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97.34 beta test

- dvd playback is un watchable slow ... 5 fps?

- multi monitor issues, when do clone out, adjust the res, and it complains and say that the driver not desinged for vista (switches to default driver), switching laptop single lcd display fixes the issue, and reverts back to nvida driver....

back to 67.77


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Thanks - I'll check out those issues and see if there's any way to fix them!

I'm glad 67.66 is working well. It truly is the best driver for the 5150. I've mentioned before that it almost seems to have been designed for the 5150/5160.

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I have a small issue with 67.77 on Vista....

When in media centre playing DVD's or scrolling throught music/video, I get this small jerky slicing effect..... around the area that has changes... this effect goes away very quickly, then comes back again when certain types of movement on the screen occur again.

ie. saying if a person on a DVD being watched jumps up and down on the screen, a noticiable slicing effect will occur. however if they are standing still or moving slowly it's fine.

I'm using the pure video codec, and use a little app to ensre MCE is actually using pure video.

I tried to turn off sidebanding and fastwrites (have heard these thing can cause issues) in the control panel, but it restores the default values on applying....

I tried 97.34 vista drivers and do not get a slicing effect when scrolling through music/video library, however I cant do video out with this driver and dvd playback is not watchable....

any ideas on how/what I/should tweak in 67.66 to try and fix this issue?


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Yes, I've recently tracked this down and discovered the solution. You need to do two things:

- disable VMR on the nVidia Control Panel's Overlay page

- in the Windows Media Player, under Performance\Advanced, enable both "Use Overlays" boxes.

That should solve it for you.

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in vista all I can seem to do is untick dirct x video acceleration...


your two sggestions however didnt fix the problem.... it is still there. MCE is using direct3d so I think it is defiently 3d rendering related issues.

if I watch a dvd using threatertek, there is no video issue, but in the MCE interface there is....this leads me to belive it is a 3d issue in MCE that causes the slight glitch... as I said, I remeber fast right or side banding being a possible issue?

Also another ..sorry... bug in 67.66

when analog output only is selected...restart ... vista login screen comes up (on analog monitor)... login.... just after logging, it switches from Analog back to just the laptop dsplay..... sure all I have to do is press the buttons to output the right display again, but it is anoying....


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FastWrites and SBA should be okay. In fact MS says FastWrites enabled is needed for smooth video. The 5150 has no problems with SBA, but you can try disabling it to see if it helps. I suspect there's some conflict between Vista's DX 10 and the driver, which only knows about DX 9. If you try a native Vista driver, it would be interesting to see if the problem goes away.

In the [nv_SoftwareDeviceSettings] sectioin of the inf, look for the following two lines and set each one to 0:



Reinstall and see if it helps your rebooting problem.

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some vista news...

flat panel mode didnt was already 0, and fastwrites and sidebanding didnt changes anything.....

I think my multi-monitor issue is because the LCD TV doesnt send a EIDIE thiny... I will live ... wasnt there a foce detection somewhere...

in the nvidia pure video driver there is a overlay setting, I set it to "overlay" instead of vmr and dvd video performance is excellent.

84.98, 94.24, 97.95 XP drivers all restart when you start up a 3D app lik MCE or 3DMark using the defualt drivers supplied by laptopvideo2go.

(So larry, I dont think there is anyhing you can debug/fix there....)

97.34 drivers work better if you turn aero off....pure video with overlay on works heaps better, howver MCE still seems to be quite laggy.

97.34 driver screw up if you do the func+F8 to get ext monitor working.... however if you enable the monitor using the windows "display settings", turing off the laptop display and turning on just the analog display, all works! using the nvidia panel to do clone or primary display analog cause the driver corruption issues.

As for the slicing when browsing scrolling Music/video in MCE,

with 97.34_vista it is maybe just visible... either that or it isn visible because of lag./dropped frames?... say you had 20 lines slicing under 67.66, under 97.34 you only get 1 .... bearly noticiable if it is there.... however 97.34 is just too laggy in MCE....

67.66 - FIXED IT! I think it was the VSync setting in the nvidia control - I turn it on (override app settings) and It seems fixed the problem!!!!!...

