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Sager NP5720 is available for preorder


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In my books the ultimate machine out of the 3 machines released today.

P-M CPU with a go7800 GTX the best combo.

Discount Laptops have the details here : http://www.discountlaptops.com/index.php?s...tegory_theme=c1

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hahaha lol :)

I was planning to buy a new laptop since a few months, but it's not for now yet, wnat to buy one after school (july next year)

Are there any people who can say more about sager? because i don't know sager so good :P

also, the screens from sager, what quality are they? because the medion screens are so low quality ...

i like the sony vaio screens at the moment! :)

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Sagers are made by Clevo, they are generally very good quality.

Sager have a very good after sales service.

The guys @ discountlaptops are REALY good.

Have a look at their forum http://www.notebookdiscussions.com/

This will give you an idea of what Sager is all about.

It may be worth the wait for this beast. :)

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