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How To Enable Dualview and Clone Mode


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Here are instructions to enable Dualview on your laptop:


And here is how to enable Clone mode:


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Trying to connect my laptop to the TV ( using TV out) does not work. only the sound gets to the TV, no picture, no sesktop, nothing else....

I tried enabling and disabling VMR, doesn't help. Also on the Nvidia control panel, trying "detect displays" doesn't help. only the LCD is detected. in Device manager it shows only two devices under monitor "Default monitor" and "Plug and Play monitor"

i'm using 67.66 with a modded inf. from the mainpage (http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/index.php?drivers)

^^ the above links do not work! :)

help! :)

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I've shifted the files elsewhere and the links have been fixed, hope this helps.

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the procedure posted doesn't work, when i try, i get stuck on this page, with only "single display" and "digital flat panel" as the only choices. trying to use "detect displays" doesn't work.

previously with the original toshiba drivers ( 28.xx or 26.xx..can't remember) it worked perfect, and even the FN.F5 hotkey worked. now the hotkey is useless, and NV driver doesn't seem to detect the connected TV.

any ideas as to why this is happening? I haven't been able to get any better performance with drivers above 67.66, and anything in the 80s simply doens't install.( or installs, but laptop hangs during boot).

just incase i've attached the NERD file.




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Hmmm, this is probably an OEM INF thing at work here.

There are probably some settings in your original INF that may be needed for TV out to work.

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well, perhaps the gurus of modded infs can help sort it out: with the first inf(attached, that came with Windows XP default/Toshiba original installation) there are 3 monitors (2 default, 1 plug n play) in the device manager, and the TV out works perfect i.e i can select it using FN.F5 or Nview control panel.

but with the modded .infs for 67.66 or 67.03 or 66.93 (the 70s and 80s series don't work for my old card...it crawls) only one "digital display" is available on the Nview control panel, and in the device manager only 2 monitors (1 default, 1 plug and play). TV out doesn't work, and can't be selected using FN.F5 or Nview control panel. clicking "detect displays" doesn't help, and even rebooting with the TV connected doesn't help.

i've attached the working inf from MicrosoftToshiba (27.xx) and the LV2go modded 67.66 inf that doesn't work.

hopefully someone can help..... NERD file is attached in a previous post.





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Gremline try v72.14

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Guest ant

Make sure the driver is enabled. Go to control panel, system, hardware tab, then device manager and make sure your Nividia Driver is enabled. Without this, you wont be able to run any plug and play monitors, including your external tv port. I dicovered this when i enabled my drive and then made my tv the default monitor, then unplugged my tv from the computer to have it not work when i came back, so i was left with no picture on my screen and no way to change it back, luckily i thought of opening windows in safe mode and disabling the driver...booting up normally...and rolling it back. Long story short, if my solution of disabling it to return to a normal display, then possibly this might be your problem with detection, that the driver is disabled.

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