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graphics drivers for GeForce Fx Go 5700

Guest vgiozo

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Guest vgiozo

Hi all, I would like to congragulate you firstly for a great forum and the work that's being done here...

I have an acer 1511lmi amd64 laptop and I've been trying to find the best graphics for Go5700 to install on Xp Pro 64 bit...

I've already tried the 71.84 version found here and it works ok for me, but the quality seemed to be suffering a bit when I played Far Cry...(with the patches to make it run on XP64)

Moreover there seem to be many drivers out there, and more are coming out...

...NGO, OSNN, Station-drivers, Guru3d etc...

Which is the most stable and problem free version of these drivers (old and new ones) ?

I want to try sth else without spending too much time installing all drivers to determine the best one...eventually I might have to do that, but I want to start on my best chances on finding it...

So what is the generally best driver to use for Go 5700 (mobile) and XP64??


Can I use any of those floating around and just replace the .inf with the modified one to make it work on laptops?

Thank you in advance...

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I don't have a recommended driver for you, but I can answer your last question. For any driver version, there is no difference in the actual driver files on the various sites. The only difference among us is what's contained in the inf... which features to enable, which settings we feel are optimal, etc. All of this is done in the inf.

Most of the other sites don't support laptops in their infs, and those that do generally use Pieter's settings from this site. So for laptop support, we're probably your best, if not only, choice.

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You should play it safe and use drivers from here, some sites might have ones they stole from somewhere else or here with missing files or incomplete packages, as soon as a better version of a particular driver is available, we will upload it here.

Some places end up with older versions of Pieter's INF too. (which they stole from here)

We will always have the lastest over here, besides, look how easy it is to download drivers from here, other sites make you subscribe.

Also we use a compression method here that most sites just don't use, our driver files are the smallest you'll see.

But to answer the other question, if you have a driver with all the neccessary files from here or somewhere else, Pieter's INF from here will work just as good with that package as if you downloaded it from our site, assuming the driver from the other site isn't missing any files or has any corrupt files.

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Guest Guest

Thanks a lot for your answers...

...still in the search for the best driver for GeForce FX Go 5700...gonna give 77.24 a try...

Just a question...the drivers found in this forum, do they work with Win 2003 Server...maybe no reason not to, but I've never seen this OS being referred to...just upgraded to broadband connection and I've been told that win 2003 will give best results...

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Give it a try and tell us how it goes, seeing as how they work for both Win 2000 and XP, why not 2003 server?

I will check to see if the drivers they have for XP and server 2003 on the nvidia site are the same, if they are no worries, but it should work just fine.

Like I always say, there is only one way to find out.......

Edit: Maybe i am blind/retarted but I did not see any 32bit win 2003 server drivers on nvidias site :) , just 64 bit win 2003 server drivers, winxp/2000 drivers, and winXP MCE.

Users from here have used XP drivers on win 2003 server so it should work.

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