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Dell 5150 Go5200 benchmark

Guest hpmaster

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Guest hpmaster


My Notebook at this time is:

Dell Inspiron 5150

Pentium 4 Mobile 3.06Ghz no HT

1 GB DDR RAM in 2 PC2700 modules

Nvidia Geforce Fx go5200 32MB Ram (downgraded)

Sharp 1600x1200 15'''LCD

80GB Hdd 5400 RPM Samsung (upgraded)


Senao 2511MP Plus MiniPCI 802.11b (upgraded)

Windows XP SP2 + hotfixes

Driver 72.14 dowloaded from here, and with Mr LSudlow optimized inf

When i bought the notebook it has an Ati Radeon 9000 Mobility M9 64MB, but i got the thermal dust problem (exaust blocked with dust) and the memory of the card started to give errors, the screen whas like a chess board. I cleaned the exaust, but the card did not recover. So i bought in Ebay a replacement card, my current Nvidia Geforce FX go 5200 32MB Ram. Dell latin america didnt have available nvidia go5200 or Ati M9 replacement for 6 months!!!! The only solution they give me was a Ati 7500. I had mi notebook in the closet for 6 months thanks to Dell.

Well i notice a perfomance downgrade with the change. Im not sure if its the 32MB less of memory, or the change of GPU, but Im happy that i can use my laptop again


With Omegadrivers 66.93 i got con 4010 points in 3dmark2001se.

With 72.14 + Mr. LSudlow inf i got 4552 points in 3dmark2001se.

I saw Mr. LSudlow benchmark post and he got 6000+ points. His notebook is the same, but his go5200 has 64MB Ram.

32MB more ram in the card can give 2000+ points more in 3dmark2001se?

Or maybe im doing something wrong?

It worths to change my card with the same but with 64MB (120USD)? or i start to make money for another laptop? This month it will be 2 years old.

Powermizer is the best thing after womans and computer wit 3d!!!!!

With the Ati M9 i never got more than 2 hours of battery life, but with the go5200 with Powermizer set to maximum power savings i got more than 3 hours!!!!!!

Because of powermizer i dont wnat to change for an Ati card, its nice 1 more hour of battery :P

Any advice are welcomed.


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Unfortunately, your slower performance definitely is due to the reduced memory on the card. I began with a 32MB card and had the same problem. Upgrading to a 64MB card gave me around 80% improved scores.

If you want to keep the 5150, I'd keep shopping for a 64MB card. (They used to be available on e-bay, but I don't know if they still are.) However, the reality is that the 5150 is becoming obsolete as a gaming laptop, since few new games will run on it. At some point we'll need to bite the bullet and upgrade.

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Guest hpmaster

Thanks for the advice. I think i will try to buy a 64MB go5200. I will not play meny games this year, because i must finish my tesis. And even on 2D at 1600x1200 this card is slower than my older card.

If you see something that good, as to replace the 5150 please post it in the forum.

Bye :) :)

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