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Battlefield 2 - a suggestion which driver to use


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I use the 84.94 and i haven't problems playing BF2 with my nvidia geforce go 7400. Test it and good luck!

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When I play battlefield 2 it crashes to desktop in intervals of 5 up to 30 minutes of playing. I've asked on the server what's the cause and they've said that my video card is too new (7600GT) :) So i did a little research and some people said to try the latest driver from nvidia. Ok cool so i've installed them and here i am in Safe Mode writing this post because when i boot normally right after windows finishes to load the screen goes black. Ok pretty cool I'm having a bit of luck here. Now I wanted to know what drivers do you suggest to use for my 7600GT.

What I'm using:

Windos Xp Professional SP2

Am Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+ 2,61 Ghz

2,00 GB RAM

Nvidia 7600GT 256MB DDR3

What amuses me is that on the back of my video card box says:

"The battlefield 2 image courtesy Electronic Arts.

Nvidia PureVideo technology delivers unprecedented picture clarity, smooth video, accurate color and precise image scaling for all video content to turn your PC into a high-end home theater

etc. etc."

If it's not the video card, and please god let it be because it will make things easier, please tell me what else might be.

Thank you.

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I have a GeForce FX 5600 on my Sony laptop, and I have not had much problems with BF2 except for when i try to exit, the screen messes up and the game crashes. Sometimes I even get a fatal error which causes windows to shut down. Do any of you know a good updated driver to use?

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hello together,

i'm new here and sorry for my bad english.

i have an laptop toshiba x200 20j with a geforce 8700m gt an a native display 1650x1050 by 59Hz refresh-rate. after i start BF2, i've got an black screen and i'm back in windows. teh display driver is: 163.44 with the mod. inf.

how can i change my refresh-rate to 60Hz. i hope, then works BF2.

please help me.


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I sent the following support request to EA

I cannot play Battlefield 2142 nor Northern Strike.

After I install the game and start to run the game it crashes and asks me to insert the disk.

I have reformatted numerous times using both XP and Vista, and using various NVidia drivers nothing fixes the problem.

I did some research and it appears that there are many people with the same problem.

My monitor only runs at 59hz refresh rate, but when I plug in an auxilliary CRT or LCD monitor and select 60hz on the auzillary monitor, i can play the game on the auxilliary monitor.

A quick search on Google confirms that many people are having this same problem.


When can we expect a patch to fix this issue and allow us to play the game at 59hz?

This was their reply:


Thank you for contacting Electronic Arts Technical Support. I apologize for the difficulty you're having with Battlefield 2142.

Unfortunately, the game does not support and is not tested to run in 59 Hertz refresh rate. Please make sure that the refresh rate is set to 60 Hertz in order to run the game.

Should you require further assistance about this or any Electronic Arts games in the future please visit our website and review our extensive Self Help knowledgebase (http://support.ea.com).


Chris P.

EA Technical Support

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Guest De Sniper

Does anyone know if the 163.75 drivers work for BF2 with the nvidia geforce 8600m gt 512mb card? Im having the same problem everyone else is having. Crashes before intro is played. I bought my Ibuypower battalion 101 LX775 about a month ago with full specs.

Passes Compatibility test

160GB HD

Intel Dual-Core 2.4ghz

4 gigs RAM

Windows XP Pro Media Center Edition

DX 9.0c

Realtek HD Audio Output

Unknown Compatibility

Mobile 8600GT 512MB Video Card

Display Driver

Sound Driver

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I have the same problem with the crash to desktop after a few minutes of playing, I dont know if I want to go back that far because it'll effect the more recent games that I want to play (like starcraft 2) right now I'm running 174.74, any recommendations on what RECENT driver to try next?

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