe 248 496 KB

CDAC11BA.EXE 260 308 KB

sqlservr.exe 288 1328 KB

nvsvc32.exe 532 5 MB

RegSrvc.exe 600 368 KB

svchost.exe 616 1768 KB

wdfmgr.exe 636 416 KB

VESMgr.exe 700 3780 KB

VzRs.exe 1548 356 KB

explorer.exe 1732 17 MB

SPMgr.exe 256 1788 KB

MsgPlus.exe 304 596 KB

igfxsrvc.exe 3416 2564 KB

3DMark05.exe 3712 26 MB

rundll32.exe 1260 5 MB

Logical Drives Drive Letter Label Type Capacity Available

C: VAIO Hard Disk 33 GB 10 GB

D: VAIO Hard Disk 35 GB 25 GB

E: Floppy 0 B 0 B

F: CD-ROM 0 B 0 B

G: CD-ROM 0 B 0 B

N: CD-ROM 0 B 0 B

Hard Disk Info

Hard Disk Drives

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I would expect a 3DMark05 Score of around 1000-1100pts for your GPU. So yes 945 is a bit low. Now there are a few possible reasons for that. I told 2 of them some posts before: 1. 512->1024Mb Ram 2. Vaio Crap on the Notebook. Specially the last point really hits Performance. Now to your 3DMark Details: I couldnt find anything abnormal, except for this:

VGA Memory Clock 13 MHz

VGA Core Clock 199 MHz

The 6400go should run 400/350(700DDR). You might want to check the Powermizer settings. Make sure Powermizer is set to "Maximum Performance"

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Thanks for your help AJH! Mmmm only a question...i have installed the '80 driver.... mmmm where i can find thed option ''Powermizer" ?!

with the '80 driver i have only this setting...and there is not the powermizer (i find it in other version of driver....)

here's a screen


thanks very much! :)

Edited by FS315M
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That`s where it should be. Looks like ur missing Powermizer, but as far as i know the modified inf does activate it. Maybe u need reinstall ur Driver using the modified inf.


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during the installation ...some pop up appears for file that i don't have...i have downloaded them from internet.... it's right?




Ok now i have the power mizer and all right :) (exscuse me for my bad english...:9 )

Another question... how is the best setting in this panel?


Edited by FS315M
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I would keep it on default (no overclocking). If u however would like to overclock, make sure u select 3D settings.

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I would keep it on default (no overclocking). If u however would like to overclock, make sure u select 3D settings.

Good score.

It is amazing from 6200!

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Yeah finally got the driver to work, happiness!!! :) :)

ps. AJH how do I kill startups in mscofnig? in dos cmd?

Edit: Fixed but what can I turn off?


Edited by Angry Swedish noobie
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  • 4 weeks later...

Sorry for keeping you waiting for so long!

These are the Programms i disabled at Systemstart:

"avgnt", "ISBMgr", "iTunesHelper", "NeroCheck"; "qttask", "jusched", "AdobeUpdateManager", "VAIOUpdt", "VOR", "ypager", "Adobe Reader - Schnellstart"

If you got any questions, feel free to ask. I`ll try to awnser faster next time!

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  • 1 month later...


I have the same notebook like you. Could be that my English isn´t perfect enough, but I´m absolutely incapable to install a driver. The warning is continually the same "cannot find compatible drivers for your hardware" when unpacking the file. I´ve read sth. about an inf. for this case, but as I found out, this is only a text and not an .exe, so how for heaven´s sake it should help me?

I´m not an computercrack nor I´m intending to get one, but I´d love to have the full size of my screen again...

My card, as you will know, is an GeForce 6200. I need an driver as the display is not working with the standard windows one.

Thank you for the right link or the right recipe!!!!!!!!!!


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Since I´m lazy, I`ll just copy over a Quick-Guide i posted in another old topic:

Here is a Quick Guide:

Assuming u wanted to install the latest official Nvidia Driver (81.95)

1. Download the Driver ( http://download.laptopvideo2go.com/nvidia/80series/8195.exe )

2. Extract the Driver to a Directory of your Choice

3. Download the modded .inf ( http://laptopvideo2go.com/infs/80series/8195inf/nv4_disp.inf )

4. Save the .inf in the Directory you extracted the Driver, overriding the .inf that came with the Driver

5. Run Setup.exe in the Directory you extracted the Driver.

->Driver should Install!

I also posted this Guide on the German Board for better understanding.

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Guest Luis Martins

Hey there!!

My Vaio is a vgn-fs215s with a geforce go 6200, 1.86Ghz CPU, and 2 x 256 Mb RAM.

I play Call of Duty 2, and I would like to know wich is the best driver to play it? I actualy have 83.50 instaled.

Thanks very much!!!

Luis Martins

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Guest Luis Martins

I forgot to say somethimg. one thinhg that happens with this 83.50 driver is that I can't play any DVD in my notebook, cause it gives me some error. to watch the DVD I just install the older driver original from Sony.

What should I do to solve this problem?

Thaks again.


Luis Martins

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