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Battlefield 2 - a suggestion which driver to use


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This thread has been created because a lot of people have been asking about this game, even desktop users are having problems.

To clear things up, the game/demo requires driver version 77.30 or higher, if you are running say, 77.50, or maybe 77.62 which I hear people are having good luck with it and this game, then I guess you are already set.

With 77.30 on my DELL XPS Generation 2 Laptop, I had a 3DMARK2005 score of 5000. After I updated my drivers to 77.62, I scored 5218. That and the fact that Battlefield's shadow problem is no longer a problem.

77.30 comes with the demo, however, so this is what I will concentrate on at the moment.

If you are a desktop user and have no clue how to mod drivers, go ahead and download this, then unzip it and install it.


Laptop users, read on...

Battlefield has a RefreshRate issue on Laptops with non standard RefreshRates settings. How to get rid of that battlefield issue can be read here: //edit: here's a link to the thread http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index.php?showtopic=9594

You will need to get the above driver, and Pieter's modified INF for the 77.30 driver.

When you have both of those, unzip the driver, and replace the INF file in the driver with Pieter's modified INF, then install the driver using the device manager.

This page has instructions, and so does this page.

After reading those, I also suggest that you watch this 1.06 MB Divx video that I made on how to install the drivers.

If you are clueless on how to replace the INF in the driver, I have the drivers already modded on my server, but since it is really slow and eats up my bandwidth, you will have to PM/email me for the link, atleast, unless somebody says I can upload them here, (doubtful) or when I get a faster host that is not hosting the file from my home internet connection. lol

You would still have to install the drivers using the device manager, so you might as well teach yourself how to properly update drivers, as this is probably not the last time you will do it, especially if you are on a laptop.

Since those other drivers also ran the game good, I will post links to them and their corresponding INFs, you install them the same way on laptops by replacing the INF.

77.50: Driver / Pieter's modified INF / Topic

77.62: Driver / Pieter's modified INF / Topic

One last thing, if you have any questions, this is the place to ask about this game, also, if you have any comments or suggests, please feel free to post them, heck, if you need somebody to talk to, I'm on AIM usually.... lol

I hope this thread is usefull to people and that all of you are able to enjoy this new demo.


Edit: Download this demo from Nviida! / Other Downloads for BattleField 2

  • Demo System Requirements

Windows XP (32-bit)

1.7 GHz Pentium 4 / Athlon XP or greater

512 MB or more RAM and 460MB HDD Space

DirectX 9.0c compatible Graphics card (> 128 MB RAM)

NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700 or greater / ATI Radeon 8500 or greater

Multiplayer: Broadband internet connection required of course

For those of you with choppy mouse problems:

I was wondering if everyone with the Inspiron 9300 laptop still had issues with the Mouse and Keys sticking on BF2 (when you turn the Mouse it "sticks" and you face a totally different way).

Lastnight I was browsing around these forums and saw alot of people with the same problem I have now.

Now I am no computer genius that can make miracles happen but to me when this "stickiness" happens its when a new sound enters the gameplay. So I exit the game due to the "sticky" Mouse&Keys being so annoying, I Open Control Panel then to Sounds and Audio Devices and under Device Volume I click Advanced to open Volume Control then I click Advanced again and under Other Controls there is 2 Boxes 1 being PC Spk Mute which is unchecked and the other (2) Enable SPDIF which is checked. I unchecked this and ran my game again. Now BF2 runs really smooth on high settings. I'm so happy that I don't have to update my sound Drivers, Gooooooo me :)

This will more than likely be the same on other laptops the same as mine I would of thought. So goodluck guys/gals and happy gaming on your beasts! :)


If you have this issue, you might want to really check to see if there are newer sound drivers for your PC, even if you do not get them from your manufacture like Dell.

On my laptop enabling the S/PDIF out does not give me problems in any game, updated sound drivers, or changing sound options in BF2 might fix it.

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:) Looks great, good info. This should do it. Thanks Bill :)

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Guest AngeliDunce


Just a quick question!

I have the m40 yp3 laptop, and i ran bf2 no problem interms of lagg and choppyness at meddium settings (till i get more ram), but the one thing I noticed is that it was not drawing shadows well at all, they will be just blocks.

My question is... Thos this driver update, fixes the issue with the shadows?

Thanks in advance...


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The 77.62 does fix them I think.

What graphics card do you have?

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Guest Angelic Dunce

Hi sorry!

