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Anyone else havin trouble with F.e.A.r.

Guest area51m

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Guest area51m

I just bought a 51m 7700, 6800 ultra, 3 gigs of ram, 3.8 2mb, yada yada yada....

Plays everything great,,,except the demo fear. Its kinda inconsistent, but usually ill get maybe a few mins into the game, then i get the blue screen of death. Sometimes it just restarts after getting it, sometimes it wont & then i have to hard restart. Anyways ,, it points to nv_disp.dll (or whatever that file is), and says something about it getting stuck in like a loop or something, and it says to check for driver updates. And yes ive tried many drivers... thanks for any help,,

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Is their an update for the demo?

Have you tried re-installing it?

The full game might work, but you would have to buy it to find out unfortunately.

There might be a setting in the game that you should change...

I wouldn't know what it is though.

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full version of FEAR is perfect with my sys (run my video out DB15 to a 37 LCD screen)

need version 1.08 to run it WIDESCREEN , its realy give you more game content...16X10

300+meg patch needed...

i run 97,02 driver

fear bench result with all video quality max out,

1280X720 (higher than this, its start to lag a little)

Also , i run the game at that res. because i use a

37 viewsonic LCD monitor ! N3752W wich is 1360X768 native





FPS distribution:

10% below 25fps

69% between 25 and 40

21% above 40 fps

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