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D3D settings missing ?


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since i installed 81.40, it seems that i'm missing my d3d setting in the control panel. b4

that i can tweak fog emulation settings etc. but now its not here, all i see is


"advanced d3d settings: max frame to be rendered ahead"

wen i click on "addtional direct3D settings"

any1 can help ?

thx alotz



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You need the "Coolbits" tweak to view that page, which means you might not have installed correctly since all of our infs include it. Make sure you put our inf in the same folder where you've extracted the driver files, and be sure to remove any other infs you find there. Then install using the "have disk" method, which is described here.

Let us know if that doesn't solve it for you.

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hi, thx for your reply.

i tried reinstalling using the "have disk method" but it is still the same. can it be my card D3d is not compatible wif the modded INF?

i'm using 81.82 now.

i have another problem in the Nvidia control panel (nvcplui.exe)

when i get in "3d settings" category and clicked on "adjust image setting wif preview" i'll get the error msg of "Failed creating the Direct3D device."

thx for helping out ! :)

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Don't worry about that error message. Many people are getting it. That control panel is still in development and has a long way to go before it's ready.

The lack of advanced 3D settings is a mystery. (Your card definitely is compatible.) Find the "coolbits" line in the inf and try changing the value from 0xffffffff to 3 and see if it helps.

If that doesn't work, uninstall the nvidia driver in the Windows Control Panel, then reinstall it again. There may be some old settings or driver files causing problems somewhere.

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well,i had follow ur inst. but it seems that my D3d settings still remained the same :)

any idea?

thx again :)

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Ack! I've just re-read your first post and realized what you're after. Unfortunately, nvidia did away with those settings about a year ago. What you see in the advanced settings is all that's available without a third-party tweaker like RivaTuner.

My apologies for misunderstanding your question.


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ic.. haha ! nvm its ok :)

anywayz thx for ur prompt replies, i really appreciate them!

untill then, cheers !

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