So in summary - for 5150 users, you should stick to 67.66!

Using 97.34 imo is a waste of time, slower on all fronts, especially in MCE. Running Aero and MCE is just too much for the 5200 with 64 ram.

Set to use overlay / disable directx9 acceleration in Windows Media Player 11

Use the pure video drivers and set it to use overlay - you can google how to do this if you cant find how to do it!

Enable VSync in 67.66 control panel, overriding app settings.

Use VMCD to ensure you are using purevideo instead of MS crappy codec


hope 5150 user find this info useful


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That's superb info. Thanks for all your work on this!


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:) wow thanks guys for all your work on this, I've left vista alone for now and have reverted back to xp with 67.66. agreed the 64mb fx5200 just isn't up to vistas graphics requirements... but then the 5150 is a few years old now.

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October 2, 2007

Added NV4_163_disp.inf for XP driver 163.71, which turns out to work quite well with the Inspiron 5150/5160.


- Be sure to remove all traces of previous drivers before installing. If possible go into the System32 folder after uninstalling and remove any files that start with NV. Do the same with the System32\Drivers folder.

- There is no overclocking ability. I don't recommend overclocking these laptops anyway because of their severe heat problems.

- This driver uses the new control panel. The old control panel doesn't save settings properly.

As always, please let me know if anything doesn't work as it should.

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October 3, 2007

- Updates to all XP infs to add new multi-monitor spanning options.

- Updates to all XP infs to fix several D3D bugs.

Let me know if I've broken anything.

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Been playing with the default installed vista native nvidia driver (v and I think I almost have it nicely working.... including Aero

- even displays on my external monitor only - ie on reboot, it keeps my external monitor still active and keeps my laptop lcd disabled.

1) Do a search in registry for "WidePanel" values and delete the keys. This will allow custom resolutions such as 1366x768

2) Search in registry for NV_Modes keys and add the value "1366x768" just before 1400x1050

3) Install Nvidia PureVideo - set config to overlay

3.5) use VMCD.exe to set the nvidia codec as default for WMP

4) Windows Media Player untick "turn on DirectX Video Acceleration for WMV files" - basically we want to force overlay and not VMR

5) If you get tearing - which I do on my LCD (apparently means LCD cant keep up or something), set 3D Vertical Sync Force On - where is this? Larry any ideas? (did a search for vsync, but didnt find anything.... )

6) any other tweaks I should apply to the registry Larry?


if this works - maybe we could make a special build for this driver instead of having to mod the registry directly?.....peiter driver unfortuantly has issues as I have described before.

Disadvantages of this driver of course are poor 3D gaming performance, but hey i'm using my 5150 as a mediacentre not gaming box. (I have duel boot wit XP - so if I need gaming I just switch)

If the vertical sync does not fix this "tear" issues I'm having ... it will mean scrolling through media libraries and stuff will be a bit laggy.. but it is ok just.

Keenly await on you to, help me out Larry.


Edited by kane81
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I agree with all your advice, with the possible exception of disabling DirectX Video Acceleration. When I try that, I get lag on some HD videos that play fine with it enabled. Maybe the best advice is to try it both ways and see which works best.

You are exactly right about enabling VSynch to get rid of tearing. The default setting should be "Application Controlled." However, the default Vista driver lacks the control panel, so there's no way to set it or check it.

If you can find a Vista driver with the control panel (I recommend trying the new 163.71 Vista driver), the VSynch setting is on the page with all the advanced tweaks.

If you are using my inf, you can remove the D3D lines from the [nv_SoftwareDeviceSettings] section. One of those lines forces VSynch to "Off" to boost game speed. Since you aren't a gamer and want better video performance, you can just remove those D3D lines from thie inf.

I've made a customized inf for the 163.71 XP driver, which should work well with Vista, although with no Glass effects. It probably wouldn't be too hard to modify the Vista inf as well. Let me know if you want me to give it a try.

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will have a look when I get home.

the "DirectX Video Acceleration" was what you told me to do in media player .... ie in WMP 11 there is not setting for use "overlay", googling said that this was the "equivalent". Maybe it isnt?

