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Fastest Value for PushBufferMemorySpace

Ahmed Mesbah

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Hello All!

I'm using an an Inspiron 8000 with a 32MB GeForce2Go running Teraphy's modded 52.16. What's the fastest value for PushBufferMemorySpace. My understanding is that the way Dell sets this value in way that slows down IE scrolling because of stabilty issue. I've never had any stability problems, so i was wondering what value I should set it to to squeeze every last bit of performance out of this registry key.

Thanks in advance.


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Setting PBMS to 3 is the only value that has slow scrolling.

My INFs have it set to 0 (zero) and work just fine, the Dell Default is 2 (mind you some Dell drivers have it set to 3 as well)

There is no difference between 0 or 2 in speed.

3 Should only be used on Gatway Solo 9550 with Dets 4x.xx or lower, the blackout problem seems to be fixed with 5x.xx (yeah)

Hope this helps,


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