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Hi I have a medion laptop, model md 2837. I have had problems with this overheating and I have contacted medion and they have sent me the following email back :

Notebook are not really designed for games. However can you go to

'www.geocities.com/madtoast' and download the driver for the specific


So I have been advised to use these forums but I am not sure what to download and where. I know theres a list of downloads on the first page of www.geocities.com/madtoast but am not sure what to download. I have an nvidia GeForce FX Go5200. Any Help would be appreciated :)


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I find this odd, yet completely amusing. Odd because I can't believe Medion pointed you to my website since things aren't "official" but also amusing because it's partly true :)

You basically want to pick a driver version. This is easier said than done. Anything NVIDIA officially released is usually a good bet (45.23, 52.16) NVIDIA doesn't officially support mobile cards and manufacturers are slow to update thus my site or Pieter's ( http://laptopvideo2go.com ) has popped up on the web.

After downloading you have to extract the files using Winzip, Winrar etc. Then download a specially modified INF file (column to the right of the link column on my site) and extract nv4_disp.inf from the "Medion" directory over the NVIDIA drivers. Then run setup. I have a text description of how to install on my site and Pieter has some graphic versions.

Any more questions or if I didn't explain well (it sometimes is confusing) just ask. Good luck.

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Okay I have downloaded the display drivers from the Nvidia website, version 52.16, and I have installed that. In the Nvidia directory, I have noticed the older display drivers are still there (45.23), So can I delete these? Then what are the next steps?


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