To be more specific i have...

Toshiba m40 Yp3 laptop

1.86 centrino

Nvidia 6600 GO 128 ddr not shared

80 gig harddrive at 5200 rpm

15.4 widescreen

and the works!

Also my understanding is that, ur trying to install a desktop driver into a laptop, which does not meet the same requirements. Wouldn't this cause a longterm damage?


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No, for example, lets take a Dell laptop driver version 77.62, if there was one, and the desktop driver version 77.62, the only difference is the INF file, which tells the driver which cards to support, what this site does is provide INF files that are moddified to include support for ALL modern nvidia cards, all the laptop ones and every desktop one since like 1996 or something. (The first couple of nvidia cards had a different type of driver, where as all GeForce and Quadro cards, and some others, use this unified driver format.)

Installing a driver with a moddified INF will not harm your PC, the driver might have bugs, especially if it is a beta, but it will not like fry your graphics card.

I have tried over 60 drivers and none have harmed my laptop's graphics card.

Just install the driver you want with the moddified INF from here, with the provided instructions, and it should work just fine, in most cases.

I have posted links to the instructions in the first post in this topic.

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Guest oxygencube

Bill thanks for the thread..

I have an Inspiron 8500

GeForce4 go 4200 64MB

with 1GB pc266 ram

p4 M 2.6

I know that my card isn't supported by Battlefield II but I see that you have the 64MB 440.

do you know of a way to get my laptop to play this game... I have the demo on my desktop but it is a p4 1.3 and its too slow... what is your AIM name? mine is Amnesicknivesout thanks


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You can click the AIM button at the bottem of my post lol.

I have not been on much lately because my laptop has decided it doesn't want to work half the time, so you should probably ask somebody else.

I have not tried the game either, but it says the requirements are a 128 MB card that is a GF FX 5700 or higher.

You could try this program: billsnvdriverhost.dyndns.org.....3danalyzer-v236.exe

It can trick the game into thinking you have a DX9 card.

Not too sure what settings you would have to use, and the game would probably have really screwed up graphics anyway.

Your card has pixel shader 1 support, so maybe it might look almost decent on your PC. (your card is DX 8, mine is DX 7)

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posted before regarding this, but this is the right topic for it. get crashes to desktop with this game, ususally once one map is finished, seems to last about that long. running 77.72 on my go5700. latest sound drivers. doesn't happen with any other game, in fact the first crash of any sort in a long time. the demo seemed to work fine which is strange, but i was running alot older drivers then, 6x.xx something. i could try sticking those back on, just wondering if anyone else is experiencing problems with this game.

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Guest The Creeper

Bill, I have exactly the same laptop as you, does BF2 work on it? Im on someone elses comp., so sorry you dont recognize me. Im trying to decide If BF2 will work on my rig at home (Virtually the same as yours< card, bio's etc;) Thanks dude!

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Right now my laptop won't even run Doom3, I am pretty sure now that I need to replace the graphics card, so I can't test on it, I will see if it will run on my desktop PC (similar specs, but with GF3)

If it doesn't run on this, then it definitely will not run correctly on a DX 7 card like the GF4go 440, unless you like games were everything has screwed up graphics.....

I am downloading it now from nvidia. (also adding link to download in first post)

Edit: I have tried everything I know, different drivers, 3Danylzer, ect, and it would not run, seems it has an extra exe that detects what card you have or something.

So if you own a GF4 or less (ANY GF4) you will have no luck getting this current demo of it to run.

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Guest The Creeper

Ok. Thanks a lot Bill. Man.... I have been waiting for this game soooooo long to find that my rig will not run it. Glad I checked here first before I ran out to get it. Oh well I guess there's always the original. If anyone finds that the non-demo version will work for my card, or figures out a fix, PLEASE post it. Thanks again Bill and all you laptopvideo2go guys, you guys rock! I still cant believe that I can rock on hl2 but not bf2. This blows.

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Guest Xonticus

Hey bill, yeah i have a go 6600 as well, and i updated my gfx card to a version that does support it with modified inf (version 77.62) the thing is, i cant get battlefield 2 to work anymore. it worked on my old drivers (version 71) now all it does is show the logo, go to a black screen for a couple of seconds, and returns to desktop.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Edit: i just realized i posted this in 2 topics, sorry bout that

Edited by Bill
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Apology accepted.

I suggest you uninstall the drivers, use a driver cleaner, then re-install the 77.72 or the version that you were running.

