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Safe operating temperature for Go 5300


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this is my first post on this forum......managed to get almost all the information that i required from viewing the forum, but cant seem to find an answer to this particular problem....

I've been tweaking doom 3 for months(!) trying to get it to run at a satisfactory level....my hardware specs are as follows:-

Advent 7037

P4 3gHz


Nvidia GeForce FX Go 5300

WinXP home.

and have finally got it running at an average 45fps in 640x480 low detail using jeroen's modded 78.03 forceware drivers....the only problem was the amount of in-game pauses.

I read some posts on this forum about how cleaning out the dust from the heatsink on the GPU/CPU could dramatically increase performance, so i decided one night (whilst drunk) to attempt to open up my notebook.....to no avail (couldnt break the locktite). The alternative method i came up with.....which may well be creative but is probably ill advised.....was to get the nozzle from my parent's dyson multicyclone vacuum cleaner (no suction lost!!) and hold it over the air intake above the fan. Sure as hell, this removed a lot of dust, and a performance increase was observed.

about a week later, still not satisfied with the level of in-game pauses i was observing, i decided to install a program called CacheManXP...its basically a background cache tweaking program that frees up system ram.....

This is when i first experienced a problem.......

after about 25mins of playing doom...getting beautiful framerates ranging from 40-60FPS and with barely any in-game-pauses, something in my notebook started making a high pitched whining sound....hard to describe really, kinda like a really small vacuum cleaner.......figured it must be one of the fans....either on the GPU or CPU.

I installed SpeedFan to check the CPU temp, and used the temperature monitor inside the Nvidia control pannel to monitor the GPU temp, then sat down and played Doom3 until I heard the noise again. This took aprox. 20mins.

The CPU temp was running at a normal 45-55degreesC, however on exiting doom3 i observed the temperature of the GPU falling from 70+degreesC. Even when benchmarking/testing overclocks in the past i have not observed a GPU temperature of over 60degreesC (my GPU was not overclocked and had not been for some time when i started experiencing problems).

What the hell is causing this noise, and why is my GPU getting so hot??!!

my best guess is that the fan over the GPU has worn out bearings or something, but to be honest I do not trust my own judgement, does anyone have any advice/has experienced similar problems?

Please help!!

kindest regards - a notebook hypochondriac

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my GPU temperature almost always gets over 70degrees Celsius when playing games or something, it gets about 60 degrees when watching a movie or something, so I think that is normal that your GPU gets so hot!

I can't think what that sound could be, verry strange in any case!

maybe your hard drive or something, don't know!

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