I decided, if I can use Aero I will (as long as everything else runs ok). that means no XP drivers for me :)

I'm NOT going to use your/peiters nvidia vista inf because it caused all sort of issues with multimonitors as reported before.

Here is what I'm thinking.... pulling out the nvidia inf supplied in the Vista and adding the registry setting to that inf thus making a vista nvidia driver build that will work fine with multimonitors and the 5150. shouldnt be too hard should it? .. hope not!

I will have a look at the vsync stuff and see if I can find it in the microsoft build.


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Hmm seems my VSync issue will not go away if I use the vista drivers because of "architectual" changes......

They say it is on by default, but these people like me seem to disagree!


I didnt find a solution.....

back to 67.66 or might try 163.71 XP

BTW: the default vista driver + [nv_SoftwareDeviceSettings] from your driver cause multi monitor issues for me again

I'd debug furthur, but dont have time..

. I will be switching to 67.66 or 163.71 XP as I need VSync or else it just tears on my 32 inch LCD .

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using larrys 163.71XP driver-

I cant get the nvidia control panel up... I went to Control Panel, select nvidia cp ... it asked for adnaved/beginner. I selected advanced and then nothing happened.....

BTW: I tried 163.69 vista (with supplied peiter inf) and on restart it just defaults to the "safe" vga video driver.

on the vsync issue, I tried vista 9734 in the nvidia control panel adding ehome.exe and setting to Vsync on, but it had no effect.

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To get 163.71 to work, I had to uninstall my previous driver in the Windows Control Panel. When I rebooted, before installing the new driver, I went into the Windows\System32 folder and deleted all files that started with NV. I did the same with the Windows\System32\Drivers folder. When I installed the new driver, the nvidia control panel was on the menu when I right-clicked on the desktop. It's the new control panel, not the old one, and it no longer shows up in the system tray. Other than that, I found it to work pretty well.

I've reverted to 84.98 because it's faster than 163.71 on this machine and I need every frame I can get for Obliviion.

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BTW: More on Vsync and vista, seems nvida fixed this issue in 158 series driver....however 158 wont work with FX series cards (tends to default to ms vga driver)......if you go to nvidia site they only supply 90 series driver for FX / 5200 series cards... it has become "legacy"

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Hi, Stefen...

Unfortunately, no, there is no updated BIOS for Vista. Most of us wish there was one.

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pleast dont kill me, i bet it has been answered somewhere in this forum, but i'm too lazy to read all the posts ^^

so i have an inspiron 5150, with a gforce fx go5200 (windows xp prof, sp2)

currently, i'm using modded forceware driver, version 84.25.

by the time i installed them, this was the fastest driver available for that card.

now has that changed? is it still the fastest? a lot of new version came out since then, i wonder if any of them will give me a little performance-boost.

Edited by msa
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Well, the absolute fastest is 67.66, but it's a little out of date and has occasional glitches with some recent games. If you aren't a gamer, it's still the best driver ever made for the 5150.

That's followed closely by 71.44, a slightly more up to date driver, and the very last one to work properly with the the version of PowerMizer that comes with the Go5200. (Until the 163 series, that is.)

The 84 series isn't quite as fast as the ones mentioned above, but it's significantly faster than any of the drivers that have come later. 84.25 was one of the first of the 84 series in widespread use and works very well for most users. However, I recoimmend 84.98 and that's what I'm using myself. It's basically 84.25 with many bugs removed.

I can't finish this post without mentioning the 163 series, which runs very well on the 5150/5160. It even has a new PowerMizer that works. Unfortunately, it's also significantly slower than the drivers I mentioned above. If you need it for compatibility with a recent game, fine, but otherwise stick with one of the drivers listed above.

I hope this answers your question!

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yes, thank you very much.

so yeah i just remembered, that i had some graphical glitches in games with a 6x.xx-driver (propably the 67.66, as its the fastest), and i changed the driver, which solved the problem, and so i'm still on this one.

i'll note the 84.98 down and install it sometime for the bugfixes.

thanks a lot, you really helped me out here.

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