You can also do a system restore, or go into the device manager and do a driver roll back, that should restore just your graphics card drivers to the previous version just like you had it.

It would help if you ran this tool for us.


Are you on winxp 32bit or 64bit?

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Guest Xonticus

im on windows xp pro 32 bit. i also tried uninstalling the drivers, and when windows asks for the proper drivers direct them to the INF. that all installed fine and dandy but still no bf2. ill def try the utility to clean the drivers, thanks again

Alright I ran the scan, thats a nice utility you guys've made ive seen some others but you dont hafta install any programs in this case


Edited by Bill
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You still haven't tried the 77.72 driver yet have you?

Try that one or the 77.50 driver with Pieter's mod INF, remember to uninstall first especially if you are downgrading (going from 77.62>77.50, for example)

One of the non-64bit drivers that is version 77.30 or above should work with this game, so if you have to, try all of the non-64bit ones lol.


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Guest Xonticus

Thanks bill, the game still will not work though. I will change different options to see if anything would work, ill have some time to think about it and try stuff later. thanks again, ill update you if anything changes i guess

Thanks again!


Edit: I updated to the 73.00 version that was on ABS's website and bf2 works. maybe it hasta be an officially signed driver? Ill keep on it.

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Guest kivawolf

I am using the 77.72 Driver

I have the Geforce 6800 Ultra from DELL ( XPS Gen 2) with 1G RAM.

The game freezes 1 second every 30 seconds.

Anyone have the same problem?

Edited by Bill
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This could be a driver issue, a game bug, or a wrong setting in the game.

What other drivers have you tried?

Does this happen with other games?

Did you use Pieter's mod INF and install it using the device manager?

Last but not least you should run NERD for us and post the log file here.

You should try changing some options in the game, I know some settings in other games can have negative effects like this, even on fast cards.


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Guest Valionn

I'd just like to say that I have a standard i5150 with a 64mb nvidia fx go5200 and the bf2 demo ran fine (on lowest settings, and I didn't bother screwing around with them) using 61.77

I tried the 77.30 driver that came with the demo (or whichever one it was) and it kinda, well, sucked in comparison to 61.77

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Guest Guzik

I'm going to be running 77.62 drivers on my dell inspiron 9300. I could be running newer versions, but since you suggest these - I'll try it out.

1.73GHz Pentium M | 60GB 5.4kRPM HDD | 1.256GB DDR2 (533MHz) | 256MB GeForce Go 6800

I'm getting my 1 gig stick tomorrow (to make it 1.256 ddr2) and buying the game tomorrow, so I'll let you all know how it works out!

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Hi guys..

I've been following this site for a long time, spent hours trying to find the best driver for my laptop :) Unfortunatly I failed.

HP zd7280us


P4 3.2GHZ, 1GB RAM

nVidia GeForce FX Go5700


I think I was just running 71.84 until 2 hours ago.

I love BF2, the thing is, i had the settings all lows before the latest patch: 1.02 . It was fine. Not bad.. BAD graphics but performance was all I needed. After the patch, for some reason the fps was down to 15. I even had the worst settings I could configure. Everything low :)

I will now download 77.30 and Pieter's modified INF for it.

I also get the UNFORTUNATE error of :

"The NVIDIA Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit."

Found lots of referrings to this error on Google, but unfortunately no VIABLE solutions to it.

Now, I'll try the modified INF of Pieter's, and see if it does the job.


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Nope.. it did not. Still get the error:

"The NVIDIA Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit."

Will somebody PLEASE help me overcome this problem. It's literally driving me crazy.

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Ok, Bill, I'm REALLY sorry for bothering you both on MSN and on AIM :P I was really desperate, but finally I saw the way of installing the driver via Device Manager, which worked PERFECTLY. Now it's better then ever.

1 thing tho.. Still not sure about the correct version.

I'd really LOVE if someone gave me exact configurations on BF2 video settings.

Again, my video card is Geforce FX Go 5700.

Just installed 77.72 :) I'm really happy about it :)

Thanks everyone, again.

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I was about to look into the situation, but I see you figured it out. :)

BF2 will not run at all on any computer that I have, (needs atleast a GF FX) so I can not tell you some good settings to try unfortunately. (I am looking into getting a GF5700LE running on my laptop in a docking station, and if I do get it, BF2 will be the first thing I try)

I do not mind you sending me instant messages, I put my contact info on here for a reason.

Hope the games runs good for you though.


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