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US trip May-July 2005 pt III


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Another 10 piccies, tell me if your sick of them yet.

Custer State Park South Dakota

The Needles Hwy, runs through a rocky outcrop which resemble needles.

A rather nice stretch of road, with lots of rocky outcrops and the little-est, narrowest tunnels (we just fit in our car)



Ahh Nevada, I'm sure every road is 25 miles of straight then a couple of miles of climbing/descending a crest of a hill then straight again.

In all this starkness there was much beauty and history.


Yellowstone NP Wyoming

Old Faithful Geyser, the one site EVERYBODY comes to see in Yellowstone.

100's of people turned up for this most predictable geyser which did it's stuff at 2:50pm (predicted to the minute (hence old faithful))

This shot is the geyser at it's peak (it has various stages), it in it's 4 minute spectacle releases 8000 gallons (24,000lt) of water.

This part of the park is VERY well setup to cope with the vast numbers of people.


Ouray Colorado.

Probably my favourite little town we saw.

It's supposed to be just like Switzerland, and I can believe it.

It set in 14,000ft mountains all around


Estes Park Colorado.

A pedestrian crossing sign I rather liked.


High Sierra's East California

I couldnt' agree more with the statement.


Mt Rushmore South Dakota

I would have to say that there are more people here than in Keystone the town just at the bottom of the hill.

This is an excellently organised park, the place was teeming with people but it didn't seem busy.

The covered parking was a bonus (it was hot) and for $8 per car entry a bargain.


Scotsbluff Nebraska.

A Sandtone outcropping made by the North Platte River, this was used a guide by the early pioneers on their travels west.

There were only a couple of ways throught these bluffs.

The spiral road you see takes you to the top, to give a very commanding view of the Great Plains in all directions.


Scottsbluff Nebraska

A couple of old wagons on the original pioneer trail (you can still see the wagon marks).

This was the original Oregon trail route, the mormon trail went north of the bluffs.


Sonora Pass California

This pass was nearly not conquered, our 5.3lt Chev pulling a 22ft 5th Wheel nearly didn't make it.

The road was so steep and winding that we nearly ran out of steam, we just crawled over.

The altiude (9000+) was our undoing here as it saps quite alot of power from an engine.

The pass itself is 9645ft then our highest ever road

All the same an awsome drive.


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Were not sick of them yet!

Keep em coming. :)

I assume everyone else is off reading that new Harry Potter book right? lol

Anyway the picks keep getting better and better, wish I could take pics that good, I am getting pretty decent though.

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I agree with Bill. :)

And yes, some of us are indeed reading Harry Potter!


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Like i said before the pics are awesome and i like alot the short, but meaningful descriptions to each pic. Waiting for Part IV and V....................

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I've got about another 15 pics to post, if they are getting better that's coincidence as I posted them alphabeticly :)

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These pictures are awesome! More more more! PLEASE :)

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