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Dell Inspiron XPS GEN 2 Geforce 6800 go Ultra 256

Guest Cookiekitty

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Guest Cookiekitty

I just purchased a Dell Inspiron XPS Gen2 laptop. I installed the game, World of Warcraft on it and it runs beautifully. BUT, if I alt tab too much while playing, my framerate eventually goes from 50+fps to around 20fps. Then when trying to exit the game I will get a blue screen error with a page fault on the Nvidia display driver file.

I've installed the latest drivers that dell has on their website, 77.24.


NVIDIA GeForce Go 6800 Ultra 256MB

Display 1920X1200 (32 bit) (60Hz)

Intel Pentium M processor 2.13Ghz

1024MB Ram

DirectX 9.0c

Windows XP Pro (5.1, Build 2600) Service pack 2

Now is there a newer driver I can try out? If so, which one is best for my laptop? I am hoping that is the only problem. Thanks!

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77.77, and 80.40, and maybe the 78 drivers that are newer might be nice. (runs fine on our desktop with atleast the 80.40 driver (haven't tried the others), slow computer but it works (does have GF3))

Use them with the corresponding mod INF and install it using the device manager.


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The 80.40 seem as if they are a pre-beta, more like an alpha test driver, as apposed to the newer 77.xx and 78.xx drivers. I would stick with those, as they are dated newer as well.

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The 80.40 run just fine on a GF3 on our desktop, runs all games we have tried (except BF2 of course), so I don't see how it would be considered an Alpha driver.

But I probably would not recomend it though.

How does that driver run for you John?

If my safe mode still worked and I had time I might test the driver.

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